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Remote controls are necessary for the best Nintendo Wii gaming system to operate the hardware, navigate the system’s menus, and play games on Wii. If you have a Wii, you might discover that your Wii remote won’t switch on, or you need to fix it as it once did. However, the article discusses why won’t my wii remote turn on. 

You can check your hardware configuration, clean the remote, and reset the remote control’s settings to turn on the wii remote and resume playing your favorite games. Try holding the Wii Remote with the buttons facing downward if your Wii remote won’t turn on or respond. These are some basic ways for the wii remote won’t turn on.

Many issues that could lead to Nintendo Remotes becoming unresponsive exist, many of which are easily resolved. Know about the causes and fixes for why won’t my remote turn on below.

Causes: Why Won’t My Wii Remote Turn On

Here are a few reasons for the wii remote not turning on, and know these to fix them.

Dead Batteries

If your Nintendo wii controller is not working, you might be dealing with a battery issue. To remove the batteries from your Remote, follow this guide. The two AA batteries in your Remote’s positive and negative terminals can connect to a voltmeter to check if they are completely charging.dead battery The voltage of a fully charged battery is 12.66 volts. You must recharge or replace the battery if the voltmeter reads 12.45 volts or below. However, replace or recharge the battery if one or both AA batteries display a voltage of fewer than 12.45 volts.

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Bad Battery Connection

Open the Nintendo Wii roms and remote’s battery compartment and ensure the batteries orientate if you are changing or recharging the batteries and the remote still won’t turn on. The positive connection of each battery should be according to the + and – symbols.bad battery connection

The batteries must link with the spring-loaded battery connections and be correct. Make sure the battery contacts aren’t, and similarly, if you find any signs of rust or corrosion, try to wipe them down with a dry rag.

Poor Power Button Connection

If the Nintendo Wii Remote has new batteries inside that connect Wii properly, but the remote still won’t come on, there may be a bad power button connection. The motherboard and power button connection could be filthy, preventing the remote from turning on. If the remote is not turning on, it’s also possible that the power button has moved slightly out of place.poor power button connection Use the Power Button Replacement Guide to find out how to get to the Remote’s power button and gently realign it in this situation. Use this guide to remove the remote’s cover plate, then use a fresh, dry toothbrush to brush the battery contact on the power button gently. 

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2 Ways To Fix Wii Remote Not Turning On

To get rid of any dust between the buttons and the electronic circuit board within the remote, tap it three times firmly against the palm of your hand. 

Press one of the buttons when the remote is turned upright. If the issue persists, you could move on to inspecting the hardware setup and resetting Wii games and remote control.

Hardware Configuration Verification

Why won’t my wii remote turn on? Before checking the hardware configuration, open the battery door on your Remote first. Ensure your Remote has two brand-new “AA” batteries or a fully charged battery pack. 

  • Additionally, ensure the metal connectors and parts of the battery are corrosion-free. If rust is present, wipe the remote’s battery element and connectors with a cotton swab.wii u controllers
  • First, ensure the Sensor Bar wire is securely attached to the wii controllers won’t turn on and the Wii u emulator and gaming system’s rear. Additionally, ensure the Wii wireless sensor bar is situated correctly and connected. For the Remote to communicate with the gaming system, the Sensor Bar must also position in the middle of your display, either above or below.
  • Aim the wii controller to troubleshoot and press any button three feet away from the sensor bar to test the gadget. Try the gadget while standing five to ten feet away from the gaming system if the remote isn’t working.remote 
  • Move any things, such as candles, other remote controls (for TVs or cable boxes), wireless computer equipment, or mobile phones, that obstruct the signal from the Wii game system’s or sensor bar’s remote. Close the blinds or curtains if sunlight is streaming in through the windows to prevent interference with the remote’s signal.

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Resetting Wii Remote Controls

Start by shutting off and unplugging your Wii gaming console. After unplugging it for a minute, plug the gaming system back in. Why won’t my wii remote turn on? You could also attempt to reset the remote.

  1. Switch on the Wii console when your television displays the “Health and Safety” screen, and press and holds the red “SYNC” button for 15 seconds. wii remote
  2. On the front of your Wii console, just beneath the tiny door, is the “SYNC” button. The Sync button should be released.sync button
  3. From the Wii Remote’s rear, remove the battery cover, batteries, and battery pack. Press and release the red button underneath the battery compartment. The front blue LEDs of the remote will blink. remove battery cover
  4. Press and release the “SYNC” button on your wii controller troubleshooting. The gaming system’s “Player” light indicates that the reset procedure is complete when it stops flickering and remains on.blue light indicator 

For every additional Remote, these procedures must be repeated. For the best Wii homebrew apps, click here.


What should I do if my Wii Remote won't turn on?

Press any button on the Remote to see if any lights come on. Read Wii Remote Not Working Correctly for extra assistance if your Remote has a steady, solid light but still has problems.

How can you know that battery in Remote is dead?

Make sure your Remote is functioning properly. Once the batteries have been changed, press any button on the Wii Remote to see if any lights come on. Read Wii Remote Not Working Correctly for extra assistance if your Remote has a steady, solid light but still has problems.

Why won't my Wii U and Wii Remote sync?

Ensure the Sensor Bar is correctly connected and hooked into the Wii U console. If it's connected in, try unplugging it and then plugging it back in several times, checking to see if the cursor appears after each time. When the Wii Remote doesn't sync, the information can assist.

Why won't my remote switch on?

The motherboard and connection to the power button can be dirty, which would prohibit the remote from turning on. Open the remote's cover plate and gently brush the battery contact with a fresh, dry toothbrush to clean the power button contact.


The article was all about fixing the wii remote not turning on. The Remote points at items on the screen and recognize movements displaying on the screen. In most cases, it synchronizes with your system and is ready to use. In addition, you can try out these ways to fix the Remote. These are methods to fix why won’t my wii remote turn on. 

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