There is a day for everything though certain things do not require any special day to celebrate it. Those days are children’s, chocolate, women’s, and so on. Still, one doesn’t require any particular day to celebrate their children’s presence, give chocolate to their loved ones, and support and celebrate their women’s success as these things can be done more frequently to make them feel more special. Among many other days, one is April Fool’s Day which people celebrate by pranking those they love, but friends, parents, and siblings usually do pranks every other day.

The Top 5 Best Prank Websites in 2024 are Gif Dance Party, Pug a Day, Hacker Typer, Nyan It, and

Pranks are of many forms, such as clever, embarrassing, gross, distasteful, hilarious, funny, painful, and ugly. A prank call is an everyday activity done by friends to prank each other, but as this is a digital era, people now find pranks on websites with funny links to send to make someone fool, and there are various prank websites with troll links. But if you want websites to calm down instead of trolling, you should check them out here.

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Top 5 Best Prank Websites in 2024

Here is the list of best prank websites for you to try out in 2024:

GIF Dance Party

This website provides a fantastic dance experience with a live VJ that makes parties more interesting compared to what is expected with the help of GIFs.

gif dance party

It allows you to use their 3D camera and capture a few seconds of video, which is full of madness accompanied by a VJ who increases the party’s mood compared to what is expected. Other features include photo cropping of you and the guests, sharing it with whosoever you want, only through desktop computers.

Visit: GIF Dance Party

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Pug A Day

This one of the funniest prank websites provides a paid service to users based on people who like pugs. This website sends photos of pugs and personalized messages to those whose contact number has been provided on the website for 100 days to people living in Canada and the US.

pug a day

An important feature is that people can stop receiving these messages anytime. All they have to do is a simple reply stating STOP.

Hacker Typer

This website will make others believe that you are the ultimate hacker. It allows you to type like a hacker through which others believe you have cracked a code. This website shows a black-green with a green font with a box popping and stating “access granted” or “access allowed.”

hacker typer

Moreover, you can send the prank link and make others believe their personal information has been stolen. It is one of the best troll websites.

Visit: Hacker Typer

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Nyan It

This is one of the hilarious prank websites that enable you to use the URL website of any website to enter it into Nyan It.

nyan it

You can send it to friends, cousins, siblings, and messaging groups. Next, the page will cover the cats when they tap the link. Hence, a funny prank.

This is entirely an anonymous prank website. Here, you have freedom over the people you choose and the message you want to deliver.


It has two categories: Fake Craigslist Text Pranks, where people select fake messages. Second, Non-Stop Cats Phone Prank, where you can select cat pictures for people of your choice.

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What are SendRandomFacts?

SendRandomFacts is a website that allows users to send random, bizarre facts to their friends or family members to confuse or surprise them.

Are prank websites legal?

Prank websites are legal if they do not involve harassment, threats, or other illegal activities.

Can I customize the pranks on prank websites?

Many prank websites allow users to customize the pranks by adding personal information or changing specific details.

Are there any risks to using prank websites?

There is a risk of upsetting or offending the prank recipient, so it is essential to use good judgment and consider the potential consequences before using a prank website.

Can I use prank websites for business purposes?

No, using websites for business is generally inappropriate, can be seen as unprofessional, and may damage a company's reputation.

What are some other types of pranks besides using prank websites?

Other pranks include setting up fake social media accounts, creating fake news stories, or using hidden cameras to capture reactions to elaborate practical jokes.


So, this is our list of the best prank websites. You can search and use these prank sites to prank your nearest and dearest ones. So what are you waiting for? Go and prank your close people now!

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