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best mtu settings in ps4

In the recent past, after the pandemic outbreak, situations have changed, and with the changes in the circumstances, there has been a constant increase in entertainment. This entertainment sector does not limit to a personal level; it has become a question at a community level. During these times, gaming platforms play a significant role with all the different features, with the quality of connecting socially and having people around us (though virtually) when we were staying indoors and conscious of the situation. It would not be incorrect to admit that these gaming platforms help us check our entertainment sector. Here we would be discussing the best MTU settings for PS4.


PS4 Gaming Console | PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a complete package with good quality gaming experience for players, a wide range of movies, and songs for movie-buffs and music lovers to choose from. PS4 has got everything. With its features like a high-performance system, ultra-fast processors, real-time game sharing, exquisite camera features that enhance the level of gaming, remote play, and many more, it has genuinely pleased its audience and created a need for itself.


PlayStation 4 is still a relevant and a thriving gaming console after many years of launch. As we discuss the gaming experience, it is clear that there has to be a smooth and hassle-free process so that there’s no disturbance while we are on it. Otherwise, it can ruin the entire experience. When we find any lag or latency, we tend towards the settings. We play around with the system settings to fix the disturbances that we face. One of such settings is adjusting and altering MTU settings to get a better and smoother experience flow. So, it can be really beneficial to know the best MTU settings for PS4.


Now, before we discuss which MTU setting would be best for our PS4, let us try and understand what an MTU is? 


What is an MTU? How does it work? 


MTU is short for Maximum Transmission Unit. As the expansion explains, Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) deals with the transmission of data to and from a device over a network in its largest size. It can be communicated in bytes that can be sent away or received in a packet-based network. In simple words, MTU is a large packet of data to transfer over a network such as an internet.

A packet can be understood as a group of minimum data required to move from one system to another to be assembled to terminate as it started.

Every single time when the data has to be transferred, these minimum required data, that is, the packets, are broken down, then clustered, and then terminated in the very same way to pass through the systems to be communicated. Now, this cycle can be a complex one. So, in any transmission that has to happen, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) of a network, that is, the internet, utilizes the MTU, specified in octets (eight-bit bytes), to establish the maximum size of each packet.

Now we would be discussing the best MTU settings for PS4.


Best MTU settings for PS4 | Optimal MTU settings 


There is a default value of MTU that is generally 1500 bytes for PS4. This default value is the maximum value of data transmitted through the packets. So, each container can carry data valued up to 1500 bytes. Usually, an MTU can correlate with the Ethernet protocol. Ethernet protocol can be is standard protocol for communication which creates LAN (Local Area Networks).

best mtu settings for ps4
best mtu settings for ps4

Gamers have claimed that by altering the value of MTU, the latency can be reduced, thereby boosting the internet’s speed for an efficient flow of transmission. Now the question arises, can this be true? 


Does tweaking the value of MTU help? 

Let us not jump to any conclusions already. 

First, it is essential to understand that these are just claims and not any tested report. So, it would not be right to consider it a fact. These claims do not tell us whether to increase or to reduce the value of MTU. 

For some, it worked by reducing the value, and for some, it worked after increasing the value of MTU. With this, the reduction in the latency and the improvement in the speed varies from system to system, person to person, depending upon the location. 

Without realizing the actuality, gamers tend to tweak around with the value of the MTU, which can not rightly be a solution to fix the problem. But for those, altering worked, generally instructed to have the MTU value set somewhere between 1473 and 1480. These two values are ideal for gamers these days.

Again, the value differs from location to system and the person operating. 


How to find best MTU settings for PS4? 

Let us try altering the values of the MTU manually and see if it works for us. 

  • The first thing that you will have to do is manually reduce the MTU value on the PS4 and keep checking the speed of the internet every time you change the value. \
  • Later a message saying “packets can no longer be fragmented” appears
  • The value just before the above message is the starting value of your MTU settings. And to get an ideal MTU value, add 28 to it. That could be your optimum MTU value which you will have to enter manually.


These were the best MTU settings for PS4. To sum up, if you don’t find it problematic, then we recommend not to change the default settings. But you can try changing the MTU settings and see if that works best for you and your gaming experience if so. It is better to have decent technical knowledge before putting your hands on the settings. 


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