How to Combine PDF Files on MAC | Top 5 Ways

editing pdf on mac

From its development in 1992 by the Co-founder of Adobe-Dr.John Warnock, the Portable Document Format(PDF), has served as a paperless, electronic way to transfer files across the Internet digitally. As MAC operates differently from Windows, in this article, we will talk about ways to learn how to combine PDF files on MAC.

  1. Select and open the PDF in Preview.
  2. Select View> Thumbnails (in the sidebar)
  3. Select the Thumbnail to insert on the document.
  4. Select Edit> Insert >Page From File.*
  5. Choose the PDF you want to add from the file dialog box and click Open.

Its rise in popularity can be attributed to the versatility of the PDF, which is available across all platforms and standardized by the ISO. It is easy to work with and convenient to manage. Many trusted it as a viable mode of holding documents, audio, video, graphs, and links. If you are looking for software to open .bin files, click here.

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Learn How to Combine PDF Files on MAC Using 5 Ways

Having multiple PDFs about related information poses a hassle to some when there is a need for transfer, or the sheer lack of having all the required information under a single file creates a necessity for merging these PDF files. 

Listed below are five quick ways to help you learn how to combine PDF files on MAC.

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Using the Inbuilt Application Preview 

  1. Open all the PDFs individually in Preview that you wish to merge, then View> Thumbnail> Select Sidebar> drag and drop it onto the sidebar of the other PDF>  make necessary changesUse Preview
  2. Further, if you wish to merge specific pages, select only those from the sidebar to be dropped onto the sidebar of the other PDF.
  3. To save the merged PDF, click on File and Export as PDF. file and export as pdf

This was a quick fix for combining PDF files on MAC. You can try the next one if this doesn’t work for you.

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Alternate of How to Combine PDF Files on MAC

  1. Open Preview > Select thumbnails under the ‘view‘ option > Go to Menu Bar > edit> insert leads you to Page from File.
    pdf merger
  2. You can select the second PDF you wish to merge with the current one by locating and fixing it > and then Export the new file. export

How to Combine PDF Files on MAC Using Online Websites 

  1. Open Combine PDF on your internet browser.
  2. This website is suitable for both MAC and Windows Operating Systems and supports both platforms. 
  3. Click on the ‘Upload Files‘ option to select all the PDFs you wish to merge.  combine pdf
  4. After selecting the files in the order you wish them to merge, they will upload onto the website. Click on the ‘combine‘ button. combine
  5. Immediately after which, the newly merged file is downloaded onto your device.

Visit: Combine PDF 

Use the App ‘PDF Merger Free’ to learn How to Combine PDF Files on MAC

  1. Download the PDF Merger free app available on the app store for no additional cost. pdf merger free app
  2. Click on the ‘Add files‘ option and select the PDFs you require to combine>  Rearrange the PDFs by dragging and dropping> Start’ option merges the PDFs for you> prompt asks you for the newly merged file’s name and desired location. free pdf merger

Visit: PDF Merger Free 

Use Adobe Acrobat to Knowing How to Combine PDF Files on MAC

Select the PDF files >  Right-click and select combine files on Acrobat >Combine Files to commence the necessary merging.> Finally, after changes, click on ‘Save as.’ 

Adobe Acrobat

Visit: Adobe Acrobat

Alternate of How to Combine PDF Files on MAC

An alternative for combining PDF on MAC would be to open the Adobe Reader and locate the ‘Combine Files‘ option near the top left corner under the ‘tools.’ > Click on the ‘Add‘ > ‘Combine Files‘ option merges the files for you

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How to Combine PDF Files on MAC Using PDF Expert

Open the application-‘PDF Expert.’ > Click on File on the top of the toolbar > Merge Files > click the ‘Merge’ option. 

PDF Expert

This will do the necessary, and you will have a merged PDF file at the end of the process. 

Download: PDF Expert 


This concludes with sure-fire ways to merge PDF files on a MAC. Check this out to rename multiple files at once. Each of these methods will give you the best possible outcome of combining if carried out as explained. 

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