Snapchat does not have a dedicated “Recently Added” list visible to users by default. However, to view your most recently added friends on Snapchat, tap on the “Added Me” icon in your profile screen. In this article, we will discuss how to see recently added friends on Snapchat.

This feature displays users who have added you within the last 24 hours, giving you a quick glimpse of your latest connections so you can stay updated and promptly engage with them. 

Here’s a way to check your Recently Added Friends:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on the “Friends” tab.
  3. Click on the “Added Me” or “My Friends” section.

How Does Recently Added Friends on Snapchat Work

The Recently Added Friends feature helps you keep track of new friends. So, when you add someone, they pop up in your “Recently Added” list. Thus, you can see recently added friends on Snapchat.

  • This list makes it easy to find newly added friends quickly. It’s particularly useful if you frequently add new friends.
  • Once someone is added, Snapchat sends you a notification but you can also check the list manually to ensure you won’t miss any new connections.
  • Keeping an eye on this list helps manage your contacts efficiently. Regular monitoring ensures you’re up to date with new activities.

Managing Notifications

Snapchat provides notifications when someone adds you. This way, you will be able to see recently added friends on Snapchat. To stay notified, enable notifications. Follow these steps to enable notifications:

  1. Open Snapchat settings.
  2. Select “Notifications.”
  3. Ensure “Friends” notifications are turned on.

This way, you’ll always know when someone new adds you and can see recently added friends on Snapchat. It helps you react promptly. But if you see unknown people adding you to Snapchat, you can stop random people from adding you on Snapchat.

Benefits of Knowing Your Recently Added Friends

Knowing your recently added friends has multiple benefits. 

  • Strengthens your network. 
  • Faster communication.
  • Updated friends list.

Regularly checking this list can improve your social interactions. You’ll never miss an important connection, and it’s a great way to stay connected.

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How Can you see Recently Added Friends on Snapchat

Follow these steps to learn how to see recently added friends on Snapchat

  1. Open the Snapchat app. 
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click on the “Friends” tab. 
  4. Click “My Friends.” 

This will show all your contacts. The newly added friends usually appear at the top of the list. So, you will be able to see recently added friends on Snapchat.recently added friends on snapchat


  • Always keep an eye on the list. It changes quickly, especially if you’re active on the app. 
  • Always remember to keep your app updated. New features and settings can make the process smoother.

How to See the List of Everyone You’ve Ever Added on Snapchat

Want to know how to see everyone you’ve ever added on Snapchat? Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the “Friends” tab in your Snapchat profile. This will show your full friend list.
  • For a detailed history, consider downloading your Snapchat data by requesting “data download” in Snapchat settings. You’ll receive an email with a link to your data file containing all your added friends. You can also consider saving chats on Snapchat.
  • Another way is through the search feature. Type in a name to see if they’re on your friend list. This is helpful if you vaguely remember adding someone.

Regularly checking your friend list can keep you updated. Knowing how to see your added history on Snapchat ensures you never miss a connection. Also, you will be able to see recently added friends on Snapchat.

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How to See Who Added Who on Snapchat First

Open the Snapchat app > Go to your profile > Navigate to the “Friends” tab. 

Then, use these ways to find out:

SnapscoreLook for your friends' "Snapscore". The person with a higher score likely added you first.
This isn’t 100% accurate, but it gives you a good idea.
Chat HistoryOpen your chat with the person.
Scroll up to see the earliest messages that might indicate who added whom first.
Check “Added by” InformationSometimes, it says "Added by username" or "Added by Quick Add."
This info helps you understand how you connected.

Remember, keeping track of this is more for curiosity. Knowing who added who first on Snapchat can be fun. But it’s not critical for using the app.


How do I see recently added friends on Snapchat?

Open the app, go to your profile and tap on the 'Friends' tab. Here, you can see your recently added friends at the top of the list.

Can I see how long someone has been my friend on Snapchat?

No, Snapchat doesn't provide an exact duration of the friendship. However, you can get a rough idea from your chat history or Snap score.

Do new friends stay on the 'Recently Added' list forever?

No, they remain there for about two weeks. After that, they are moved to your regular friend list.

Can I download my friend list from Snapchat?

Yes, you can download your data, which includes your friend list. Go to Settings and then 'My Data' to request a download.

Why don't I receive notifications for new friends?

Your notifications might be turned off. Check under 'Settings' > 'Notifications.' You may need to update the app for better functionality.

How to See Whom I've Requested on Snapchat?

Open the Snapchat app > Go to your profile screen > Tap on the 'Add Friends' button. Here, you'll find the 'Added Me' and 'Quick Add' sections. Scroll down to see pending friend requests. This list shows whom you've sent requests to.

How do I add a friend by username on Snapchat?

To add a friend by username, open the app and tap the search bar. Type in their username to find them quickly. Once found, click on their profile and tap 'Add Friend.' They will receive a friend request notification from you.

How to block someone on Snapchat?

Yes, blocking someone on Snapchat is simple. Go to their profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and choose 'Block.' This action will immediately remove them from your friend's list, and they won't be able to contact you or see your stories.

How to create a group chat on Snapchat?

Creating a group chat is a piece of cake! Tap the chat icon, then select 'New Group.' Add up to 31 friends to your group. Name your group chat for easy identification. Now, you can send snaps and messages within this group effortlessly.

Is it possible to change my username on Snapchat?

No, Snapchat does not allow users to change their usernames once set. You’d need to create a new account with a different username. However, you can still edit other profile details like Bitmoji or display your name anytime through settings. Keep that in mind while setting your original username!

What will happen if I delete a friend on Snapchat?

If you delete a friend, they won't be notified. However, they will drop off your friend list immediately. You won't be able to see each other's private stories or send snaps directly anymore unless one of you re-added them.

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