Are you looking to tackle your next DIY project but want options beyond Home Depot for supplies? Where else can you find all the tools, materials, and equipment in one spot? Then check out these 10 stores like Home Depot.

Target, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Wayfair, IKEA, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Amazon, JC Penney, and True Value were discussed as top alternatives to Home Depot. These stores offer supplies for projects big and small with varied pricing, brands, expertise, and convenient online/in-store shopping options tailored to different communities and budgets. To know more, keep on reading.

The Home Depot has long reigned as the leading home improvement retailer, with more than 2,200 stores generating billions in revenue annually. However, some customers seek alternatives for various reasons, such as limited inventory, high prices, or lack of specialty tools/materials. This article explores some stores like Home Depot and what niche markets or advantages they offer do-it-yourselfers and contractors.

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10 Stores Like Home Depot for DIY Projects

Let us look at the 10 stores like Home Depot for DIY projects:


Target established itself as a discount retailer in 1962 and has since grown into a household name known for affordability and design. With over 1,900 stores nationwide today, Target offers customers convenient access to various home goods at competitive prices. While its selection can’t rival dedicated home improvement giants, Target capitalizes on synergies between décor, organization, gadgets, and tools for hassle-free

Target’s private label brands, like Room Essentials and Project 62, help DIYers tackle any size task on a budget. From toilet plungers and screwdriver sets to LED shop lights and lavatory faucets, affordably priced basics are foundational for any job. Meanwhile, national brands like 3M, Clorox, and Bissell ensure trusted quality. Seasonal sections showcase top project trends, like patio furniture makeovers each shop

Consumers also appreciate stylish touches like wooden planter boxes, metal wall art, and marble accessories blended with essentials. This aesthetic integration sets Target apart from purely functional competitors. Additionally, same-day delivery, store pickup options, and a sleek website increase convenience for time-strapped customers. Expert advice from Team Members rounds out the appealing experience. Target’s multi-purpose shopping environment has successfully served the homeowner on any budget.

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Lowe’s began in 1946 when founder Carl Buchan started a hardware store in North Carolina. Over the following decades, Lowe’s expanded operationally through acquisitions and geographically by opening over 2,200 stores nationwide today. It has become the second largest home improvement retailer, competing closely with industry giant Home Depot.lowe

Lowe’s caters to all home improvement needs, from everyday tools and fasteners to lumber, plumbing materials, and major appliances. Customers appreciate the vast selection of small DIY tasks and extensive renovation projects. Professional tradesmen rely on Lowe’s commercial-grade inventory and business services for contractor supplies. The company seeks to be a one-stop shop for any job, large or small.lowes

Lowe’s complements its in-store treasures with a user-friendly online marketplace. Shoppers can find specs, reviews, and purchasing options for millions of products anytime. The site also provides access to expert advice through how-to videos, blogs, and interactive project guides. Community involvement is a priority, too, with support of initiatives like Veterans Incarceration Outreach and disaster relief efforts through the Lowe’s Hero Program.lowe

Through the diversity of products, services, and community spirit in stores and virtual marketplaces, Lowe’s has solidified its prominent place in supporting homeowners and building professionals with quality supplies for all improvement needs. Its balanced ecosystem helps get any project done right.

Visit: Lowe’s Home Improvement


Kohl’s is a retail powerhouse with over 1,100 department stores across the U.S. Founded in 1962, it has grown into a family-focused brand known for great value on quality casual apparel, home goods, books, and toys. While not primarily viewed as a home improvement retailer, Kohl’s has carved out an important niche within the sector through creative partnerships and on-trend private-label products.kohl's

Shoppers will find items like Ninja and Nutribullet appliances, Black+Decker tools, and Carter’s workwear throughout stores. These recognizable brands bring credibility, while Kohl’s exclusive lines offer affordable style. ‘SO’ introduces fashion-forward tabletop pieces and textiles, capturing millennial demographics. ‘Sonoma’ targets relaxed furnishings like wicker baskets or linen cushions. Since you are a fashion-forward, you must be hungry for discounts on famous fashion brands. So here we have a complete list for you in stores like Stein Mart.


Kohl’s followings on Pinterest and Instagram exemplify how the retailer stylishly markets the intersection of home, style, and self-care. Integrated promotions with partners such as Jenga and Bounty endorse leisure projects from game nights to spring cleaning. Additionally, nationwide locations provide customers with pervasive access points for last-minute purchases.kohls

Through diversified merchandise and savvy branding, Kohl’s carves complimentary space within the evolving home improvement market. Creative goods attract new demographics, while savings drive over 80 million loyal buyers annually.

Visit: Kohl’s | Shop Clothing, Shoes, Home, Kitchen, Bedding, Toys


Wayfair has revolutionized online shopping for home furnishings. Founded in 2002, this digital retailer offers over 18 million items from 14,000+ brands across furniture, decor, outdoor, kitchen, and more. An efficient search algorithm helps homeowners find any style, from modern farmhouses to mid-century modern.wayfair

Through curated collections, detailed product photos, and specifications, Wayfair empowers customers to fully visualize spaces before purchasing furniture sets, lighting arrays, or complete room overhauls. 3D and AR viewing enhances the virtual browsing experience. Meanwhile, personal design assistants support unique projects through messaging for expert advice.wayfair store

Free shipping thresholds entice budget-conscious consumers, while thousands of new listings daily ensure competitive prices. If you want budget-friendly options for your fashion requirements, you can look for stores like Marshalls. If entire carts need to be returned or exchanged, convenient at-home pickups simplify the process. Installation services are even available for large appliances or renovations requiring assembly.wayfair shop

Flexible financing options and rewards programs further strengthen Wayfair’s people-first reputation. This customer-centric approach made North America’s largest online destination for home goods shipments. With new categories like tools emerging, Wayfair remains committed to empowering creators and innovating for changing consumer preferences.

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IKEA is synonymous with stylish yet affordable home furnishings. Born in 1943 in Sweden, with a founder’s dream to improve everyday living, IKEA has grown into a global lifestyle powerhouse with over 400 stores worldwide. Its signature catalog still inspires billions each year.ikea

This Home Depot-like store, IKEA maintains a unique advantage through flat-pack furniture that empowers customers to assemble pieces. With customization options and emphasis on space-saving designs, homeowners craft dynamic spaces precisely fitting personal needs. An ever-evolving selection of over 9,500 products includes sustainable bamboo utensils, solar-powered children’s toys, and living room systems seating ten.ikea shop

Beyond commercial success, IKEA leads on key social issues. Staff receive generous paid leave, while in-store childcare reduces parenting stress. Commitment to sustainable raw materials and clean energy drives a $2.8 billion annual investment. Recent inclusive recruitment aims to make this 160,000-employee brand mirror diversity in every community.ikea store

With vast showrooms, engaging apps, and investments promoting emotional well-being, IKEA engages global audiences through democratic design and vibrant shared experiences. This people-first ecosystem empowers self-expression and family moments for billionaires and billion souls alike.

Visit: Welcome to IKEA Global

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware has deep roots dating back to 1924 when 15 hardware store owners joined forces in Chicago to compete against larger chains through bulk purchasing power effectively. What started as a small cooperative is now a worldwide renowned brand with over 5,000 locally owned stores spanning 65 countries.ace

Ace is one of the stores similar to Home Depot, where customers can find over 30,000 assorted products – everything from hardware essentials like screws, locks, and tool kits to gardening equipment, home kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, automotive fluids, and more. Beyond the extensive selection, each store strives to offer a personalized customer experience with friendly staff experts able to assist with any project needs.ace store

Staff guidance and advice set Ace apart from impersonal big box retailers, while next-day delivery ensures every customer leaves empty-handed. In-store workshops on home improvement topics are also popular, helping residents confidently tackle tasks. Ace empowers communities through donations supporting local charities, non-profits, and schools. They sponsor Little League teams and encourage recycling through purchase incentives. The loyalty program Ace Rewards recognizes frequent patrons with discounts, coupons, and rewards escalating with each purchase throughout the year.ace shop

This innovative co-op model has retained its hometown values of quality service, fair prices, and giving back. It’s no wonder Ace Hardware remains a beloved favorite for homeowners, handypersons, and DIY-ers nationwide seeking exceptional service from a reliable neighborhood brand.

Visit: Ace Hardware | The Helpful Place – Ace Hardware

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Walmart is unquestionably a global retail juggernaut. Founded in 1962 in Arkansas, the company now employs over 2 million associates and operates 11,000 stores under 55 banners in 27 countries. This is one of the Home Depot competitions that is there at the moment. Known for its huge stores stocked from floor to ceiling, Walmart has maximized warehousing and logistics expertise to offer consumers thousands of items at everyday low prices. tips for purchasing at walmart

Beyond groceries, electronics, toys, and clothing, Walmart supercenters also fulfill home improvement needs with tools, building materials, outdoor furniture, appliances like fridges/stoves/washers, and more. Installation services are even available. Their scale affords sourcing hot items at deep discounts, passing the value to families stretching budgets. You can also use the Walmart app for your purchase. We also have a complete solution if you face a problem with the Walmart pickup app.

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Often called the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon dominates the e-commerce sector. This is one of the Home Depot alternatives that you can go for. Starting as a humble bookseller in 1994, Amazon now serves over 200 million paid Prime members in over 180 countries through innovative services like Prime Shipping, Whole Foods delivery, and the Alexa voice

Amazon supplies appliances, furniture, lighting, flooring, tools, outdoor gear, and décor within the home improvement realm. Their wide assortment is searchable down to niche specialty products. With 1-Click shopping on any device and unmatched two-day Prime shipping as standard, convenience drives loyalty to their trusted brand recognized for customer obsession. Whole-home solution bundles and professional installation options also remove stress from homeowners. Cutting-edge fulfillment centers and cloud infrastructure power it all.


JC Penney

JC Penney has deep roots dating back over 100 years in Kemmerer, Wyoming, when founders James Cash Penney first opened the Golden Rule store. This is one of the finest stores like Home Depot. Applying Christian principles of treating customers like family, the company grew rapidly to over 300 locations across the American West by the 1920s. jc penney

Today, JC Penney operates over 800 department stores nationwide and maintains a strong online presence at Stores offer various products, from clothing, footwear, and accessories to home furnishings like furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, and decor. In-home improvement specifically, JC Penney proudly carries top brands in flooring, tools, hardware, lawn & garden equipment, building materials, and more.penney

What sets JC Penney apart from competitors is its longstanding reputation for value across every product category through sales, packages, and coupon deals. In-store specialists are readily available to assist customers in selecting the right options for budgets of any size. A robust loyalty program rewards members’ lifetime spending with exclusive offers and rewards.jc penney

As the retail landscape continues shifting rapidly online, JC Penney has risen to challenges with major e-commerce investments to streamline digital experiences from online shopping tools to Online Pickup In-Store services. Over a century of reliable hometown service further cements JC Penney’s important role in meeting all American families’ home needs. Want to explore more, look for other stores like JC Penney

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True Value

The True Value was established in 1926 when a group of independent hardware retailers joined forces under a cooperative to secure better wholesale prices and goods distribution. This is one of the Home Depot competitors. Today, True Value LLC is the larger wholesale supplier to over 4,000 independent hardware stores operating under separate banners across 80 countries worldwide.true value

True Value retailers offer over 30,000 products tailored to local community needs, including tools, equipment, plumbing/electrical supplies, lumber, fasteners, outdoor power equipment, and more. Beyond ordinary hardware goods, many locations also furnish services like key cutting, glass cutting, and minor power tool repairs. Customers have come to rely on each store’s seasoned staff expertise for project consultation and problem-solving advice.true value

True Value’s commitment to localized focus through independent ownership makes it unique. Store owners live and work directly amongst customer neighborhoods to better understand local priorities. Community participation through sponsorship of local sports teams, school initiatives, and charity drives strengthens close-town relationships built on personal service over mass marketing ideals. In today’s cookie-cutter retail landscape, True Value co-op members honor the long tradition of delivering customized home improvement solutions consumers won’t find elsewhere. So that’s all in stores like Home Depot.

Visit: True Value Hardware – Your Local Home Improvement


Are larger bulk discount items always cheaper than pre-cut options?

Not necessarily. Labor costs to cut yourself outweigh savings on bulk items. Pre-cut goods save time and eliminate the margin for error. Weigh needs before assuming bulk buys are more economical.

How can I transport heavy or awkwardly sized items?

Consider renting a store cart or truck for large purchases. Bring straps, moving pads, and ratchet straps to fasten items securely. Multiple people or a furniture dolly can help haul bulky parcels, too. Planning safe transport is key.

Do you offer assembly or installation services?

Many stores provide contacts for vetted independent installation crews. Outdoor structures often require advanced scheduling. The store doesn't install directly but can suggest reputable local providers as needed.

Where can I find project planning resources in-store?

Stores dedicate sections to instructional materials with how-to videos, guides, and tool rental considerations. Seek departments devoted to tasks like plumbing and electrical and identify need-to-know codes for jobs.


The home improvement industry continues growing strongly as consumers invest in their properties. These stores, like Home Depot, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware, offer unique experiences tailored to their communities. It’s invaluable for homeowners to shop at various outlets based on individual project demands, budgets, and customer care priorities most important to each household. Exploring all available options allows getting needs met with preferred features and level of service.

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