Are you in need of  that cater to unique fashion but with a darkly alternative edge? Then, keep reading to discover six top stores like Killstar, guaranteed to fuel your rebellious spirit through expressive apparel and accessories.

Brands like Dolls Kill, Scarlet Darkness, Disturbia, TRIPP NYC, Demonia, and Rave Wonderland offer dark, edgy styles for rebels through gothic, punk, rave and fetish fashion at price points to fuel self-expression. To know more, keep on reading, 

Killstar is an alternative clothing company known for its dark yet whimsical vibe. Based in the UK, the brand has built a devoted following with its gothic and Victorian-inspired styles. From lace dresses to leather jackets, Killstar puts a rebellious spin on classic silhouettes. Whether paying homage to folklore or embracing macabre themes, the label’s designers ensure each piece has an edgy twist. Let us read on to know more about stores like Killstar.

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While Killstar has built quite the cult following with its gothic and dark flair, there are a few understandable reasons why someone might look elsewhere for alternative fashion. For one, the price point of Killstar can be steep for some. As a growing indie brand, their clothing is often priced higher than mainstream retailers. This is partly due to the niche aesthetic they’ve carved out and the materials and construction methods used.kill star fashion

For those on a tighter budget, exploring some of Killstar’s competitors or more affordable lookalikes is worthwhile. Brands like Noctex, Tripp NYC, and Hell Bunny offer similar dark styles at lower prices. You may also find what you’re after via thrifting, where vintage-inspired pieces can be unearthed for a fraction of the cost of new alternatives.

Variety is another factor, as while Killstar’s lineup is extensive, someone with more eclectic tastes may appreciate a wider range of styles under one virtual roof. Killstar specialises in goth and punk-inspired silhouettes heavy on lace, leather, and bondage details. But retailers like Dolls Kill and Etsy cater to grunge, indie, lolita, and cyber styles under their expansive marketplaces.

Access and shipping can also pose hurdles. Since Killstar hails from the UK, international delivery comes at a cost – both financially and time-wise for those awaiting their fix across the pond. Smaller independent brands have popped up, making specialised alternatives far more accessible depending on location. So, in summary, don’t feel locked into any single label – plenty of fiendishly fashionable options worth inspecting beyond Killstar’s dark domain.

Top Alternative Brands to Killstar

Let us look at some of the top stores like Killstar.

Dolls Kill 

Dolls Kill is one of the most popular brands like Killstar, for fashion lovers. Like Killstar, Dolls Kill carries a wide range of unique accessories, edgy styles, and statement pieces that are perfect for those wanting to stand out. Some of their best-selling items include platform boots, neon wigs, corsets and lots of fishnet apparel. dollsWhile their prices can be higher, like Killstar, Dolls Kill often has sales and promotions for more affordable options. They also offer inclusive sizing to suit different bodies. Their style is colorful and punk-inspired while still embracing dark and gothic aesthetics. Dolls Kill is the place to fuel your inner rebel and find show-stopping pieces to support your creative self-expression. This is one of the top stores like Killstar. For colorful fashion, explore stores like Rainbow.

Visit: Dolls Kill

Scarlet Darkness 

Scarlet Darkness is an excellent alternative for those seeking a more vintage-inspired gothic style akin to Killstar. It specialises in hand-crafted apparel and infuses dark Romanticism into each intricate design, from delicate lace details to elaborate embroideries. Their pieces truly feel like wearable works of art. Like Killstar, Scarlet Darkness values high-quality materials in their clothing, like soft rayon blends and breathable cotton, ensuring durable pieces that only improve with time. scarlet darknessWhile their offerings mostly cater to a limited size range, meticulous measurements provide opportunities to clothe alternative figures of all shapes flatteringly. Through their gorgeous, gothically fashionable creations, Scarlet Darkness transports you to a shadowy Victorian realm. This is one of the top stores like Killstar. Check out stores like Pull and Bear for more trendy fashion like this.

Visit: Scarlet Darkness

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Another top sites like Killstar is Disturbia, an online UK retailer selling various sinister styles. Disturbia boasts a size-inclusive selection of feminine and masculine attire ranging from basic tees and hoodies to dresses, skirts and jackets. Graphics paying homage to death, horror and mysticism imbue each piece with a dark Romanticism similar to Killstar’s aesthetic.disturbia Adorning distressing, distressed details like rips and bleached accents also lend an authentically vintage edge to contemporary cuts. At highly reasonable price points, Disturbia makes displaying one’s obscure tastes an affordable adventure. Their commitment to quick and accessible global shipping further cements them as a premium resource for dark fashion on any budget. Overall, Disturbia offers a dependably distinct catalog of closet-worthy counterculture couture.

Visit: Disturbia

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TRIPP NYC has emerged as a leader in goth and punk-inspired styles in New York City. With a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women, TRIPP NYC has everything you need to curate your signature alternative look. Like Killstar, TRIPP NYC focuses on high-quality dark aesthetics, including occult references, tatty details and spikes/studs.tripp nyc logo

Where TRIPP NYC differs is in their vibrant use of color – you’ll find everything from rich jewel tones to florescent hues. Sustainable materials and vegan options are also prominent. And with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, self-expression through fashion is attainable for all. From patterned pants to combat boots, TRIPP NYC is the perfect place to fuel your rebellious side and stand out from the conformist crowd. This is one of the top stores like Killstar. 



As one of the original goth/punk footwear pioneers, Demonia provides unique shops like Killstar through their extensive selection of kick-ass boots, sandals, sneakers and accessories. Demonia shoots for edgy artistry over mainstream minimalism with embellishments like chains, buckles and platform soles. A long-time leader in the scene, Demonia has outfitted celebrities from drag queens to rock royalty – because self-expression has no rules. With sizes ranging from 5 to 13, Demonia also promotes body positivity. demoniaPrices are very reasonable for such high-quality exotic materials as pleather, latex and patent. Demonia is the ideal one-stop-shop for amping up any ‘fit with a seriously badass footwear statement. Overall, their craftsmanship and care for individual style make Demonia brand loyalty completely understandable.

Visit: Demonia

Rave Wonderland 

For vibrantly eclectic rave wear and festival fashion, look no further than Rave Wonderland. This is one of the best brands similar to Killstar. Hailing from California, this online brand injects bright colours, psychedelic prints and fun embellishments into edgier styles like corsets, mini dresses and fishnets. Standing out effortlessly amongst crowds is their speciality. raveWith inclusive sizing and gender-neutral selections, Rave Wonderland empowers self-expression for all bodies. And prices more affordable than Killstar keep standing out within reach. Quality is also on point with comfortable stretch materials, durable studs/rivets and flexible fabrics that move all night. Browse everything from nipple pasties to EL wire garments for uniquely lighting up the dance floor. Rave Wonderland fuels unapologetic free spirits – whether your scene is an underground club or an artsy outdoor festival. We have a perfect Boho chic-styled guide for you for stores like Roolee.

Visit: Rave Wonderland

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alternative to Killstar

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing stores like Killstar.

  • Style and Design: Consider the overall aesthetic of the brand. Is their style edgy and dark like Killstar? Or do they bring something new to the table? Check for graphics, details, and cuts of
  • Material and Quality: Touch and feel the materials used if possible. Look for durable, premium fabrics that will last. Alternative fashion is an investment, so quality is important.
  • Price and Value – Compare price points. Affordability is important, but avoid the lowest prices that may lack quality. Consider cost per item versus total looks. Some brands may be pricier, but versatile pieces are worth the investment.
  • Customer Reviews: Read what real people say. Look for common praise of style, fit and customer service satisfaction. Reviews reveal a brand’s reputation and consistency. Beware of any repeating complaints.
  • Size Range: Consider if a brand is inclusive of different bodies. Can plus size or other sizes find options? Diversity allows various styles to feel their best!
  • Shipping and Returns: International brands may mean higher shipping. Understand delivery estimates and return policies thoroughly before clicking buy.

Overall, consider top alternatives holistically – prioritising aspects meaningful to your needs, values and budget! Any brand with style, quality and community focus makes a worthy substitution. So that’s all about websites like Killstar. 


How much do clothes from these stores cost?

Prices vary between stores, but most offer good quality pieces starting around $30. Some lean costlier for premium materials while sales and outlet sections provide discounts. Budget-friendly options exist for all.

What payment methods do they accept?

The majority provide payment plan alternatives through Affirm or Afterpay in addition to accepting major credit/debit cards and PayPal. Some take money orders instead of cash. See the approved procedures for each store.

What is the exchange/refund policy?

Although policies differ, many provide free shipping, exchanges, and returns for damaged or poorly fitting products between 14 to 30 days of delivery. Verify the specific regulations for deadlines and restrictions.

What is the delivery time?

Domestic delivery times typically take 1-2 weeks, however they can change. Select speedy delivery. International orders usually arrive in two to four weeks, but customs processing might take longer. Estimated timings are provided via tracking.


The top substitute brands for Killstar recap are Rave Wonderland, TRIPP NYC, Demonia, Scarlet Darkness, Dolls Kill, and Disturbia. Each presents a distinct perspective on ominous attire. We want readers to look into these selections and help others find works that inspire them and give them the confidence to express themselves creatively in unconventional ways. Also as a fashion enthusiast, if you have a pull for chic fashion, you should definitely try to explore Your Fashion Guide for Chic Styling with Alamour The Label and find out other shops like it to build a chic wardrobe.

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