Following fashion through its evolution becomes tiresome after some time; staying up-to-date and observing the new trendsetting style also becomes exhausting. But not when you find a store that stays and follows trendsetting fashion styles for you. American Eagle is one store you are looking for when you want to invest in trendsetting outfits and have a tight budget. 

American Eagle is a retail store that caters to young adults and teenagers and their fashion needs in a designer way. They have brilliant offers on trendy fashion clothing and accessories for both men and women. 

And this is why we have searched and found the top 7 stores like American Eagle. These American Eagle alternatives promise the best quality designer clothes. Here are the seven brands like American Eagle:

  1. Madewell
  2. J.Crew & J.Crew Factory
  3. Frank and Oak
  4. Uniqlo
  5. Topman
  6. Everlane
  7. Levi’s

As you read along, you will find the best trendsetting outfits if you are an influencer or want daily wear or for occasions. These clothing stores like American Eagle are the best. 

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Looking For Alternatives: Why This Is The Best Practise?

Many have heard the word diversifying. Diversify your reach, diversify your style, diversify your investments and so on. But what is the main reason behind it that diversifying is important? Or, in this case, why is it important to look for alternatives?

Looking for alternatives is one of the best practices you can do as a fashionista. Choices are tremendously beneficial, whether on a tight budget or with filled pockets. Here are the reasons why:americaneagle

  • Every store has a unique story and style to sell. Looking for an alternative teaches you which store resonates with you. After all, fashion is all about speaking about who you are and what you believe in. 
  • Each store has a unique selling point. Whether it is price, quality, or design, it is up to you what you select. 
  • As you change stores, most of the time, prices vary too. You may wear the same apparel at high or low costs at different stores. 
  • Stores like American Eagle try to stay in the competition through trendsetting designer clothes. And if you look for shops like American Eagle, each store offers something different and unique.  

Now that we know why we should look for alternatives, let’s look at seven stores like American Eagle.

Top 7 stores like American Eagle:


Madewell is known for its contemporary and staple wardrobe collection. It began in 1937 and sold contemporary-styled clothing. It soon grew into a well-known brand. madewell

Madewell is particularly renowned for selling denim clothing. It offers a variety of options, sizes and designs when it comes to denim. Other than jeans, Madewell also caters to t-shirt lovers and knitwear fans. 

Their style is timeless and beautiful.

Visit: Madewell

J.Crew & J.Crew Factory

J. Crew & J. Crew factory are both unique stores in different points. Both aim to provide quality products in other factors of fashion. 

J.Crew has a range of flagship stores. These stores aim to provide the most uptrend designer apparel. They have premium and mainline products priced at higher rates than J.Crew Factory.jfactory

Crew factory focuses more on the exclusivity of the product and discounted prices. However, you will find these both to be the same: J.Crew Factory supplies an everyday clothing line which can be more budget-friendly.

Visit: J. Crew & J. Crew factory 

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak will offer you the best classy and bold outfits. They have a unique way to spice up your casual everyday staples.  For more casual wear, check out our picks for exploring stores like Windsor with a similar fashion sensibility. It is their values that make them a one-of-a-kind store. frand and oak

Frank and Oak always promise authentic designs and encourage you to be original with their apparel. Their design innovation and the quality of the clothes are worth investing in. They have a massive inventory of designer apparel for men, women, occasions, and seasons. 

Visit: Frank and Oak 


Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear brand. It is well known for its stylish, streamlined and functional staple pieces. Catering to every age group and every gender, Uniqlo provides some of the best casual wear.uniqloo

Uniqlo’s high-quality material and affordable luxury clothes make it a stand-out brand. It offers bottoms, tops, t-shirts and many more items with timeless designs and quality materials. Other than your casual wear, Uniqlo provides the best seasonal clothing. 

Visit: Uniqlo 


Topman is a new game-changer for men. Catering to only men, Topman is owned by ASOS. Though ASOS has built its name among people for being a fashion icon, Topman takes its place among men.mantops

To all the men out there, Topman is the best store to build your style from. Being a contemporary brand, Topman is always in fashion with its trendiest outfits for men. They cover a massive inventory of trousers, shirts, coats, jackets and knitted apparel. 

Even though Topman is a men’s wear only, it stores some iconic and classic wear that will impress anyone.

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The king of knitted apparel, caps and hats is here. Everlane has some unique, one-of-a-kind knitted clothes. Also, Everlane has one of the most cute and attractive sweaters. everlane

Everlane carefully chooses its raw products, which means you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. They will always have it. Apart from the quality of its raw material, Everlane follows ethical fashion choices.

Everlane’s product line is one of the attractive collections. They have vibrant and monotonous sets, t-shirts, classic designer clothes, dresses, bottoms, trousers and shirts. 

Visit: Everlane


Everyone is familiar with Levi’s and their reputation for the quality of its products. It takes care of everyone, whether universal size or shopping experiences. levis

Levi’s is an American store that is popular for its denim. Whether you are looking for jackets, jeans, sherpa, or everyday outfits, Levi’s covers everything most fashionably. For your everyday wear, you can also check out our picks of stores like Gap! It serves young adults and teens and every age group with unique styles. 

Visit: Levi’s

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Other Notable American Egle Similar Stores

Shopping is a never-ending process. Many stores emerge and grow. Some bring out memorable fashion styles, and some perish. But here are some of the notable stores like American Eagle. similar stores

The stores mentioned here are at the top of their line. They are providing some rare and beautiful fashion outfits to fashionistas. Some of these stores have been published in our articles before as well. 

  1. Urban Outfitters
  2. The Gap
  3. Abercrombie & Fitch
  4. Banana Republic
  5. Old Navy
  6. Hollister 
  7. Amazon’s Fashion Brand
  8. ASOS
  9. Forever 21
  10. Aeropostale 
  11. boohooMAN

Factors to Consider When Exploring New Stores

Exploring and finding new stores is a crucial step for a fashionista. But what if you find a store and invest in its style to learn that it was a bad investment? Though exploring is fun and crucial, it can become painful if done incorrectly.

To avoid this mistake, here are four factors you can consider when exploring new stores. We used the same steps to find stores like American Eagle. 

Price Range

Whether you are a rich kid or not, the price range matters to everyone. Who wants to spend money on fashion that is not worth its value, right? price range

Checking the price range according to your budget is important. Fashion is not about buying clothes that are trendy and new and suck away your hard-earned money. No, fashion is about investing in budget-friendly styles that suit you and your budget simultaneously. For budget shopping, look for online stores like Marshalls.

Style and Fashion Forwardness

As we look at stores like American Eagle, style and fashion forwardness matter. In simple words, you are being up-to-date and suiting your preference matter. 

A store which is not evolving as the trends are changing is a big no-no if you are an influencer or want to be with a trendy style. As you explore, you will find millions of stores, either evolving and growing or stagnant stores. style

Investing in fashion apparel is linked to investing in the brand and yourself. So, before deciding on a store, check whether they are up-to-date about their niche. 

Quality of the material

The quality of a material is another crucial factor to consider when buying a dress. When purchasing, you should check the material used, usually indicated on the apparel page.qualitycloth

Next is the comfort of the clothes. Even buying a trendy and unique outfit is only a good investment if it is comfortable on your skin. 

Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations are how a brand treats its clients’ sensitive information. The information that the customer gives, which is you, is valuable. And how a brand treats the information is important – does it keep it safe, free from malware and so on?factors to consider while hiring a mobile app development company

Ethical consideration does not only apply to information, but it also applies to how they treat you. It is their service, reviews and loyalty which you must look at. 

Though a brand should practise ethical means of business, a customer should also follow ethical manners while dealing with a brand by which they can reap better results. 


What is staple style?

Staple style is a fashion term which is used for apparel that will be timeless and will go with anything and everything.

What is contemporary style?

Like staple style, contemporary style is a style that is ever-changing and adapts to the trends that are following.

Why are staples important for wardrobe collection?

Staples are important for your wardrobe collection because they are apparel that will go with any outfit. They can be found at the stores listed above.

Does American Eagle have a returns policy?

American Eagle and stores like American Eagle have a return policy that can be read on their page.


Style always stays active. It is always evolving, and stores like American Eagle are always on top of it. They are always changing and giving the best iconic dresses to you. Our job is to guide you to the best stores that suit your style. 

Use this guide to the best stores for your staple styling. 

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