6 Best Free & Paid Windows Password Recovery Tools

top 5 password recovery tools

When you forget your Windows computer’s password, it’s not just that your access to your PC is barred, but access to your files is also restricted. It worsens when you don’t know how to recover the password. What if you need your computer urgently and don’t know how to do that? Don’t fret! There are many software that can help you recover the password of your Windows computer no matter the situation. Here we present a list of Windows Password Recovery Tools for such an emergency.

The best recovery tools are Passware Kit, Recover My Password, John the Ripper, Trinity Rescue Kit, Ophcrack, and others.

There are software or tools for password recovery available both in free and commercial versions. This password recovery software is called password crackers because they ‘crack’ passwords. If you think these are illegal, then no, you are wrong. The software legally retrieves the password and is a legitimate practice because it is not someone else’s PC you are trying to access but your own.

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6 Best Free & Paid Windows Password Recovery Tools

The following are 6 helpful password recovery tools for a Windows system:


Ophcrack is so reliable for Windows password recovery that it is the first name that comes to computer experts’ minds. It is undoubtedly the best software for Windows password recovery you can find online. It is fast, effective, and easy to understand for users who are not good with computers.

Ophcrack password recovery tool

So how it works? You only have to download and mount the ISO image on bootable media. After doing that, your password will automatically recover when you boot your PC. You don’t have to log into your Windows to recover your password for this tool to work.

Visit: Ophcrack

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Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is not a usual Windows Password Recovery Tool because it doesn’t recover the password. It completely erases the password from your PC, so you can set a new one by logging in ordinarily. Like Ophcrack, you have to download an ISO image, mount it to a bootable media, and then boot your computer. It is faster than Ophcrack because it doesn’t have to recover your password.

NT Password and Registry Editor

The downside of this software is that people who do not have much knowledge about computers will not be able to work on the software. It requires some command line work as well. But if you know, you can not find better software than Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.

Visit: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor


If you have two (or more) user accounts on your PC and access to (any) one of them, then LCP is the software for you to recover your password. This program has three methods for you to crack the password, a Dictionary Attack, a Brute Force Attack, and a Hybrid Attack, which consists of both Dictionary and Brute Force attacks.

LCP Soft password recovery tool

This password recovery software needs you to know the matter and consumes many resources while it recovers the password. If you have forgotten your iPhone password, you can use some steps to unlock it without a password. Click here.

Visit: LCP Soft Password recovery tool


Among the paid Windows password recovery software, Passware tops the list. It is simple to use, and it can recover your password at speed 350% faster than the other software because of its GPU acceleration. It is only for the TrueCrypt system partitions. A free trial is available for the Passware kit so that you can create bootable media, but no password can be recovered until you buy the full version, which comes in two variants. The first is the standard version, which costs about $39, and the second is the enterprise version, which costs 295 dollars.

Passware password recovery software

The difference between both versions is that you can recover a local account in the standard version, whereas, in an enterprise, you can recover a domain admin account. You do not need to be an expert in computers to use Passware. Even if you are new to using computers, you can effortlessly operate them.

Visit: Passware password recovery software.

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Windows Password Unlocker

Like Ophracker, Windows Password Unlocker also uses bootable media to recover passwords. The bootable media is required when you are starting up the system. If you have lost your email password or don’t have any mail, you can use Windows password unlocker.

Windows password unlocker

The downside of this software is that the Standard version can only create bootable media and retrieve any passwords, and you have to buy the professional or enterprise version. The Standard version can be purchased for $39, whereas the enterprising professional version may cost even more. This software is beneficial if you are in a professional organization or an enterprise.

Visit: Windows Password Unlocker

Active@ Password Changer Professional

Active@ Password Changer Professional is one of the top Windows Password Recovery Tools for Windows 10. There has no better option has been made till now. It is easy to use, and you do not need any professional to use the software. There is an older version in which you can also use this software for Windows 7.

Active@ Password Changer

The other version of this commercial password recovery software is Offline NT Password Registry Editor, which, as discussed above, is one of the best free software for password changing. The price of Active@ Password Change Professional starts from $49.9.

Visit: Active@ Password Changer Professional

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Summing Up

After comparing and reviewing, we conclude that those mentioned above are the best Windows Password Recovery Tools. However, with cybercrimes increasing, you must not rely on these tools entirely! You may not need a Windows password recovery tool if you set your password while you have a CD or drive inserted into your PC. If you forget the password, you can insert the drive, which will open your PC. Also, next time, remember the password; if you have a problem remembering it, try to note it somewhere.

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