Gmail Account Generator Tools | 6 Best Tools to Secure Your Gmail

gmail account generator

Want to secure your Gmail? Tired of giving your emails to random sites when you want to access their content only once? A Gmail account generator is an implementation that will enable you to have multiple emails simultaneously. This helps you secure your actual identity on the internet. 

Some of the best Gmail account generators are- 10minutemail, FastMail, Mailinator, Guerrillamail, Moakt, and Fake mail generator. These generators’ emails are very handy when signing up on new sites, verifying something, or sending other emails. They also have a temporary inbox to receive emails, especially for receiving one-time passwords or codes. 

Generators tools like these help you not give away the real email that you use for other crucial tasks. These self-destructing addresses can help you avoid spam and retain your online identity. Maintain your confidentiality, and not get more transparent to other parties. Prevent the plausibility of getting hacked by using these Gmail account generators.

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Top 6 Gmail Account Generator Tools To Use Today!

Gmail account generators can be a practical option to save yourself from the constant signups to new websites from your only legitimate Gmail account. Without disclosing your credentials, you can do your online work safely. There are many such generators available on the web. Just google email generator, and you see innumerable. Out of those, we will list some of the most efficient ones for your aid. 

10 Minute Mail

This email service is safe and disposable. 10minutemail aids you in creating private email addresses through which you can send/receive emails to/from anyone online. As the name indicates, the email shows you stay valid for 10 minutes only.

10 minute mail

This feature is great for maintaining invisibility. The mobile-friendly Gmail account generator prevents unwanted emails in your inbox.

Visit: 10minutemail


Ideal for signing up or verification, FastMail is speedy and efficient in masking addresses for almost every site. This allows you to use disposable mail addresses to secure you from sensitive data breaches/spam.

fast mail

The generator is downloadable on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and others. 

Visit: FastMail

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Mailinator is a great public service that multiple businesses use to test their workflow, like their signup process, customer emails, etc. As cool as the generator’s name sounds, it also stands up to its available features.


You can verify your account via the email it generates. All the unnecessary spam emails will transfer to this fake account. However, you cannot check what spam on emails this mail receives as it does not show its inbox. 

Visit: Mailinator


This temporary and free Gmail account generator can send/receive emails. There is no need to register on their site (which is pretty ironic otherwise) to avail of their offered privileges.


A random, fake email is displayed on the screen that you can copy and use for trivial matters. 

Visit: Guerrillamail


A temporary mailbox that expires an hour after its creation, Moakt is a great option for a temporary mailbox. Within an hour, you can use the email it generates for any purpose- registering, verifying that it’s you on some sites, getting a code, and many others.


Another brilliant feature of Moakt is that the email it allows you to use temporarily is accessible to you and no one else. That way, you maintain your anonymity and privacy. See the best Stockx receipt generator tools here.

Visit: Moakt

Fake Mail Generator

The name of it blatantly tells you what it does- it generates fake emails. It also enables you to choose the domain whose fake email you want at the time. Avoid spam and email ads crowding your main email inbox for your ease/convenience.

fake mail generator

You can also access country-oriented email domains, whose data gets automatically trashed beyond 24 hours. 

Visit: Fake mail generator

Temporary Gmail Account Logins With Password

Here is an extensive list of free Gmail ids and their passwords that you can use. Just copy and paste these credentials from the table, and you will successfully have a fake account with a fake Gmail and password. We request and advise you not to change the passwords of these emails once you are signed in so that others can avail of these too. Please be considerate and use the credentials as they are here. 


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What is a ghost email?

The emails that appear deleted from the profile but still exist in the mail server are what you normally call ghost emails. Such emails are commonly malware intrusion or an abrupt power failure. You can even create a ghost email by signing up with a fake name or details without using any Gmail account generator. Following that, use a private browser to access that email account.

What is a burner Gmail account?

This burner mail is useful for insignificant and unofficial use for an individual. It is like a pseudonym mail account that you keep as a spare other than the main personal one. Use it for some time without confusing important data with the informal and giddy stuff.

Which is safer- an iCloud or Gmail?

Gmail is better than iCloud as it is less susceptible to external intrusion. Google gives its users a further step in security, through the 2-step authentication system where you need to use not just your account password but also a code/OTP sent to your registered phone number or on another synced device.

How long does Gmail keep the emails I have archived?

The emails you have not archived remain in your primary inbox, and you check them anytime, anywhere. When it comes to archived emails, Gmail keeps them indefinitely or till you voluntarily delete them forever. The messages you delete to the bin stay for a month, after which they are irrecoverable.

Is Gmail still popular?

One of the oldest and most highly used email domains is Gmail. The highest used email service is Google’s Gmail. Having a massive download count of over 1.5 billion, Gmail accounts for approximately 89.6% of webmail opens. It is evident that when you ask for their email, it is probably a Gmail account address.


This article has described some of the ideal Gmail account generators you can avail of for your work. Additionally, we have given you a list of temporary and free email addresses and passwords. You are unrestrained to use any of these options here and keep your identity as less transparent as possible on the world wide web. Stay safe and anonymous while availing of many features of plenty of websites. And do it without giving away who you are!

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