10 WiFi Hack Apps For iPhone And iOS Devices [2023]

wifi hack apps for iphone

This year the wifi hack apps for iphone hunt are finally over! We thrive in a digital era of fast-speed internet. Ever wondered how to maintain a fast internet connection without having to pay? Say goodbye to the same-old mode of securing a better networking connection. Below mentioned are a few applications that will make hacking a childsplay. We bring you the ultimate solution to enjoy high-speed internet and the best connectivity. 

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Top 10 Wi-Fi Hack Apps For IOS Devices

Let’s take a look at the best wifi hack apps for iphone 

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This application helps you connect to free Wi-Fi once you are within reach. It is available for iPhones and Ipads. This is a Swedish startup that recommends fast and close proximity Wi-Fi through a map. It is not illegal. Follow simple steps like – open settings and choose Wi-Fi, then connect to the Wi-Fi you want to add and tap on adding Wi-Fi on the Instabridge app installed in your mobile.  


Visit: InstaBridge

Wi-Fi Master Key 

One of the best wifi hack apps for iphone daily users of free wireless networks is installed in public spaces. It saves your time and displays all the available Wi-Fi networks on your screen automatically. This prevents you from searching manually, which is time-consuming. Furthermore, it globally shares millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. To use this app, go to settings and select Wi-Fi. It only takes around 5 seconds for the Wi-Fi list to load. Lastly, tap on hotspots that have a WiFiMasterkey icon on them.  

wifi master key
Wifi master key

Visit: Wi-Fi Master Key

Iwep Pro Lite 

Another helpful wifi hack app for iphone that you essentially require. It can decode any Wi-Fi key. This application also allows you to check the vulnerability of your WPS security. This app is very similar to Androdumpper for Android phones. It has a user-friendly interface. To use it, scan the available Wi-Fi networks, and the app will detect the ones with WPA vulnerability.

iwep pro lite
Iwep pro lite

Visit: Iwep Pro Lite 


This is one of the wifi cracking apps that acts as another great alternative for Androdumpper. This app mostly breaks through all the routers that you want. It works efficiently fast. It is a great choice for the IOS platform due to its simple user interface and fast processing of information. Its use is very similar to IWEP PRO-LITE.  


Wireless Cracker

This is one of the wifi cracker apps that is also useful to hack/crack the Wi-Fi key. Some of the many different network types that it can decrypt are – ThomsonXXXXXX and speedtouchXXXXXX.  

Free Wi-Fi Password Router Key

One of the many best wifi hack apps for iphone. It has the feature to display the password on the screen for the chosen network. It can be used without the internet and also without rooting the device.  

Wi-Fi Pass Universal 

 As the name suggests, this application is universally used to convert six-digit passphrases into 64 digit keys to use Wi-Fi. In addition, it attacks WPS and PINS. Use this smart tool to hack Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere.  

wifi pass universal
Wifi Pass Universal

Visit: Wi-Fi Pass Universal


This is one of the wifi hacker apps for iphone that was made available to iPhone users only recently in 2020. iPhone users can break the network securities of nearby Wi-Fi with the help of this digital tool.  

Visit: Aircrack-NG


This is one of the wifi hacking apps for iphone that is an instant solution to the fast hacking of nearby Wi-Fi connections. In addition, it allows iPhone users to crack into WPA2 and WPA passwords.  

Visit: WLANAudit

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You can connect to a Wi-Fi network without knowing the password of your nearby connections. It can decrypt the network type of WIFIXXXXXX and many others.   

Visit: PulWifi


Please note that hacking can give you access to a free Wi-Fi connection anytime and anywhere only if there is a Wi-Fi network available in your device’s useful range. Hacking is not considered a crime but hacking into private networks is a punishable offense. 

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