6 Ways On How To Remove Sound From Video Iphone [Updated]

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The article is about how to remove sound from video iphone. Before sending or using an iPhone video in a project, you should remove the audio. We’ll show how simple it’s to silence a video on an iPhone in the following steps. Although, we’ll demonstrate how to delete the audio from a specific segment.

This method of deleting audio will eliminate the audio track from the clip, making it ideal for B-roll in a movie or music video. It can be through the photos app, telegram, iphone videos, etc. That implies that the audio won’t be present when you export the film to iMovie or another program.

remove sound from video iphone

There are numerous applications for removing sound from iPhone videos. It enables you to add music to muted iPhone films for a quick edit for social sharing and assists you in getting rid of the unwanted background noise from recorded iPhone videos. So, in this guide, we’ll show you 6 simple techniques to quickly and perfectly remove sound from video iphone. Click here for top 5 websites for downloading free Ringtones for iPhone.

Six Ways How To Remove Sound From Video Iphone

Here are 6 simple ways to quickly remove sound from video iphone.

Use The Photos App

This one is the quickest and easiest approach for removing the sound from an iPhone movie. No app download is necessary to remove sound from iphone video. All iPhones come with the Photos app preinstalled. 

  1. Additionally, you always have the choice to reverse this adjustment (that is, get back the audio).
  2. Open a clip in the iPhone Photos app.
  3. Click Edit. in photos app in iphone, click edit
  4. It’s going to turn gray.
  5. To save the video without sound, press “Done” at the end.

Video\sTip: Have a change of heart and want the sound to return? To turn off the sound on your iPhone, tap the Speaker icon. How to cancel spotify premium on iPhone? Read This.

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Turn Off Sound Throughout Or Just Certain Sections Utilizing IMovie

How to remove sound from video iphone? Using iMovie to remove sound from a video allows you to do it from both the entire video and from select parts of it. For instance, iMovie allows you to keep the audio while muting the section containing profanity. 

  1. Additionally, it allows you to lower the audio volume rather than fully muting it.
  2. Open iMovie that you downloaded for free from the App Store. imovie
  3. Select “Movie” from the plus symbol. select movie
  4. The video file to choose from. You can select a video by first selecting Media in the top right corner.
  5. Choose the video clip, then choose “Create Movie.” The iMovie editing timeline will now include the clip. create movie
  6. To choose the clip, tap on it. It will have a golden border to emphasize it. 
  7. Click the Done > Share button.
  8. To save the muted clip on the iPhone transfer Photos app, select Save Video at the end.

How To Turn Off The Audio In A Certain Part Of A Video On An IPhone

Install iMovie and launch it. Next, select a movie from the plus icon. Tap on Create Movie after choosing the video file. To choose the clip, tap on it. A yellow border will be visible around it. We’ll split the area where you wish to silence the sound on an iPhone video.

  1. Drag the video clip horizontally, and a white vertical separator will appear. Split by tapping the scissors icon.  
  2. Your video has now been divided into two parts. You might further divide it up into smaller pieces. scissors icon
  3. You can silence a short clip by tapping on it. Now, while other areas of the tape don’t have borders, this one does.
  4. Drag the slider to the right after tapping the speaker symbol.
  5. To save the video, click the Done > Share button. Also, learn how to transfer text messages from android to iPhone by reading this article.

Use Inshot To Remove Sound From IPhone Videos

How to remove sound from iphone video? Popular video editing software Inshot has several features, reducing or silencing video audio. The free version’s watermark will be visible on the exported video. Here’s how to make the video sound free.

  1. Open InShot after downloading it from the App Store.
  2. Then, select a video clip by tapping on the video. select a video clip
  3. The speaker symbol will appear after you scroll horizontally. Touch it.
  4. Drag the volume slider to 0%, then hit the checkmark symbol.
  5. To save, use the Share icon

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Take IPhone Video Sound Out Telegram

How to remove audio from iphone video? You could notice a button to turn off the sound when transmitting a video to someone using telegram (or similar software). The advantage of this approach is that no preparation is needed in advance. 

  1. Turn down the video sound and send the message directly from the Telegram app. turn down the video sound
  2. Activate telegram and enter a discussion.
  3. To choose a video, tap on the paper clip icon. choose a video
  4. Tap the speaker icon on the preview/editing page to silence the video.
  5. Now click the arrow icon to send the silent video.

Using AudioRemover, Remove Sound From IPhone Videos

Finally, utilizing online websites is a different choice you have. We have already covered every simple and offline method to remove sound from video iphone. There is little of a benefit to employing this strategy. The drawback is that you must upload your movie to the website server. Additionally, it needs internet access and is not private. 

  1. Additionally, uploading and downloading the iPhone video will take a long time for lengthy videos.
  2. Using Safari on your iPhone, go to audioremover.com and tap Browse. Select the desired video now.
  3. The Upload Video button.
  4. After processing is complete, hit Download File > Download.
  5. Then, tap the video file name and the download arrow in the top right corner.
  6. The muted film will appear in your iPhone Photos app once you hit the Share icon > Save Video button.

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How can I turn off the sound in a YouTube video?

Pick the video whose sound you want to turn off. In the top-right corner, select Edit. In the upper-left corner, tap the yellow speaker symbol. After that, in the bottom-right corner, tap Done. You should mute the video, and the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen should be grayed out.

How do I disable audio while watching movies on my iOS device?

Tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen while the video is open. A yellow speaker icon will show up in the top-left corner of the screen when the audio is turned on. This speaker icon is not just a mute button, unlike other speaker icons on iOS and iPad. To turn off the audio, tap it.

On my iPhone, how can I silence a video?

In the bottom-right corner, tap Done. You should mute the video, and the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen should be grayed out. You can repeat this procedure, remove audio from video iphone because your iPhone records the audio. Never worry if you decide later that you want the audio back.

How can sound be taken out of iPhone iMovie videos?

On your iPhone's home screen, tap the iMovie app icon. You may also access the software by going directly to the App Store. Click Create Movie at the bottom of the screen after selecting the video from which you wish to remove the sound. To remove the audio from an iPhone video, first hit the timeline for the project that contains your clip. Then, tap the volume icon at the bottom of the screen.


To sum up, this post discussed the various programs and tools most effectively remove sound from iPhone videos. You are an expert now that you know how to silence iPhone videos. You can use these different methods to silence the video’s audio. These were the top six iPhones and iPad to remove sound from video iphone. This guide should be useful. We frequently employ the first approach to silence the sound using the Photos app. Above all, these are the six tried-and-true methods for removing sound from iPhone videos. Also, click here if you are not getting emails on iPhone.

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