Ten Easy Ways On How To Make Your Chromebook Faster


The latest sort of computer device, which is made in a way to guide us to do things quicker and effortlessly, is called Chromebooks. They operate the Chrome OS. With the facility of cloud storage, and several layers of security, google built in. as per the saying, it seems that a Chromebook is much speedy than a regular windows laptop and also lighter comparatively. How to make your Chromebook faster?

chromebook faster

Few more such methods are there which will make Chromebook faster. These fixes will also increase Chromebook performance. Click here for the best text editors for windows 10.

We’ll discuss methods to speed up your Chromebook in more depth below.

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Solutions To “How To Make Your Chromebook Faster”

Let’s discuss some solutions to improve your Chromebook performance.

Going Through The Task Manager

On pressing ESC+Search, we can open the task manager. An index of the apps presently running on Chromebook is visible in the task manager. It shows the complete list of Android, online, and Linux apps. Further information can be obtained, such as the memory usage, CPU usage, and network pace for every app.

task manager in chromebook

Choose an app and select End process to shut it. By selecting Ctrl, we can look at our several tasks at a time and shut it once and for all. Read this article if your live mail is not opening on your windows 10.

OS System Of Chromebook To Be Updated To A Recent Version

To avoid any glitches and slowing down of Chromebook’s working, the Chromebook’s OS needs to be up to date. To check if it is up to date, check the following:

  1. Go to settings. up to date
  2. Check for the updates option to be checked to find out about pending updates. Look for the about option and then follow up with Chrome OS.

If any updates are pending, it’s advisable to update the Chromebook to check if the issues are resolved. Want to learn how to transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone? Read this.

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Reboot The Chromebook

By default, it will restart with every update available and performed. If you come across no such updates, it is still important to reboot the device quickly for checking any underlying issues.

Tidy Up The Chromebook Cache

Chromebooks have got comparatively less storage compared to windows laptops. A few Chromebooks come with less than 16GB of storage, less than the smartphone storage.

With low storage, it isn’t easy to maintain the same amount of pace that windows laptops have in them. To check the storage:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Select device. storage management
  3. Opt for storage management.

With any bit of storage space visible, it becomes easier once a few files are deleted.

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Uninstall Rarely Used Apps

Uninstalling those apps, which are kept in the system, can speed up the slow working of the Chromebook. Since apps occupy a lot of space, removing all the rarely used apps is important. Rarely used apps occupy a lot of space which blocks the space for other, much more important apps.

uninstall rarely used apps

By removing the apps, certain space is cleared, which paves the way for the smooth running of the Chromebook. After that, by right-clicking the app, we can select the uninstall button and remove the app we don’t want on our Chromebook. Click here to learn how to install Kodi on Chromebook.

Substitute Android And Linux Apps With Web Apps

It is a good option to substitute an app with web apps rather than replace it. Since web apps take less space than Linux and Android, it helps the Chromebook work faster. It is one effortless and speedy way how to make a Chromebook run faster.

chromebook work faster

Also, in terms of UI, web apps are better than Android and Linux apps. 

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Updation Of All Apps To The Current Versions

All the bugs are fixed and removed by updating the apps to their current version. Sometimes, updating apps turns out to be a quicker fix than removing the apps. So it is wise to try updating all the apps, especially Android.

Easy steps to updating apps:

  1. Launch play store.
  2. Opt for the profile icon. profile icon
  3. Look out for the manage apps option.
  4. Then, click on manage and follow it up with updates available. 
  5. Check if any updates are pending. If yes, go ahead and update to the current version and try running a check to boost Chromebook performance. 

In such a manner, one can hence observe how to make your Chromebook faster. A black android screen of death may initially seem frightening, but it is fixable. Try to fix it before proceeding further.

Reduce The Usage Of Extensions

Extensions in Chromebook make any work of opening a webpage repeatedly a lot easier and quicker. But simultaneously, introducing too many extensions can also end up making the working of Chromebook slower and overall reduces the performance of Chromebook.

It is one of the highlighted reasons to remove extensions so that the working of Chromebook is not slowed down.

How to remove the extensions?

  1. Opt for the extension icon.
  2. Then, click on three dots. remove any extension selected
  3. Opt for the remove option to remove any extension selected. There are plenty of ways to crack windows passwords, but we’ve got you covered with the best Windows password recovery tools. Read this.

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Clear The Browser Cache And History

Cache files help to open pages we have visited in a much more paced way. But all that can pull down the speed due to space constraints.

To remove browsing history and cache, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Chrome settings.
  2. Opt for security and privacyclear browsing data
  3. Look out for clear browsing data
  4. Please set it to all time option.

 All these settings, in turn, will remove all the stored data. If you want to adjust the time gap of a few weeks or days, you can use the options mentioned in the settings. Read this article to learn how to clear the clipboard on android.

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Blocking The Stalker’s Scripts

Blocking tracker scripts of the visited websites will improve performance and offer privacy. So, extensions like the Ublock extension are used for blocking scripts.

blocking tracker scripts

These are some quick ways to brush through an instant how to make your Chromebook faster. 

A few more ways, such as loading the pages before ticking, cache control, the limited number of apps and tabs, etc., are a few answers to making your Chromebook faster. Read this article for the best Email Client for Chromebook tools.

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Is there a need for antivirus in the case of Chromebooks?

Yes, any system needs antivirus since Chromebooks also tend to get bugs and malware into the system.

Does Chromebook consist of a firewall?

Chromebook is present with its default version in the system.

how safe is it to pay bills via Chromebook?

Like Mac, Linux, etc., chrome is safe for billing or other online transactions.

How to make the OS lighter to use?

Chromebook as it is a pretty light browser to be used. Removing all the excessive and unnecessary files and folders can speed up the working of the Chromebook.


It is essential to check how to make a Chromebook faster because Chromebook, compared to windows and Linux systems, is a little less in terms of space available. The solutions mentioned above are all Sureshot ways to make your Chromebook run faster. Above all, this article is a complete guide to rescue and how to make your Chromebook faster.

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