Video Editor without Watermark for Android

video editor without watermark for android

Even if your Android device may be capable of recording movies in breathtakingly high quality, having access to a good Android video editor can help you go above and beyond. You must ensure that your films appear as fantastic as possible, and you can watch videos online anytime. So this article will discuss video editor without watermark for Android.

There are several free tools for basic video editing, which is fortunate. These video editing tools for Android include YouCut, Kruso, SuperStudio, Inshot, Adobe Premiere Rush, etc.

You may edit your films, add background music and text, apply filters, create transitions between segments, and use an Android video editor app without watermark. Here are the top 8 apps to check out.

Top 8 Video Editor without watermark for Android for 2023

Today, we’ll share a list of video editors without watermarks for Android, free video editing tools. Let’s start.

VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is one video editing app without a watermark, and as you might have guessed, the video editor doesn’t have a watermark either. Additionally, while editing or exporting the film, there won’t be any video or banner advertisements. It’s similar to the cake’s cherry on top with some extra on the video

Not to add, you may quickly and easily produce videos with different dimensions and aspect ratios. Additionally, you get access to all the common video editing tools, including trim, split, speed, etc. In addition, VN Video Editor has a huge library of sounds, making it perfect for anyone who wants a music library with various sound effects.

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Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the new name for Adobe Premiere Clip. With this new update, Adobe makes free professional video editing capabilities available to everyone. You won’t have to put up with banners or video commercials.adobe premier

You can export only three videos for free with Adobe Premiere Rush. After that, you must choose the premium plan. Remember that this is the overall allocation for a registered account rather than a monthly cap.

Additionally, you may open a new account and use Rush for as long as you like if you want greater access. In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Rush is a high-end video editor without watermark for Android. However, you will have to make do with the meager exports.

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YouCut is a well-known video editor with no watermark on videos. Additionally, the app has the best video editing features and doesn’t display advertisements, making it the ideal choice for editing Instagram videos and TikTok.youcut

YouCut is a great video editor for Android that doesn’t require watermarks, but if you value privacy, you should consider another app from this list. You can alter the video background process and colors, trim, crop, join, and more. The app has a sizable library of royalty-free music. You may edit your films by changing the motion and adding filter effects. You can also share your videos in various ways.


VLLO is the best free video editing app for Android without a watermark, but you can also use it to edit other types of videos. It’s wonderful that the video editor is free and that videos exported from it don’t have a watermark. Not to mention, VLLO is incredibly clean and has no advertisements. The software offers you predefined measurements for various social media platforms as far as features go. Without thinking about the aspect ratio or other technical details, you may immediately select one and edit embedded videos.vllo

You also have a multi-track interface that allows you to work with different media components in one location. In case you were wondering, motion customization is supported. In conclusion, VLLO is a watermark-free video editor for Android that is just as capable as more expensive ones.

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Kruso is a relatively new Android video editor; it has quickly become popular because of its free pricing and video editor without a watermark for Android. Additionally, the software doesn’t show any adverts when editing, which enhances the user experience. Apart from that, Kruso offers a wide range of excellent video editing tools. For instance, you can clip, combine, and crop videos using a full-featured video editor and a snipping tool.kruso

Additionally, you can alter the background and replicate colors to suit your tastes. You have the option to add your music as well. The text editors, tools, and music library with various sound categories come next.

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PixArt Video

PixArt Video is another best video editing apps for Android without a watermark, providing watermark-free videos. Regarding features, PixArt Video provides you with specific tools for editing videos, including crop, trim, and join. In addition, you get access to a good music library and can change the video’s overall volume. However, remember that the app is based in China, so only use it if you are okay with using Chinese apps.pixart

Additionally, you may alter the background of films, control the video speed, add text in various stylish fonts, and more, just like the other video editors on this list. With no watermark and the majority of its capabilities available for free, PixArt Video is a plain and easy-to-use video editor for Android.

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Super Studio

Super Studio is one of the video editing apps without a watermark for Android. Like PixArt Video, the service is free, and the published videos don’t have a watermark. The app serves adverts, and sometimes there are video ads. The app is fairly well-designed, with clear, orderly navigation.super studio

Super Studio offers every common video editing tool, and you may check it out. You can include music, edit and combine films, alter the tempo, go back in time, and more. The best part is that you may select a specific region from a video for clipping needs.

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Inshot is a different video editor without watermark for Android that works for most of your needs. For all your needs in smartphone video editing, Inshot gives you a ton of tools. With the help of Inshot, you may edit several songs on a timeline that is simple to understand.inshot

Video clips can be divided, and you can even add text and stickers. Inshot also makes it very simple and free to combine videos. You may use Inshot as your go-to TikTok video editor or edit Instagram Reels because it allows you to select the scale of your project. It also has many useful features if you need to edit videos for YouTube. You should check out video apps without a watermark.

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Has the action director had a watermark on it?

ActionDirector is more than just a sophisticated, high-end video editor, as most of us are aware. ActionDirector is free to use, and you may post videos without a watermark. When you tap 'cross' when editing to erase the watermark, a request to choose the premium plan appears.

Which free video editor without watermark for Android is the best?

Another top-notch free Android video editor that doesn't include a watermark on exported videos is Quik. GoPro, a well-known manufacturer of action cameras, created the app.


These are some video editors without watermarks for Android that you can use for free, even though there aren’t any desktop-style video editors available for mobile devices.

Every one of them offers advantages when it comes to video editing. You can export a video without a watermark with these video editors. But the only thing they have in common is that.

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