10 Best Xbox One Mystery Games Of 2023

‘Xbox,’ the word itself is so exciting for crazy fans of online video games, isn’t it? And for those who do not know about it, we will create a soft corner for it by the time you are done reading this. For starters, let’s just get a precise understanding of what Xbox is and what it does and then dive deep into the thrilling world of xbox one mystery games of 2023. 

Xbox is created and owned by Microsoft, first launched in 2001. As of today, it is the most popular online video game. The kind of experience that it gives is simply so amazing that one may run out of words to actually describe the experience. It is so exciting and thrilling that it keeps you on edge all the time.

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Top 10 Xbox One Mystery Games

Now let us straight go and check out the best xbox one mystery games of 2023.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

The name itself is enough to attract attention. And any xbox one mystery games would be incomplete without Sherlock Holmes being a part of it. There have been nine titles before this one, and it will take you to a whole new world filled with suspense and mystery. The cases are fascinating and will demand your complete attention to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle.

The locations are beyond interesting and have so much variation. You will witness an amazing digital scanning process when it comes to high-definition facial scans, and it will drive you crazy. Also, if you have been following previous titles, then you simply cannot fail to notice the massive upgradation in terms of graphics and sound. Everyone’s voice matches exactly with the kind of situation they are in. Also, the voices change dramatically when the situation change and you are going to love it.

sherlock holmes
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock appears a bit more ruthless than all the previous games, and other characters fit well into their roles and support the game with good performances. But the best part is putting together memories as visual pictures like a 3D Hologram. This game is also one of the best xbox 360 mystery games.

Visit: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

The Walking Dead

Zombies are bound to scare but not enough to keep you away from playing this game. The Walking Dead is a graphic adventure video game series developed and published by Telltale Games and sky-bound games, based on The Walking Dead comic series. It has been consistent with the kind of experience it provides to its audience and never disappoints them. The small details like lighting, shadow effect, and character modeling make it unique from the rest of the crowd. And in the latest season, if you pay attention, you will see small aesthetic improvements. The enhanced artistic style gives an improved visual look to each of the scenarios. You have to be consistent throughout in deciding and choosing, like Who do I save? The scenario interaction system works quite well.

the walking dead
The walking dead

To summarize, The Walking Dead is all about putting you in a challenging situation and making some really tough decisions. It will offer you so many scenarios and twists that it might actually blow your mind.

Visit: The Walking Dead

Batman Arkham Asylum

You must have probably heard about DC and must have already watched the Batman series. How did you like Joker’s performance? Excited enough with just the thought of it? Hold your horses because this game is going to add a more exciting experience to your already existing ‘marvelous memories’ associated with Batman. The new version is darker in tone but will grip you with fascinating stories. The game will expose you to a dark, atmospheric adventure into the depths of Arkham Asylum- Gotham City’s high-security Psychiatrist hospital for the criminally insane.

batman arkham asylum
Batman Arkham Asylum

It will present you with a brand-new story that brings together an all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman Universe. The graphic improvement and high-definition texture are both appreciable. Also, the presence of new particle effects makes the city of Gotham and its picturesque inhabitants look even more alive and credible. I madly recommend this to everyone who is a fan of online video games, and even if you are not into playing video games, this one will not disappoint you. This is another one of the best xbox one crime games available in the store.

The Wolf Among Us

Just like so many other xbox one mystery games, ‘The Wolf among us’ is also an adaptation of the comic series fables from DC Comics. The main protagonist is Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf. The game is an interactive story. And if you like solving puzzles, then you are at the right place because this will present you with so many puzzles that you may actually go insane cracking them up. This mystery game is a kind of ‘Who did it’ kind of a mystery with lots of suspense. It keeps you on your toes by presenting puzzles at every turn. It contains five chapters that include the following:

  • Faith
  • Smoke and mirrors
  • A crooked smile
  • In sheep’s clothing
  • Cry Wolf
the wolf among us
The wolf among us

 A point to keep in mind while playing this one is- a button letter flashes on the screen, and you have to hit it before the timer runs out in order to make a move successful. Paying attention to details is important to solve all the puzzles. Additionally, the story starts brutally, and the language is harsh.

Download: The Wolf Among Us

Return Of The Obra Dinn

This one may not sound very familiar, but trust me, the story and the way the game unfolds itself will catch every ounce of attention you have and will offer you a very different experience. To give you a little background, a merchant vessel named ‘The Obra Dinn’ goes missing for several years and returns to England’s shore in 1807. Everybody on the ship is dead, and you play as an insurance adjuster for the East India Company, and your task is identifying and discovering the fates of all sixty crew members.

return of the obra dinn
Return of the obra dinn

You are given a magical pocket called the ‘ Memento Mortem,’ which will help you in solving the mystery. Then you will receive some crew pictures, an accurate crew count along with their listed role, ship blueprint, nautical glossary, and a plethora of blank pages automatically drawn-in after each discovered scenario. You will be on a mysterious roller-coaster that will only go up, my friend. There will be so many unanswered questions for which you need to find an answer, like Who was this person? How did he die? Was he killed? And many more.

The mystery is presented in a non-linear fashion, and the process may become solely dependent on elimination and deduction. There will be numerous details present and could be insanely subtle. The answers can be found only when you keep an open mind to all possibilities and keep an eye on every minute detail. It will demand the player’s detective skills and astute thinking. The UI design deserves all the praise and appreciation. The game design is gripping, visuals are fantastic, and storytelling is stimulating enough to make you fall in love with it. This game stands out among other xbox one mystery games because of its unique story.

Visit: Return of the Obra Dinn

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LA Noire

If you want to experience how it feels to be a cop or if you want to kind of step into the shoes of James Bond and see things from his perspective, kudos…. you are very close to that experience. These xbox mystery games are set in the 1940s, Los Angeles. You control Cole Philips, an army vet who is now a cop. The game is about solving cases, which are in its most fundamental terms stories about people’s lives and their many questionable actions. It will need you to solve the cases for which there are numerous ways.

la noire
LA Noire

Mostly, it would begin by wandering around a crime scene, gathering clues and potential leads together with examining dead bodies to crack open the mysterious case. You may need to search a suspect’s home as a part of the investigation, which sounds really cool, doesn’t it? It even gets more interesting when a suspect runs away and then you have to chase him down, climbing up ladders or sliding pipe down. Doesn’t it remind you of Casino Royale’s opening scene, James Bond on the hunt? It should be highly praised for the motion capture of the voice actor’s face, as it certainly helps characters feel much more humans. It will keep you engaged throughout, and mystery at each level will compel you to keep playing it. This is one of the best xbox detective games out there in the market.

Visit: LA Noire

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