The article is about Android Lock Screen Customization apps. Lock screen applications have been available for a while and have advanced significantly. The current lock screen software may mirror your Android device’s default lock screen, giving you a chance to tweak it more than you might originally want.

android lock screen customization apps

Screen lock passwords, solitary lockers, and other top Android lock screen customization apps may be familiar to Android users who have been using the operating system for a while. Because Android is a highly adaptable operating system, you can alter any aspect. There are some of thebest maker apps for Android to swap out the stock lock screen.

These Android lock screen replacement apps also come with a few capabilities, such as publishing apps to the lock screen and adding witty comments to the lock screen. So let’s look at the top Android Lock Screen Customization applications.

Android Apps For Customizing The Lock Screen

Here are some customizations for your android lock screen.

Screen Lock Password

The satirically called Lock Screen Password software is a great option.

screen lock password

You have support for patterns, passwords, sliders, and even PIN codes, much like every available lock screen option and default ones supported by the operating system. You can choose from various backgrounds and upload and edit your images to personalize them further.

Download: Screen Lock Password

The Keypad Lock Display

How to customize the lock screen android? We’ll look at the Keypad Lock Screen. It is a little different from the others because the digits on the keypad truly resemble water drops.

the keypad lock display

It has a simple framework and uses less memory and less battery power. You can choose wallpapers, but the water droplet counts are always the same.

Download: The Keypad Lock Display

Solo Locker

This lock screen is popular because it offers so many customization options. It has many capabilities, including customizing your lock screen widgets and altering wallpaper. You can connect photos using the special pattern lock feature. The users’ ability to personalize the passcode interface makes it a success.

solo locker app

The solution to all of your wallpaper issues may be Solo Locker, which has a great collection of fresh wallpapers and acts as an Android Lock Screen Customization app. Although you can download the software for free, in-app payments for more features require a credit card. The fact that the app’s advertising is also absent in the paid version gives users comfort. How To Clear The Clipboard On Android? Read this.

Download: Solo Locker

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Touchscreen Fingerprint Lock

If your phone lacks a fingerprint scanner, you should design a cool facsimile of a fingerprint for your lock screen. Fingerprint change Android lock screen Prank replicates “scanning your fingerprint” to unlock your phone.

touchscreen fingerprint lock

It has a few unique designs that add to the overall pleasing appearance. For an additional layer of security, you can also establish 4-digit or 6-digit passcodes. By using built-in fingerprint support, the choice is unquestionably safer and superior.

Download: Touchscreen Fingerprint Lock


It is for all of you minimalists. It provides the option to quickly glance at the lock screen or access them in an app. Also, It incorporates power-saving capabilities to prevent its use from shortening your phone’s battery life. 

It lacks some of the bright, flashy attractiveness of some other apps, but that’s not necessarily negative.

acdisplay app

Thanks to the Active Mode function, which uses numerous sensors on the Android lock screen customizer device, the alerts are only activated when you require them. Even in this case, if battery life is an issue, you can configure it only to display while the phone is charging. Therefore, AcDisplay strives to address any issues you may have had with earlier lock screen apps. 

Download: AcDisplay


The start is a comprehensive Android Lock Screen Customization app that gives instant access to a wealth of data as soon as your phone’s display comes on. The choice of a selfie camera with simple access is particularly practical because it lets you take quick selfies while you’re out and about. The software also provides news and other information directly from a variety of well-known sites worldwide from the lock screen. 

start lock screen customization app

Android’s finest lock screen software update has adverts in its free edition. The best thing about the scenario is that only the app’s basic features require payment; the program itself may be downloaded for free. The application’s creators offer an in-app purchase option if you’re interested in some premium features. The software has been certified to function with Android 4.1 and subsequent operating systems as of this writing.

Download: Start

Lok Lok

It’s a lock screen software made to strengthen relationships and perhaps even share a few laughs. It approaches custom android lock screen socially, and it succeeds. In essence, the software enables you to leave digital drawings on your friend’s or partner’s phone while they are gone, ensuring that they see them as soon as they switch on their phone. 

lok lok

An explanation of the LokLok App: Talk to the people you love on your phone’s lock screen. When they check their phones, leave them with notes, sketches, and images. HOW IT OPERATES: With LokLok, your Android lock screen is replaced with a shared whiteboard that you and anyone you are connected to may always see. Read this article to learn how you can fix the black android screen of death.

Download: Lok Lok

Face ID Lock Screen

Consider experimenting with the Face ID Lock Screen as well. You may use Screen Lock – HD Wallpaper & Funny Lock Screen App.

face id lock screen

Since it genuinely isn’t secure enough to replace bank passwords and authenticate payments, it’s now more of a phony Face ID lock.

Download: Screen lock

Delightful Lock Screen

As its name implies, this program provides a huge selection of beautiful wallpapers daily. You can quickly customize the lock screen android and your important notifications on the lock screen and enjoy lovely wallpapers daily. You can set up custom icons to open all your favorite apps right from the lock screen. 

delightful lock screen

Additionally, you have easy access to the camera, which is essential for those perfectly timed pictures. Bing is worth a try because American users may earn Bing Rewards for each search they conduct. Before getting overly enthusiastic, though, review the company’s terms. The remaining functions, such as news and music control toggles, are also available with the app. If your android auto keeps disconnecting, then read this article.

Download: Delightful Lock Screen

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Are there any distinctive Android lock screen apps?

Special lock screen apps for Android can alter the lock screen's overall aesthetic. Several tasks are managed, and actions are taken straight from the interface.

Is DIY Locker the best lock screen app?

Almost often, native apps perform better than third-party ones. A simple lock screen with some basic concepts is DIY Locker. You can use it to add passcodes or pattern codes to your lock screen. It does have the option to add images of people you admire to those items, though.

How to use a lock screen to secure your Android phone?

Try Lock Screen Password if you want to secure your privacy and vital login information further. You can try it to see how well it performs on Android; it is another widely used lock screen software.

Can it go past Android's lock screen?

We advise consumers to use a fingerprint scanner instead of changing android lock screen apps. But it's all right if you don't want to. The top Android lock screen apps are listed below. Keep in mind that lock screen applications are becoming somewhat rarer.


Most of the lock screen applications we’ve examined are free to download, but some are also available for a fee. You can try Android Lock Screen Customization apps out to your liking to see whether or not they are worthwhile. Also, learn about the hidden messages app for your android phone.

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