One needs to update their system’s device driver to maintain system stability. It also enhances the performance of your system and helps to fix bugs. Since updating your system is highly time-consuming, you must use the best driver updater softwares.

Some of the best driver updater software are Bit Driver Updater, ITL Driver Updater Free, Driver Talent, Driver Genius, etc.

In this article, we have brought you a list of the best driver updater software, so you don’t need to search for them manually.

Best Driver Updater Software To Use In 2023

Here is the list of the 10 best software updaters for your PC. Read on to learn more about them.

Bit Driver Updater

This is one of the best updater software tools, which can update window drivers free of cost only when you update for the first time. It follows a key feature, i.e., compatibility. The updater is compatible with all versions of Windows.

bit driver updater

Another feature is that it has backup and restore options which means that it takes the backup for all the existing files on device drivers and restoration option. So the users feel free to use it as this updater promises you to secure their data from devices.

Quick Driver Updater

This is another driver updating software for experienced and inexperienced device users. It is compatible only with selected Windows like Windows 7, 8 &10. This device updater is value for money and time as well.

quick driver updater

If you are looking for a device updater in which you don’t have to spend much money, this is the best.

ITL Driver Updater Free

It is one of the device updater software which can update your device free of cost. This device updater keeps your device up-to-date for free and provides excellent service.

itl driver updater free

It has a one-click driver update, which can detect all your system’s damaged, broken & corrupted drivers. Also, it has the fastest downloading and scanning speed.

Driver Magician

This is another device updater software that is famous for its advanced PC optimization. It is best for those searching for updaters that update all their outdated data in a single click.

driver magician

Driver Magician software protects your data from hackers. Moreover, it boosts the start-up time of your device by deleting or clearing unnecessary data from your device.



This is another excellent driver updater, as it updates quickly by installing the latest drivers and improving the stability of your drivers.


If you are looking for the same, then this is the best option for you to choose. It is an easy-to-use tool that is very easy to set up.


AVG Driver Updater

If you are looking for the drive Updater with auto scan, this is an excellent option for you to choose.  AVG driver updater provides you with an auto-scan feature, which is generally not available in many of the updates. Also, the best thing about this updater is that it provides a backup for all the existing files, but this happens only in an emergency.

avg driver updater

Moreover, it prevents your hardware problems by updating drivers one by one.


Driver Talent

This tool updater your drivers quickly and efficiently. The best thing about this updater is that the users can install this driver without a network connection. i.e., you can install it offline too, which makes it different from the others. Also, this driver updater is free from viruses and safe to use.

driver talent
Driver Talent

Finally, as the name suggests, this driver has the talent for its functions. So this is another great option for those who want to update their driver in just a click.


Auslogics Driver Updater

This is another such software that updates your device in just a click. It updates your outdated data with a better version of the driver, free from viruses.

auslogics driver updater

The software is safe to use also; this protects your data from socializing. It also has the Driver backup smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it will auto-scan your drivers before downloading for a better user experience. Therefore it is one of the fastest driver updater software.


Ashampoo Driver Updater

As this is a platform for gamers, it is the fastest-growing driver updater software. If the device is not working correctly or had a bad update, you can update your device with this software. This will help to update your device even from a non-working device. You can scan your device as per your needs, and that’s why it doesn’t have any auto-scan property.


This is meant for gaming and helps users to keep their gaming performance up-to-date. Hence this is the best option for those who love to play games on PC.


Driver Genius

This software has both the updater and the PC optimization software so that you can use both as well, which is not common in any of the alternatives of driver updater.

driver genius

In addition, it helps you to take a backup of already installed drivers to a zip file. So you can reinstall them whenever required.



Which is the best software for updating drivers?

Bit Driver Updater software is generally the best for updating laptop drivers. Additionally, driver updates are entirely free on the first usage. The updater is also compatible with all versions of Windows. Your other options include Quick Driver updater and also Avast Driver updater. Most updaters allow you to update for free for a limited amount of time.

Does Windows 10 have a driver updater?

Windows 10, as well as the newer Windows 11, provide you the option of letting your Windows to download any driver updates automatically. You can perform this manually as well. To do this, you need to enable automatic updating for drivers in settings. This method is generally the easiest as well as the default way to keep your drivers updated.

Is Driver Easy the best driver updater?

Driver Easy is generally a good option for detecting any outdated drivers. The software detects any outdated drivers on your device and provides legitimate update options. You do not need to search for driver updates as it provides them. The app is also relatively safe and efficient too and can work even when there is no internet connection.

Are driver updaters safe?

Driver updater softwares are generally safe to use. However, confirming if you are using safe, legitimate sites to update your drivers is essential. Additionally, do not update drivers unless they need it. Sometimes, the updated drivers may not be compatible with your system and can cause malfunctions. Updating drivers that are fine may sometimes cause conflict and errors.

Is it safe to update all drivers?

Updating drivers when necessary or when legitimate updates are available is entirely safe and recommended. Remember to confirm and use only the right source to update your driver first. Additionally, updating your driver can help protect you from hacking and cybercrime. It also fixes performance issues and optimizes your system’s speed, especially useful in gaming.


This was our list of best driver updater software. You can now update your device effectively and efficiently with just a click. These will keep your system up-to-date and provide the best performance for your PC. We sincerely hope this article has helped you in finding a software updater. Let us know your suggestions and recommendations so we can bring more such articles for you!

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