On a Windows computer, editing videos is easier than you may imagine. You may edit your films using several different programs for amateur and expert editing. So this article discusses how to edit videos on Windows 10.

This blog demonstrates using HitPaw, Adobe, iMovie, OpenShot, and other programs which aren’t mentioned but are well aware by video editors, such as KineMaster and OpenShot, to carry out some of the usual video editing tasks. Learn more about using Windows 10 with video editing software.

edit videos on windows 10

As a result, we have a thorough tutorial on editing videos on the Windows 10 program and several alternatives. Discover which one suits you the most by reading about it. Let’s start now.

Video Editing On Windows 10

You may be familiar with the video editor on this platform. For the fundamentals of video editing on a PC running Windows 10 edit video, this is an excellent tool to learn. Utilize it to weave a narrative by fusing motion, text, music, and 3D effects.

video editing on windows 10

However, consider installing professional video editing software to improve your editing abilities. When you get there, check that your video editing program offers the following features to assist you in improving your storytelling and make the extra money worthwhile:

  • Integration with other programs can further personalize the look, feel, music, light, and whatever else you can think of. Check if your product is compatible with the other apps required for complete production.
  • File compatibility lets you drag and drop video files from any other device—whether you’re filming on a DSLR, GoPro, iPhone, or another type of camera.
  • A powerful audio panel that enables you to add sound boosters for Windows 10, edit and sync audio, quickly import stock audio, and produce ambient effects all in one location.

  • Also, simple trimming tools make it simple to expand or reduce clips for narrative flow.
  • Use graphic effects to give your video a professional, well-designed look.

Easy Ways On How To Edit Videos

Here are the best 5 easy ways to edit videos on Windows 10.

HitPaw Video Editor

HitPaw Video Editor is the most outstanding brilliant video to edit videos in Windows 10, making it the ideal solution. It is priced reasonably and has all the basic and sophisticated editing features you would expect from a high-end editor.

hitpaw video editor

Does Windows 10 have video editing? With HitPaw, which works with every version of Windows, users may split, resize, crop, modify, and zoom videos, changing their speed and opacity. It also provides many built-in transitions, attractive filters, and intriguing stickers to make your films stand out.

The HitPaw Video Editor’s Features

  • Include all fundamental editing capabilities.
  • Enhance films with text, stickers, transitions, effects, and music.
  • Editing music, video, and photos are simple.
  • Practically all video formats are supported.
  • Also, It is straightforward to install and use.
  • An interface that is fresh and modern.
  • Anytime, a technical support agent is available to assist you.

Get: HitPaw Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is likely the most well-known video editor created by Adobe Inc. So, how to edit a video on Windows? It offered an unrivaled selection of editing tools and strong capabilities for high-quality video editing.

adobe premiere pro

But non-technical consumers or first-time users find the UI to be rather challenging. For beginners, even simple editing tasks seem difficult to do.


  • Modern editing features.
  • A vast collection of no-cost stock videos.
  • Also, It has cutting-edge technologies like connected clips, a trackless timeline, and auditions.
  • Compatibility across the board.
  • Built-in tutorials for learning.


  • Too expensive.
  • Suitable for editing that is “too” professional.
  • Extensive learning curve

Get: Adobe Premiere Pro

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How to edit videos on Windows 10? iMovie, created by Apple, has some of the best features for making and editing simple videos. Despite having a straightforward user interface, it delivers incredible editing features like color grading, green-screen effects, and animated titles.


Additionally, you may make stunning presentations with transitions in minutes. Note that Windows users cannot use iMovie.


  • Several elegant themes and video templates.
  • Also, very good color-matching
  • tools for expert audio editing.


  • Mac-only compatibility.
  • Has no motion-tracking capabilities.
  • Also, It is restricted to simple editing.


Install Openshot editor if you want to enhance your video instantly without having to go through a complicated process and solve your Windows video editing problem. Its ability to animate anything in your video and multitrack to edit video files make it well-liked.


Despite being a free editor, its users greatly appreciate its watermark-free films. However, It works with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports over 70 languages and is an even better option for users worldwide.


  • The 3D animated titles and effects are pro of Openshot.
  • Video editing uses many layers.
  • Built-in templates for titles.
  • Advanced time and slow-motion effects.
  • Also, It has a Simple and convenient UI.
  • Supports Linus, Windows, and Mac.


  • Openshot’s interface appears old, which is a drawback.
  • The 3D animations used in PowerPoint and earlier versions of Windows appear dated and plagiarised.
  • Fewer editing options.

Get: OpenShot


How to edit videos on Windows 10? WeVideo is a software for online video editing programs that costs a fraction of what Premiere Pro does. Since it’s a cloud-based service, you can quickly and easily edit and distribute your video from any location using any device.


Additionally, it already has a vast library of free stock photos and videos you may utilize for your project. The sophisticated color correction and hue modification capabilities to further polish the produced movie are some of its standout features.


  • WeVideo’s cloud-based solution is a plus.
  • Tools for editing the correct color.
  • Slow-motion features and motion titles.
  • Directly post the resulting file on social media.
  • Flexibility in frame rate and screencasting.
  • Voice-over capability.


  • WeVideo’s performance is unstable.
  • Slow upload.
  • Also, no option for auto-saving.
  • Only a few transitional impacts.

Get: WeVideo

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How does Windows 10 reduce videos?

By selecting the clip's checkbox, you can TRIM a video. Firstly, click New video project, then give your project a name. Afterward, drag and drop the imported videos to the storyboard using the Add option.

What can you accomplish using a video editing program?

It allows you to clip and trim films, make photo collages, and add basic effects like music, text, motion, and fireworks. The Fundamentals. Not noteworthy, but sufficient to launch your project. Also, you can make a creative tool by combining the ingredients with a dash of ingenuity.

On Windows 10, how can I create a video?

Utilize Windows 10 to make or edit videos windows 10. Use the Photos app's video editor to make slideshows incorporating your photographs and movies with music, motion, text, and other elements. Even dynamic 3D effects like sparkles or fireworks are an option! So, open Photos and choose New video > Automatic video with music or Custom video with music to get started.


In conclusion, you learn everything there is to know about editing videos on Windows 10. Since Windows 10’s built-in video editor has unavoidable flaws, we also covered several possible alternatives.

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