Pier 1 is an online store that sells furniture, home decor, and accessories. It is a well-known store for artisanal and cultural items. A store like Pier One is worth finding. This article will cover the top 10 stores like Pier 1.

Top 10 stores similar to Pier One:

  • World Market
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Home Goods
  • Kohl’s
  • Kirkland’s
  • Z Gallerie
  • TJ Maxx
  • Wayfair
  • West Elm
  • Target

As you read, you will find stores like Pier 1 that sell the same idea of cultural, contemporary, and artisanal items.

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Pier 1: Mesmerizing Your Home

Pier 1 began in 1962 by Charles Tandy with the idea of giving its customers artisanal and personalized home decor items. The brand aims to provide unique, handmade, and culturally inspired furniture, decor, tableware, and accessories. This article discusses stores like Pier 1.pier one

Now the question comes- Is Pier One still open online? After getting acquitted by Retail eCommerce Ventures, Pier 1 grew into an online store. From a physical brick-and-mortar store to an online store, Pier 1 sold the same idea: artisanal furniture, decor, and accessories.pier

It adopted new trends and cultural ideas to sell the best furniture to you.

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World Market

Officially known as Cost Plus World Market, it was started in 1958. It began by providing the best quality international home decor, furniture, gifts, foods, and beverages. It is one of the stores like Pier 1. world market

Compared with Pier 1, World Market stands out because it offers international product lines. World Market houses diverse collections worldwide, giving you a homely feeling from any part of the world.costplus world market

It offers various sections to shop from and has furniture, home decor, foods and beverages, gifts, and seasonal decor. If you want your home to look wild, fun, and diverse, World Market is best for you.

Visit: World Market: Furniture, Home Decor, Rugs, Outdoor & More

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a famous arts and crafts store for big kids. It caters to people looking for creative ways to make their homes personalized. They offer affordable solutions in crafty ways for home decor. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.hobby lobby

Though Hobby Lobby does not focus on conventional furnishing and home decor, it promises attractive, beautiful, and creative home decor items. It primarily focuses on designing pillows in unusual ways.hobby lobby store

Exceptional pillow designs are what make Hobby Lobby an exception. It has a unique niche. Hobby Lobby is your go-to store for pillows and furnishings that give you a hands-on, personalized feeling.

Visit: Hobby Lobby Arts & Crafts Store

Home Goods

Every store has its unique way of shining. Home Goods is that one store that everyone is looking for. The retail-chain market provides discounted home decor goods, appliances, seasonal items, and gifts. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.home goods

Who does not look for stores that give discounts, right?homegoods

Compared to Pier 1, Home Goods provides a niche range of products. As Home Goods specializes in a discounted price system, you will find affordable home decor, seasonal items, and gits here. Also, check out stores like Venus for fashion requirements.

Visit: HomeGoods Official Site | Unique Selection


Kohl’s was founded in 1962. Again, Kohl’s is a one-stop shopping store for all your necessities. Whether you are looking for family clothes, traveling items, or appliances, Kohl’s massive collection has everything. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.kohl's

Kohl’s specializes in kitchen accessories and dinnerware. They have futuristic designs that are not only attractive but are promising. Kohl’s is also known for its discounts and sales, which are seasonal and occasional. Every essential and trendy product is put on the sale list. For quality linen, you can check stores like Garnet Hill.

Visit: Kohl’s | Shop Clothing, Shoes, Home, Kitchen, Bedding, Toys


Kirkland’s was founded in 1966. It aims to pay attention to the small details in the house. Also, they give attention to customers and how they can have a personalized experience while building their homes. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.kirkland

Kirkland supplies wall hangings, mirrors, seasonal items, ornaments, and outdoor art that make your home lively and bright. As Kirkland’s specializes in minute details that add a homely presence to a house, they have discounted prices in that niche compared to Pier 1.

Visit: Kirklands Home: Home Decor, Wall Decor, Furniture

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie stands out among these stores only for one reason: their rich and elegant designs in home decor, which are challenging to find.gallarie

It was started in 1979 and primarily designs and provides its customers with contemporary, futuristic, sleek, and luxurious finishes—Z Gallerie product gallery gardens, sofas, chairs, consoles, and dining tables. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.z gallerie

Z Gallerie designs and builds exclusive products that are affordable to everyone. Their focus on high-quality products attracts every customer to invest in their products.

Visit: Z Gallerie: Home Décor Store | Affordable & Modern Furniture

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TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is a well-known discount retail chain. It started in 1976. Catering to a niche of seasonal gifts, housewares, and furniture, TJ Maxx follows a brilliant discount system for everyone to buy and experience the fun of holidays in their comfort. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.tj maxx

It frequently updates its inventory. You will find the trendiest and new home decor here at TJ Maxx. They offer brand names at budget-friendly prices. TJ Maxx does not compromise on its quality. However, they give products at discounted prices, and the quality of the products is always promising.tj maxx shop

They frequently have seasonal and occasional discounts worth buying as they get the most designer and fashionable items on sale.

Visit: T.J.Maxx Official Site | Shop Clothing, Home Decor, Handbags


Wayfair started in 2002. It started with selling products designed to make your home look classy and welcoming. They have a perfect niche catalog to buy from, which is budget-friendly for everyone. It is one of the stores like Pier 1.wayfair shop

Wayfair has smart software which will help you plan the placement of your furniture items. Their smart technology, Virtual Home Planning, lets you decide whether furniture will look good in your home before buying it.wayfair store

Not only this, but Wayfair offers sales, discounts, and deals to attract more customers.

Visit: Wayfair.com – Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor

West Elm

West Elm was founded in 2002. It is an eco-friendly furniture and home decor supplier with growth in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Korea, the UK, Australia, and the Middle East.west elm

West Elm is one of the best stores if you are looking for contemporary designs. It caters to and designs for people looking to give their house a personal touch with a modern look. Whether you are looking for classy, stylish, and chic looks or elegant and moody looks, West Elm’s brilliant collection has everything.

Visit: West Elm: Modern Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting & More


Who does not know Target? It is a well-known store for goods, home decor, furniture, clothing, accessories, etc. Beginning in 1962 with the idea of supplying quality goods and budget-friendly prices.target

But let’s focus more on home decor items and furniture. Target is a one-stop store for all your furniture needs. Target’s inventory will have everything if you look for chic styles, modern aesthetics, or plain and simple looks.target shop

Compared to Pier 1, Target is a massive retail chain. It has an enormous collection to shop from and at various price ranges. Also check out stores like Home Depot for your DIY Projects.

Visit: Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

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Is Pier 1 near me?

Pier 1 is a massive retail chain. And their store locator will help you track stores near you.

Is Pier 1 still open online?

Yes. Pier 1 is still available online. It is always updating and evolving into new designs.

What are some of the best stores for discounts?

TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Kirklands are the best at discounted prices and quality.

Will buying from the above-mentioned stores make my house modern and aesthetic?

The stores mentioned above aim to provide artisanal items for your house to make it look stylish.


Home furniture gives your house a personalized touch. Whether you are looking for modern, classy, vintage, or bold looks, stores like Pier 1 will always be there. Also, Kohl’s is one of the stores from where you can buy clothes and home decor at a very reasonable price. Despite this store, there are also many stores like Kohl’s for budget-friendly shopping.

It is easy to find stores like Pier 1. That is why TJ Maxx, World Market, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Kohl’s and many more exist.

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