The ability to process messages and send and receive notifications is not tricky. Windows Live Mail was Microsoft’s free email client, allowing customers to create email accounts and benefit from simple email communication. However, like other programming applications, Windows Live Mail is vulnerable to numerous bugs.


There are a few simple ways to fix this issue. You can reinstall the app, update your Windows, restart your PC, and reset your mail and calendar app.

Maintenance ensures all policy documents are available, accurate, and properly recorded. Many customers complain that Windows Live Mail won’t open on their Windows 10 PC. You should also check your Windows firewall and third-party firewalls to avoid interference. Please delete your current Windows Live Mail account and create a new one. We provide Restoro PC Repair Tool to fix various PC problems. It fixes common PC errors, protects you from write failures, malware, and hardware problems, and improves your PC’s ability to perform under extreme conditions.

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Microsoft ended support for one of the most popular email clients, Windows Live Mail, a year ago. However, many customers despised the previously introduced Windows 10 Mail app and opted for the outdated but practical Windows Live Mail client. Also, this is where most errors lead to many problems, including error 0x800c013e. There are many reasons why Windows Live Mail is not working on Windows 10.

Windows Live Mail won’t Open on Windows 10

Most clients have changed to Windows 10 after Help for Windows 7 is finished. Individuals utilizing WLM on Windows 10 grumbled they couldn’t access their Live Mail account. One of the essential clarifications for this is that Microsoft no longer expects clients to utilize WLM. Any remaining things being equivalent, we suggest that clients send their Windows Live Mail messages to Outlook or Office 365. For this reason, we constructed Windows 10 as portrayed in Future Prerequisites.

In the wake of finding the issue of WLM not supporting Windows 10, we did a broad, endless examination to track down the most intelligent response to take care of this issue.

windows live mail won't open

1. Endeavouring to run Windows Live Mail as an executive in pseudo mode and change the Windows Live Mail windows live mail

2. Kindly erase your current WLM account and Add another one.add new account
3. Take a stab at reinstalling Windows Essentials 2012 on Windows 10.

sign in to windows live mail
4. You can now run Windows Live Mail on Windows 10.

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Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

If you see Error 3219 in Windows Live Mail, Live Mail could not connect to Hotmail/Outlook or MSN servers to receive emails. This error occurs when Live Mail is configured to connect—and sync mail over a secure HTTPS channel. The cause of this error is a short update on the server that prevents Live Mail from syncing your email accounts.error 3219 windows live mail
The best method for dealing with this issue is redesigning your mail server with Windows Live Mail. Yet again, you can eradicate and make a thing by following these methods:

1. Open the Windows live mail, go to the account section, and Click the ‘+’ symbol with the @ @ sign
2. Fill in the accreditations with the right client name and check the checkbox ‘Physically Configure Server Settings.’ Pick out the server kinds from Incoming Server information. In Server cope with, type the server cope with and port variety. Tick the ‘Requires a protected association SSL‘ segmentconfigure server settings

3. Type the server address under the Outgoing Server Information segment, and type the port number in the port sort field. Tick ‘Requires a protected association SSL’ and Requires Authentication.’ And afterwards, click Next.windowsl live mail wont open
4. You’re finished! The record will be added to the left sheet of Windows Live Mail.

Error 0x8007007A While Sending Emails

At the point when you get a 0x8007007A mistake in Windows Live Mail or Windows 10 Mail application, it implies that the application can’t send messages.fix mail error This blunder happens when you attempt to send any media connections from One Drive. However, with SkyDrive, you can send pictures or collections, One Drive doesn’t permit you to do that, and it causes this blunder.

There are various answers to this issue; for example,

1. Erase the message causing this mistake and attempt to send another message as attachments
2. Eliminate and once again arrange your Windows Live Mail account. Send the photos/pictures as Attachments and not Albums. Uncheck ‘Make photograph email from photograph connections’windows live mail attachments4. Thinking about these arrangements, you could resolve this mistake.

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Clearing the .cache directory and running a compatibility test:

  1. If Windows is live, mail won’t open Windows 10; hold down the Windows key + R key. Enter %appdata% in the run dialogue and press OK. Then, on the breadcrumb, click App Data. Then, under Local, select Windows Live. run app data
  2. Restart the computer and see if Live Mail opens and shuts down properly. Otherwise, follow these steps.restart
  3. Browse “Program Files (x86)” on Local Disk C. Locate and open the Windows Live folder. Locate and click the Mail folder within this folder, then identify the file named ‘wlmail.exe.program files
  4. Right-click the email exe file and select properties from the subsequent context menu. In the pop-up, select the “Compatibility” tab. Change the file compatibility option to “Windows 7 compatible.” compatibilty
  5. Windows Defender should be enabled and updated.

Problems with window live mail

A collision of antispyware applications could have caused the problems with window live mail described above always had. Enabling and updating Windows Defender may resolve any faults preventing Windows Live from functioning. Remove any antispyware products you installed before or after the upgrade. Spybot is the most well-known. Ignore the warning that your computer is unprotected and let the uninstall completely. Start your computer defender

Now is the moment to pay attention to the system’s unprotected‘ warning. Turn on Windows Defender by clicking the “on” button when a pop-up displays – typically in the screen’s lower right corner- click it to launch a window displaying all security vulnerabilities with your system.


Is it possible to reinstall Windows Live Mail?

You can still install the Windows Live Mail app even though its programs are no longer actively maintained. provides a free download of Windows Live Essentials.

What happened to my Microsoft Mail?

Among the probable causes of this problem is an old or corrupted application. It could be due to a server issue. We recommend you take the following actions to resolve your Mail app issue: Check whether your device's time and date settings are correct.

What is the distinction between Windows Mail & Windows Live Mail?

Windows Mail is the mail client bundled and comes with Windows Vista. Windows Live Mail is a free download that includes a mail client, calendar application, contacts manager, feed collector, and newscaster.

Is Windows Live Mail still compatible with Gmail?

Enable ‘2 Step Authentication’ for each Gmail account, then create an App Password for WLM. You must enter your Google account and look in SecuritSecurityeed to generate the App Password from Google Security and then use it when you update your email in your WLM.

Is there an alternative to Windows Live Mail?

Outlook by Microsoft: Microsoft Outlook is a commercial email client conceived and created by Microsoft. Outlook allows you to work with an unlimited number of accounts and manage objects such as emails, contacts, calendar events, memos, etc. The utility is included with the Office suite from Microsoft.


Windows Live Mail is still generally utilized by many individuals due to its straightforwardness. Different slip-ups in WLM frequently make provocative and fascinating purposes for clients. Here we manage a few regular blunders found by our clients in WLM and give an extraordinary reaction to every mistake.

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