Have a PS4 and want to know about the PS4 controller’s light colorsInnovative hardware like the ps4 controller enhances the immersion of the gaming experience. 

It has an awakening light bar whose color changes according to the PS button pressed during the game and the number of players playing. According to the adding controllers, the first one to connect will be blue; player 2 will be red, player 3 green, and pink player 4 will be.

The PS4 controller-led colors meaning, and those ps4 controller-led colors meaning are discussed ahead.

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What do the different PS4 controller light colors mean?

The purpose of your PS4 controller’s light colors is to improve your gameplay both on and off the screen. This primarily relies on the number of players, with sporadic influences from your game type. The PS4 controller light bar colors are Blue, Red, Pink, White, and Green. 

ps4 multi

These warning lights can be helpful if you can’t hear the game’s essential sounds because your volume is too low. 

PS4 Controller light colors (Blue light)

PS4 controller-led colors meaning that you are presently player #1 in the game when the LED bar turns blue. This color shouldn’t change during gaming; it should only do so at the finish. But be aware that depending on the events and choices in the game’s storyline, some titles may change the color of the light bar on your PS4 controller.

ps4 blue

In games like “Uncharted,” the PS4 controller could light blue during action scenes.

PS4 Controller light colors (Red light)

The PS4 controller light colors bar turning red effectively implies that you are player #2 in the game you are now playing. However, in some specific video games, the color red denotes peril to the player.

ps4 red

For instance, while you’re being pursued by cops in Grand Theft Auto 5, you could notice that the PS4 controller light goes red (i.e., danger).  Additionally, when you suffer severe harm or injuries in another game, like Call of Duty, the PS4 controller light bar flashes red.

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PS4 Controller light colors (Green light)

When the PS4 controller light goes green, you usually are player #3 in the multiplayer game you are currently playing.

ps4 green

On the other hand, other games, like Killzone, use the green light to indicate when a story event is occurring. The green light in that game represents your current state of health. The green color denotes good health, so you don’t need to worry if you’re doing well.

PS4 Controller light colors (Pink light)

You are normally player #4 if your PS4 controller displays a pink glow. However, some games use the colors of the PS4 controller light bars to indicate the level you are playing.

ps4 pink

For instance, in the video game Thumper, the color of the controller light bar varies depending on what level you’re playing. You would receive a pale pink color at one of these levels.

PS4 Controller light colors (White light)

When the PS4 controller is unplugged from the console, the light bar on the device goes completely white. If you’ve ever experienced this, you must keep pressing the PS button for 10 to 15 seconds until the light bar turns blue to signify a successful connection.

ps4 white

The controller will be reset using this approach, enabling the controller to reconnect automatically to the console in case of any fault or failure.

PS4 Controller Other Color lights

While playing some games, additional colors could show up on the PS4 controller light bar.In a game like Far Cry 4, yellow and light blue lights signify your role.

ps4 different colour

If you receive the color yellow, you are a support player. If you receive the color light blue, you are a medic.

Ps4 controller-led colors meaning in games

You might not know this, but game makers can change the PS4 controller’s light colors following game events. Players frequently believe that the lights show who was allocated to which controller. However, the indicator light was cleverly used in these games.

Tomb Raider

Colors- Red and, or orange

The controller will flash in the hues of an orange and yellow torch if Laura picks one up.

tomb raider

This effect is fantastic if you play video games in the dark.


Colors- Green and Red

The colors show the health status.


Green shows you have full or almost complete health status, while red shows low health status.


Colors- Blue or Red

The Infamous developers employed the controller’s LEDs to represent your karma. The controller will start with white light and change colors dependent on your choices.

infamous red and blue

Acts of goodness will turn blue. Injurious acts will start to turn red.


Colors- Multiple

As with most shooter games on this lineup, red indicates low health.


They’ve also included white for the flashlight and bright yellow to indicate when your super attack is up.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Colors-  Blue and Red

Another one you might not have known about GTA 5 is that, especially if you play with the headlamps on.

grand theft auto 5When cops chase you, your controller repeatedly flashes red and blue.

DC Universe

Colors- Multiple

The color indicator lights in the DC Universe change depending on your character’s power.


The quick shifts can be unpleasant if you’re playing in a dimly lit room.


Colors- Multiple

A team of up to four players can be formed in Fortnite.


Players are allocated a color when they initially start the game. Players can instantly share their colors by looking next to their name or controller. This is also useful because Fortnite battle royale now supports split-screen mode and assists players in determining who is who in the game.

Far Cry 4

Colors- Multiple

In Far Cry, the colors are allotted based on your class. Red is for Assault. Green is for Trapper.

far cry 4

Medic has Light Blue. Yellow is for the support class, and Yellow is also for the monsters.

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What color should the controller be when it is charging ?

The controller should be of an Amber color while charging.

What does the PS4 controller colors mean when the light bar is light blue ?

If the PS4 controller is blinking light blue light, then that means that it is training to connect with the console.

What happens if your PS4 console color is in orange ?

If the light on your PS4 controller is orange, then it is in rest mode.

How can you tell when the PS4's battery is running low ?

One of the indications would be that it will disconnect automatically. If you want to check it, then hold the PS button. There will be a controller with a battery symbol in the quick menu. It will tell you about the battery of your PS4.

Why does the PS4 controller change colors ?

The PS4 controller light indicates the users who are using it and, on occasion what is happening in the game.


One of the finest aspects of the PlayStation 4 console is the controller. The ps4 controller’s light colors are intended to augment and enhance your gaming experience. The different light colors of the Ps4 controller-led colors meaning depend on the number of players and the game.

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