Becoming a trendsetter is what every fashionista wants. And there are a few ways to do so. One of them is investing in some suitable fashion brands for your style. Pink Ice is a store where you will find trendsetting designs and accessories for women. Below, you will find 9 stores like Pink Ice.

We have combined the top eight trusted stores for women that promise women’s clothes, accessories, and much more in unique ways. 

  1. ModCloth
  2. UrbanOG
  3. Akira
  4. White House Black Market
  5. Amazon 
  6. Papaya
  7. Lulus
  8. Lucy in the Sky

These stores will fill your closet with trendy and new fashion styles. Get your carts ready to shop. 

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Named after the flower Pink Ice, the brand’s founder, Lisa, successfully launched Pink Ice boutique stores from beach cities of South Orange County to Santa Monica. Lisa aimed to design cute and edgy fashion styles for women who wanted it all. pink ice

With her idea and inspiration to give women a rich and diverse shopping experience, Pink Ice was formed. Pink Ice now caters to young adults, teenagers, and youth. Their designs not only suit youth, but all women want to stand out.

Since its birth, Pink Ice has been growing and adapting promisingly, making designs and shopping experiences personalized. It is always finding ways to design attractive and cute dresses and clothes.

8 Stores Like PinkIce That You should Use Today!

Being a Pink Ice comes with the perk of being the hot and new style topic. Stores like Pink Ice are consistently aiming to provide new apparel and accessories. Here is an overview of the stores like Pink Ice.


Founded in 2002, ModCloth is an online fashion retail store that grew popular for its vintage and vibrant designs. It targets fashion enthusiasts who love retro-styled clothing, decor, and accessories. modcloth

With a massive collection to shop from, ModCloth does not negotiate with designers in the plus-size section. They have the same quality of apparel and designs in the plus-size area. Their consistency with vibrant colours and expressive designs remains intact. For colorful fashion, explore stores like Rainbow.

Visit: Modcloth 


Known for its trendy and affordable apparel, footwear, and accessories, Urban OG caters to the youth inspired by statement-making outfits. uranog

Urban OG stands true to its name. Their reputation in Urban clothing styles for youth is worth buying. As the brand stands for the youth, Urban OG has discounts and sales consistently. Whether you are looking for whole outfits or one item, Urban OG’s apparel will go with every occasion and every season. This is similar to stores like Pink Ice. Their simple and everyday designs are outspoken. For everyday wear, explore stores like GAP.

Visit: Urban OG


If you are looking for accessories, apparel, and footwear that give you a sense of pride and uniqueness, Akira is the one brand that will impress you. Akira began with only one idea: to disrupt the fashion industry and build something mind-boggling. akira

With their catchy, diamond-embossed shoes and expressive designs, it will win your heart. And if you are concerned with prices, Akira smartly prices its products to fit the new fashionistas. If you wear Akira, you will certainly be the talk of the room. 

Visit: Akira 

White House Black Market 

As the name goes, White House Black Market delivers the same. White House Black Market designs luxurious, stylish, and trendy clothes and delivers them at affordable prices. white house

Whether you are shopping for casual, date nights, or weekends, their classy collection of dresses, coats, shirts, and bottoms will impress you if you want something that says power and style. This is one of the stores similar to stores like Pink Ice. This is one of the stores like pinkice.

With classic and vintage styles, White House Black Market delivers products for powerful women.

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As everyone knows Amazon, it is a massive online store that caters to every person on the planet. Even though you want a new and trendy design, Amazon will have it for you. amazon

It is a giant online retail store where you will find quality clothing at various prices and designs. They supply many wardrobe collections from various suppliers, companies, brands, and stores. They have a promising return policy on their products. This is one of the stores like pinkice.

With a huge range of options to buy, Amazon does not niche out its product range. And their pricing is affordable to every person in the world. 

Visit: amazon 


Simple and stylish. Papaya is an online store that designs everyday casual clothes that look easy and stylish. They are effortless and expressive at the same time.papaya clothing

Papaya’s collection will do just that for you if you want to fill your wardrobe with simplistic and chic styles. Their beautiful yet effortless clothes are attractive, budget-friendly, and yours to wear. This store is similar to stores like Pink Ice. For casual wear, you can also explore Stores Like Windsor.

Papaya’s specially knitted clothes are as attractive as their everyday clothes. 

Visit: Papaya 


If you are looking to buy dresses for functions that show richness, elegance, and style, Lulus has an appealing collections of dresses made for you. Lulus not only caters to chic and contemporary fashion, but it also makes wedding dresses in trendy style for brides and bridesmaids. if you want a complete contemporary fashion, we have a complete library for you in stores like Tobi.lulus

It is their affordable and rich designer dresses that make them a favorite among women. Your daily wear will get upgraded when you buy from Lulus. Lulus’s dresses are the most elegant ones you will ever find anywhere. 

Visit: Lulus’s

 Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is the right store if you are into party wear. It is built for those audiences who are fashion-conscious. 

Lucy in the Sky stays updated with recent designer styles and upgrades to suit the fashionistas who are proud of contemporary styling. It is a great store for you if you want cute dresses at budget-friendly prices. lucy in the sky

Their futuristic website takes you through an adorable collection of short dresses made for party wear. This is one of the stores like pinkice.

Visit: Lucy in the Sky 

The Reason These Stores May Be a Great Fit for You

Stores like Pink Ice offer a great variety of clothing options. Not only do they make a statement with their attractive and cute dresses, but their budget-friendly shopping experiences attract women to try out different styles. clothing stores

Each store offers different styles, price range, and quality. Exploring new stores will give you many options to buy from, test, and find your style. But if you are looking for an alternative fashion, check out the stores like Hot Pink.

The reasons to try PinkIce stores and similar stores are:

  • You get to try new styles that might fit you. 
  • These stores offer affordable options that are stylish and trendy. 
  • Buying clothes from stores like Pink Ice boosts the brand’s confidence to experiment and build new fashion trends. 


Are Pinkice Stores worth buying from?

PinkIcestore offer a good variety of options to buy from. Their collection usually caters to women and teenagers looking to buy fashionable and contemporary-style clothes.

Is the quality of the clothes promising from stores like Pink Ice?

The quality of stores like Pink Ice is worth what you spend on it. If you invest in clothes from the stores mentioned here, they offer good quality clothes.

What styles do stores like Pink Ice offer?

Stores like Pink Ice offer youthful, savvy, and contemporary styles.

Are these styles made for trendsetting?

The stores mentioned here aim to make you look on-of-a-kind with their never-before-seen designs and dresses. And, yes, they are made to set trends for you.


Trendsetting a style is an art that many want to do. And doing it well requires you to flaunt your style in new and trendy fashion. If you are the kind of person who is looking to become someone who styles like no one cares, then this article is for you. 

These are the top 9 stores like Pink Ice, which promise attractive new and trendy clothes with a budget-friendly cart. 

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