Sony has always developed great exclusive titles for its systems right from the first go. They provide a platform for various developers and third parties to work on their projects, but ultimately, their official games are the finest. The article discusses the best PS3 exclusive games.

The best PS3 exclusive games include Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Twisted Metal, MotorStorm, Resistance 2, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, and InFAMOUS2. Certainly, the Xbox 360 and PS3 share a lot of titles in common. These must-haves, though, are PS3 only.

You don’t just have to take the word for it either since many of the games on this list of the top PS3 exclusives have sold millions of copies. Read below to learn more about the best games to download on PS3.

6 Best PS3 Exclusive Games

Here are the best PS3 exclusive games.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Gama Gaiden Sigma 2 is a powerful hero you might remember who champions massive blades and much larger opponents.

Because of the improved resolution, novel designs, and enlarged original tale, this game version is considered the classic. Ryu Hayabusa is serious about business by looking at the exclusive PS3 games and the size of his weapon on the console. There is no escape once that beast gets to you!

ninja gaiden sigma twoSigma 2 is a “clean-up title” that removes any redundant or pointless elements from the first edition while adding many new details and functionality. Fewer enemies and a greater skill requirement transform the game from a hack-and-slash to a smart action adventure.

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Twisted Metal

If you have friends who still live in the same region and don’t require a server to connect with through Twisted Metal, the multiplayer games option is where the magic happens. TM features vehicular combat and some of the best ps3 exclusives of all time. In a scenario where rusted-out automobiles have more firepower than the MOD, participants in a four-player split-screen game bomb each other to destruction.

twisted metalAvoid hostile weapons and explosives dropped from helicopters; whoever said this would be a stroll in the park has probably been destroyed.


One of the top PlayStation 3 exclusives games on this list is MotorStorm, which brings fast-paced ATV action to your living room without dirt!

Select various vehicles, ranging from bikes to racing trucks, according to their size, speed, and power.

motorstormDue to the enormous variety of racing games accessible, this is one of the most intriguing PS3 ROMs. Race on uneven, treacherous dirt tracks that influence your vehicle’s ability to maintain control. Now that the servers have shut down, there are 8 tracks, with various detours and paths based on your chosen vehicle. Of course, obstacles on the track and filling your car’s boost bar for an extra burst of speed add a little spice to the action.

Resistance 2

Without a doubt, Resistance 2 is an incredible banger of a game. Although the servers are no longer active, the skirmish mode supports up to 60 players. Okay, so if you’re used to the 60 fps splendor of the PS5, you might notice a change, but Resistance 2’s empty city streets and overall post-apocalyptic mood still seem fresh, crisp, and enjoyable to play. resistance twoThese games have undoubtedly withstood the test of time in terms of graphics.

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The game InFAMOUS2 is faultless. It has every feature a great game demands. Great story, fluid gameplay, great responsive controls, characters with great voice acting, a spectacular ending, cool bosses, and tons of replay value. This is the only game that has done as well while offering the player good and evil paths. The missions are creative, interesting, and just enjoyable. Fortunately, the melee combat is terrific, entertaining, and straightforward in PS3 exclusive games. The narrative is wonderful, and, as was already mentioned, it has two fantastic endings and plot twists. Being a “super” and using powers is a lot of fun. only for fun. The ability to use grappling hooks, freeze enemies, defy gravity and many other things is a huge strength.

infamous twoThe ability to control fire, ice, electricity, and swamp monsters is fantastic and unquestionably superior to Second Son’s abilities. The diversity of foes is tremendous. In addition to militia, ice men, and swamp animals, there are mini-bosses, mini-mini bosses, and bosses. Also, there is user-generated content available, which is challenging to utilize yet amusing to compete with other users’ levels.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is one of the PS3 exclusive games of all time. This is the first encounter with Nathan Drake, explorer extraordinaire and all-around badass. It is the first game in the illustrious series, and although it may appear a little old-fashioned compared to the other two, it is still a fantastic game to get your teeth into.

uncharted drakes fortuneSome background information: Nathan is reportedly a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. The gameplay won’t be affected in the slightest by this. You don’t want to just charge in all weapons blazing with only one handgun and a finite amount of ammunition.

Being sly is the key to finding secrets and treasures in this best PS3 exclusives. Thus, when Nathan confronts adversaries face-to-face, he understands how to sock it to them. The man’s got some serious combination moves and melee attacks under his belt, so if you find yourself in a sticky situation, he’s more than capable of fighting back to safety.

Drake’s Fortune resembles a James Bond movie more than a PS3 games because there are parts when you must operate a gun turret on a jeep or ride a jet ski. The epic, full-length narrative immerses you in action from beginning to end and solidifies Nathan’s status as a Sony mascot for years.

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Which is bigger, PS3 or PS5?

The PlayStation 5 is the largest of the bunch, even larger than the PS3, which held the previous size record. The third position goes to the original PS2, while the fourth spot goes to the PS4. The PS1 is the smallest PlayStation system if we're only counting the original models of the device.

Is PS3 worth selling?

Depending on its condition and whether it includes all of its original cables, a secondhand PS3 is worth anywhere from $41 to $520.00. A PS3 will cost different amounts based on its condition, just like any antique, priceless heritage, or work of art.

Why did the PS3 cost so much?

However, it was challenging to create and build and incredibly expensive to manufacture at the time due to the Cell processor and all the unique technology. But at a price it came out at, everybody understood that wasn't a consumer-friendly price.

Can the PS3 handle gaming?

The PlayStation 3 Still Has Good Gameplay. There are a ton of RPGs available if you like playing by yourself. The PS3 offers a ton of gaming options. You will undoubtedly find a fun game to play among its large selection.


It is all about the best PS3 exclusive games. The PS3 was a well-known gaming system when it was at its height of popularity. Despite this, the console can perform various functions and offer a top-notch gaming experience. If you like to play RPGs alone, there are many options. As a result, playing these games is simple.

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