Mobile Legends For PC Without Bluestacks

mobile legends for pc without bluestacks

Playing Mobile Legends is a hobby for most and playing games that have elaborate graphics are even better when played on PC. However, playing on a PC brings in a very different experience, and although the mobile and console may be a comfortable devices to play on, most of the lot prefer to play it on the PC., and thus it becomes a necessity to download Mobile Legends on PC without needing Bluestacks.

mobile legends for pc without bluestacks

First, the question arises if this is possible or not because emulators like Bluestacks have helped in bringing out the true essence of gaming to new and old gamers. And there are quite a few ways to get such games, specifically Mobile Legends on PC., the most common ones being screen sharing or using Google extensions. Read this article on How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive. Sometimes we are stuck with a PC and could not play the games of IOS. But try hard you will find tricks to play IOS Games on PC Hassel-freely. But if you play these games safely, then play IOS Games on PC with Emulators.

How to get Mobile Legends for PC Without Bluestacks

Choose the best way and get your desired goals:

Screen Sharing or screen mirroring apps

For this, we can use three types of apps that are suitable for iOS and Android devices. 

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This application is suitable to be used on both iOS and Android devices. The specialties included taking screenshots easily and also recording the whole game with just a few clicks. There are, however, a few steps to install and start this app. 

Firstly, the app has to be downloaded either from their respective website (which is always advised to stay away from any kind of malware) or directly from Play Store or iOS App Store. After this step, the connection has to be checked to make this app work efficiently while gaming and a stable connection has to be set up.

Apower mirroe

This can either be done by connecting the mobile and laptop to a strong Wifi connection or using USB. For connecting to Wifi, the devices must be connected to the same Wifi, and then the app has to be downloaded and launched. Connect it to both Pc and mobile for using USB. However, while using it on an Android device, one has to turn on the debugging feature. 

Download: Apower Mirror


This application can effortlessly work on iOS, Android, Mac OS, and PC.


Download: AirMore

iMyFone MirrorTo

For anyone who wants to use an alternative to Bluestacks, this app is going to be the best alternative. This app gives its users full liberty to control their mobile phones from their PC. So without having the trouble of downloading the whole game on the PC, gamers can access it on their big screen via this app as it gives the vibe as if they are playing it on their screen.


Moreover, it gives the opportunity to take screenshots in between the game and have access to the mouse and keypad while gaming on their PC.

Download: iMyFone MirrorTo

Google Chrome Extensions

Check out extensions that can be useful to get mobile legends without bluestacks.

Android Online Emulator

To avoid the usage of any kind of emulator, one can reach out and install extensions. There are various kinds that have their own features, but this specific extension stands out not only because it renders the usage of emulators while using PC or mobile but also the fact that it does not require the recent hardware configurations. Apart from these, the extensions provide a very smooth and easy experience for new users.


To get started with it, the user must install the extension from Chrome or Brave, or any other search engine they are accustomed to. Then they must add the extension to their Chrome and run it. It will work just like that and give the user an excellent experience. 

Extension: Android Online Emulator

ARC Welder

For using old PCs, extensions like these are very important and helpful. It can directly work on the Chrome browser. Even though by the name, it sounds like this extension works only on Android devices, it works as efficiently on IOS devices irrespective of the hardware configurations. 

arc welder

This expansion does not require any kind of emulators, thus making gaming easy and hassle-free. 

Extension: ARC Welder

Use of Emulators

If not satisfied with the above ways, then use these emulators.

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MEmu Play

This is another kind of emulator other than Bluestack, so if someone is looking forward to using emulators but not the generic ones, then this will be the best option. 

memu play

This has become one of the most useful emulators as its usage is very easy, allowing new gamers to have a hassle-free experience. So all one has to do is install it and start playing without changing any configuration settings. 

Download: Memu Play

Nox Player

This is yet another emulator that helps the user to play a number of games on their PC. It is fast and is available on the browser and Play Store to download.

nox player

Apart from these, there are other ways too. Using any kind of emulator the PC supports is a great option. Such emulators are Remix OS Player, which has a number of control buttons that makes gaming fun and easily controllable. However, it is mainly an Android Marshmallow-basing tool and allows a lot of games to download and play mainly on Android. But its popularity among gamers leaves it second to none. 

The other one is Android SDK Emulator is an emulator which is always considered the best by a number of developers. But in order to do so, one has to download the Android SDK. It is very easy to use and provides the user with the latest utilities. 

Download: Nox Player


There are quite a few options to choose from, only that the user has to be aware of these and has to choose according to the device they are using and their comfort with using the same. So if someone wants to play, they must use one of these ways and download the game Mobile Legends and start playing. Hoping that this article has given you brief information about Mobile Legends for PC Without Bluestacks.

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