Tor Browser Not Connecting | Easy Solution To Fix It

tor browser not connecting

Users of the free and open-source TOR browser may access the internet and the dark web anonymously and safely. When offering the same amount of secrecy as TOR does, no other browser even comes close. That is why discovering your computer’s TOR browser not connecting can be alarming.

Some quick fixes include ensuring your computer’s system clock is set correctly, checking to see if another Tor Browser is already running on your computer, checking to see if any antivirus software you may have installed is preventing Tor from running, and briefly disabling your firewall. If the TOR browser was previously working but has stopped operating now, your computer may have hibernated. Your computer needs to restart to fix the problem. Reinstall Tor Browser after erasing it. When updating, destroy your old Tor Browser files.

TOR continues to reign supreme among browsers that prioritize anonymity. If your TOR browser won t open, you could use a lot of alternative browsers, but none of them is designed specifically to route traffic via numerous servers like TOR is. The closest thing is a VPN, which we have already discussed at techieplus. Let’s quickly figure out how to fix TOR so we can resume safe online.


Tor Browser Not Connecting Common Solutions

Before attempting any additional fixes, read through TOR’s quick guide to resolving TOR connection issues. Here is a quick list of them:

Make sure the time & date on your PC are set correctly. Inspect if TOR is already operating since only one instance can be active. Reboot the PC if in doubt.tor

Has the system awoken from sleep or hibernation mode? Restart your computer or open the TOR browser.

Kill Firefox

If you don’t want to read the entire post, the quick answer is that before TOR may run on your computer, Firefox may need to be closed.firefox

This is bad news if you frequently use Firefox. If the Tor browser is not working, it is a Firefox clone.

Use Brave+VPN

In keeping with the previous point, we recommend Brave browser as a Firefox alternative that is as good as Firefox and focused on privacy. It also includes a built-in TOR functionality, but it only functions partially.brave + vpn

Until the TOR browser issue is resolved, you have a fairly good system if you add a VPN and use DuckDuckGo as your search engine. If tor is not working in this browser, explore the next possible solutions.

Run and Disable Antivirus and Malwarebytes

Run Microsoft Defender or your preferred third-party antivirus program once to ensure a virus isn’t to blame for the problems with the TOR browser not connecting. Because viruses and malware are different, we advise installing and running Malwarebytes (the free version is sufficient).malwarebytes

The other component of the strategy is to temporarily turn off Malwarebytes and antivirus software on your computer before using TOR. Some antivirus programs may falsely identify the TOR browser, preventing it from starting or functioning properly. If so, you must add TOR to the safelist in the app administration section.

The firewall settings also apply, so turn them off momentarily.

Restart Windows Explorer

To launch the Task Manager, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Under Processes, search Windows Explorer. Right-clicking Windows Explorer may access the restart.restart windows explorer

If tor doesn’t work, you should save any open or unfinished work before closing all open programs because you will need to reload them. This old hack can help with various program issues, including TOR, that cause them to crash or stop working.

Install TOR in Different Partitions

If tor won t connect, perhaps the HDD on which you installed TOR has become corrupt, causing the software to fail.install on linux

Installing a fresh copy of TOR on a separate drive is a quick and easy approach to testing this notion.

Delete Tor configurations 

Additionally troublesome are Tor configurations that are corrupt or broken. To remove these and start over, delete the parent.lock file. You only need to delete the parent.lock file by going to TorBrowser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser\.delete tor configurations

Restart your browser after you’re finished, and it should function properly.

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Issue a New Identity

Every time you use TOR, a new IP address is assigned to you that is distinct from the one your ISP gave you. The IP address may be incorrect, which is why the TOR browser is not connecting. Fortunately, it is simple to check the IP address that TOR has allocated you and to change it identity

To review the presently assigned IP address, go to, and click the icon on the upper side of the address bar to assign a new one instantly. To verify that a new IP address was successfully issued, go to the above-linked URL. Recheck to see if the TOR browser is still functional for you.

Clean Reinstall

You have no choice but to reinstall the TOR browser if nothing else appears to have worked. For a thorough uninstallation, we advise using Revo Uninstaller. Additionally, it will eliminate any lingering files and registry entries that can make the same problem reappear when you reinstall an app.clean reinstall

Download the most recent version of the TOR browser, install it once more on a different disc, and see if it functions properly now. If it does, one of the files may become corrupt.

Check your internet connection.

ISPs gather information and keep track of all the traffic that enters and leaves your system for various reasons. If the tor browser is not connecting, it may be blocked by your ISP. Since ISPs frequently monitor your online behavior and Tor forbids this, there is a potential that using the browser will cause your ISP to block you.check isp

Since the TOR browser forbids that, your ISP may have completely disabled the TOR browser. You can resolve this by making a short phone call to your ISP. Remember that you can still utilize TOR, but you first need to connect to a VPN, which would slow down your already-slow browsing even further.

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How can I get back on Tor Browser?

If this option isn't present when Tor Browser is open, go to the hamburger menu (‘≡’), select ‘Settings,' then select ‘Connection’ in the sidebar.

What can I do about Tor Browser's proxy server rejecting connections?

Restart the browser after turning off the antivirus. The Tor Browser folder should be kept from its initial place to another. If you did, undo your decision. Additionally, make sure the port you are using is open.

Why does connecting to Tor take so long?

How come the Tor Browser is so sluggish? Because it uses three relays (servers) to route data for your anonymity, the Tor Browser is slow. On the other hand, a stable connection simply connects you directly to the website or service, which is substantially faster.

Can you be traced if you use Tor?

Your ISP can still know that you're browsing Tor even though Tor encrypts all of your internet data. Tor cannot block tracking at its network's entrance and exit nodes. The entry node's owner and the operator can see your IP address.

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We hope you got the solution to the TOR browser not connecting and is now operating properly on your system. Although TOR is now unrivaled, we believe the Brave browser team made the right choice by incorporating TOR services. That not only gives users confidence but also conveys a clear message about the course they are on. Although it is in no way comparable to the standalone TOR browser program, it is still a reasonable option until you figure things out.

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