How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram | Top 6 Methods

how to turn off messages on instagram

You’re undoubtedly reading this post to learn How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram from sending you message requests. It is smart because it will stop individuals who aren’t following you from bothering you with messages you don’t want to read or respond to.

turn off messages on instagram

There must be a clear way to disable Instagram messages entirely. You may turn them off for people you don’t know using tools like Limit User, Muted Contact, Turn Off DMs from Strangers, and De Notifications. Let’s look at how to disable Instagram DMs.

Instagram messages from users you don’t follow by default land in a different Requests area. You can completely disable message requests from Instagram users if you prefer not to receive them. How? Read on.

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What Exactly Is a Message Request?

In a special section called “How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram,” Instagram stores messages from users you’re not following. Every other Instagram user who has a public profile can message you directly if you have one. It’s crucial to understand what message requests are before we begin.

message request

After reading a message request, you can decide whether to accept or remove it. Instagram waits until you accept the request before notifying the sender that you have viewed their message. Read this article how to clear Facebook Search History.

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How To Disable Instagram Messages

You can turn off the message requests option from the Privacy section of Settings. Open the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android phone to begin going.

Turn Of DMs From Strangers

How to turn off DMS on Instagram? Instagram offers a simple method for disabling message requests from uninvited parties and giving you control over who can message you if you don’t want to. The Instagram caption and Message requests folder are messages from your followers you don’t follow and those who aren’t on your list of followers or people you’re following.

  1. Firstly, launch the Instagram app, then select the profile tab.
  2. Secondly, tap the three-bar symbol, then choose Settings from the list of options.  profile tab
  3. Select Messages > Privacy. privacy setting
  4. Lastly, select Don’t receive requests under “Your followers on Instagram” if you don’t want to receive messages from your followers.

If your Facebook and Instagram account to connect, you may control who can message you under Potential connections.

How to disable dm on Instagram? The Other people section, which includes People on Facebook and Others on Instagram, is located toward the back. Don’t receive them; you should add requests to their values.

Now, only the individuals you are following will send you messages.

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Muted Contact

How to disable direct messages on Instagram? You can mute a chat thread if you wish to stop messages from a group of contacts. You won’t receive a communication from them. However, they can view your chat thread’s online state if your activity WhatsApp status gets enabled.

mute a chat

Open the message thread for the contact you want to silence, and touch on their name at the top. Activate the switch next to “Mute message.” you can mute call notifications. You won’t be able to tell you have silenced the other person.

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Deactivate Notifications

How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram? Instead of merely muting a few people, you can completely disable message notifications if you don’t want to hear messages from anyone. Go to Instagram Settings > Notifications to achieve this. If you wish to disable all Instagram notifications, including comments temporarily, followers, live, and messages, turn on the option next to Pause all.

  1. Instead, select Messages and Calls to turn off notifications exclusively for messages.  message requests
  2. Then, under Message requests and Messages, click Offmessage requests click off
  3. You will no longer get a notification when someone sends you a message. 
  4. Your mailbox will get the message invisibly.

Please remember that your notification preferences sync if you are signed into the same Instagram account on multiple devices. If you turn off account-wide message notifications on one device, you won’t get them on another.

Disable The Instagram Story Messages Feature

People can comment on the stories they share, and those comments are sent to turn off DMS Instagram Direct messages. You may disable message replies on Instagram stories so that nobody can respond.

disable the instagram story messages feature

Go to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Story to do this. Depending on your needs, select Off or People you follow under Allow message replies. Also, click here how to download Instagram Voice Message.

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Limit User

You can cease receiving messages from a user by restricting them. It’s a discreet way to block someone.

How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram? In other words, you will send any new messages from limited contacts to the message requests folder rather than the default folder. As a result, you won’t receive any new message notifications from their end. This workaround offers two further benefits. 

  1. Your restriction and their inability to observe your online status will be unknown to the other person.
  2. Open their chat thread and tap on their name to restrict them.  restricted account
  3. Restrict and Restrict accounts can both be tapped. Alternatively, you can restrict users by going to Settings > Privacy > Restricted accounts.

Block User

Last but not least, if you wish to cease receiving messages from a user, you can punish them by blocking them. Tap on their name at the chat’s top to do this. Click Block

click block

How to block DMS on Instagram? If you want to block someone, select the Block User option from the three options available—Copy Profile URL, Block User, and Report Inappropriate—and confirm your selection once more in the pop-up. Next, select Dismiss from the pop menu. Up’s On Instagram, you’ve successfully blocked someone. How to change language on WhatsApp? Read this.

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How can I disable Instagram notifications?

Go to Instagram Settings > Notifications to achieve this. If you wish to disable all Instagram notifications, including comments temporarily, followers, live, and messages, turn on the option next to Pause all. Instead, select Messages and Calls how to turn off Instagram messages exclusively for messages. Under Message requests and Messages, click Off.

How do I disable requests on Instagram?

Click on the menu button in the top-right corner of your profile page. Select privacy. Scroll down to the Other People section on the Message Controls page and click Others on Instagram. The don't Receive you should enable request option.

How can I keep Instagram messages secret from my followers?

Go to the profile page in the Instagram app after opening it. 2. Tap the three-bar symbol, then choose Settings from the list of options. 3. Select Messages > Privacy. 4. Select Don't receive requests under Your followers on Instagram if you don't want to receive messages from your followers.

Why deactivate message requests?

Trying to keep up with all the Direct Messages when many people are messaging can become rather distracting. The most frequent reason is that you don't want to hear from individuals who aren't following you. If your account isn't private and lots of random people send you direct messages, that's another solid reason to disable message requests.

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In conclusion, most Instagram users now want to utilize the platform to build their networks, gain more followers, or launch brands or enterprises. Therefore, users should not be surprised if they receive similar communication requests from strangers. Users encounter a lot of spam message requests as well. Therefore, they want to avoid getting these texts in their inboxes. Above all, to prevent ‘How To Turn Off Messages On Instagram’ problems in the future, this post can help you turn off the feature. Also, click here for best ways on how to save whatsApp chat in Pdf.

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