5 Best Text Editors For Windows 10 [Updated]

text editors for windows 10

This article will list the top text editors for Windows 10. A text editor is essential for developers. You risk disliking coding if you don’t pick a good editor early in your career. You must begin with a text editor appropriate for you if you are a beginning developer. To know more about it, keep reading.

Coding is difficult, but on a Windows 10 computer, the right text editor can be helpful. Many best text editors are easily available for windows 10. They are Hekapad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, etc. We will be providing you with the information for the same. So keep reading!

However, it is very simple and missing several crucial capabilities in other Windows text editing tools. The top text editors for Windows 10 are compiled in the following brief yet informative list.

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Top 5 Windows 10 Text Editors

The following list of text editors for windows 10:-


  • The newest kid on the block is Hekapad. It includes a useful user interface (UI) with tabs to simultaneously open and handle many files. You can import lines of code or anything else into the current document using the import button. hekapad
  • Hekapad’s capacity to encrypt the text is what sets it apart. It resembles merging. Unlock this material with a window’s password.
  • A clipboard with little memory is present. Five clips can be saved at once. Still useful, especially if you paste any clip. Other features include drag-and-drop, syntax highlighting, autosave, and opacity of the app interface.

Visit: Hekapad

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  • Notepad++ is one of the most widely used texts or source editors for the Windows operating system. With the tabbed interface, you can edit many files at once. You can edit two files at once using split view.
  • The syntax highlighting feature makes scanning and finding what you’re looking for simple because codes are highlighted in various colors. Coding is enjoyable but challenging, and omitting to add a single end bracket can lead to problems and result in hours of wasted time. notepad
  • A small autocomplete tool in Notepad++ will add and suggest short lines of code for you. Additionally, you may put it on a pen drive and bring it about among the top text editing software for Windows 10 operating system.

Visit: Notepad++

Sublime Text

  • You should look at Sublime Text if you want a sophisticated text editor with many unique features. It has a sidebar that rapidly switches between files and functions and a dark mode. You can adjust a variable at n places at once using multiple choices. Want to make several changes to something? sublime text
  • With just a few keystrokes, you can easily navigate to any line, word, or symbol with the Goto Anything tool. Something that Notepad++ is proficient with as well. The Goto Definition feature, however, stands out since it can build an index of a class, method, and action. After that, you can use the symbol to navigate to the appropriate line by clicking on the mark.
  • Finally, this fantastic feature lets you use JSON files to modify just about everything in the UI, including menus, snippets, key bindings, and more. Sublime Text is your free text editor for Windows 10 if you enjoy fiddling with things and want everything to be exactly how you want it.
  • For personal usage will cost you $80; for business use, you must get in touch with them. One of the best feature-rich text editors for Windows 10 is worth the price for experienced users. There are many alternatives for Lucky Patcher that provide a better user experience than its original app. Check out.

Visit: Sublime Text

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  • The majority of websites designed by the web design community employ brackets. The user interface will resemble Sublime Text, which is not terrible. 
  • This text editor for Windows has visual tools that let you use Live Preview to see results as you alter them. Users of preprocessors would adore brackets even more.brackets
  • Don’t misunderstand me here. 
  • Although the tool is as effective for editing text documents, who says you can’t accomplish two tasks simultaneously? You may simplify your life by using a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Visit: Brackets


  • The only best free text editor on the list that operates in a browser is Meeting Words PC. This means it is not limited to Windows and works on all systems. 
  • Now that you can work on a single file and collaborate with other individuals, it becomes distinctive. Other advantages include reversing modifications if you believe someone made a mistake.meetingwords
  • You can interact with other users like how users converse in Google chrome products like Docs. Regular Word formatting settings like bold, italics, indent, and lists are available in the toolbar at the top. Some folks could require them. You can interact with other users l 
  • They have also removed the sign-in feature to make things simpler and quicker. Open and start writing or editing. The Time Slider, which allows you to access previous edits and document versions, is the last feature.

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Which text editor offers a variety of technological options?

Few programming text editors cannot open any text file, but most can. When making personal notes, writing to oneself is a good idea. By selecting a text editor that is compatible with your tools, you can simplify your life.

What fundamental features should you search for in a text editor?

Your needs and goals will determine your budget. Quickly move to a certain line. Check whether two sections of a lengthy document fit together by viewing them. Avoid visualizing HTML as it would appear in a browser. Multiple text selections are made at once. Examine the project-related files and directories. A code beautifier automatically formats your code. Check your spelling. The code is automatically indented using the indentation settings.

Is it a smart idea to add more functionality to your text editor?

Many tools come pre-loaded with capabilities that the user either doesn't want or must enable. In these situations, look for an extendable editor. Although an extensible editor has fewer features than an all-in-one solution, it may be tailored to your unique requirements. The best editors let you install several plugins and provide you the ability to find and add new plugins automatically.

Which operating system ought I employ?

It's all up to you. Your options, however, may be constrained if you want to migrate between operating systems because some editors are only available on particular platforms. As long as it is compatible with your computer, you can complete the procedure using either the best text editor for Windows or the best text editor for Mac; however, a cross-platform editor makes transitioning between operating systems less of a hassle.

Should you give your text editor's appearance and feel any thought?

Some people prefer to change the color and placement of buttons and every other aspect of the UI (user interface). Inquire in advance to see whether the editor is accommodating. It's simple to locate a text editor that lets you change the font color scheme, but if you want more flexibility, you can choose an IDE.


The top simple text editors for developers are Sublime Text, Atom, and Notepad++. If you’re unsure which one to use, here’s a rundown.

You must begin with a text editor appropriate for you if you are a beginning developer. The developers’ preferred text editor is typically the first editor they grasp. The editors on this list are the top text editors for windows 10. Also know How To Use Ipad As Second Monitor On Windows.

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