Ready to track down the elusive Coyote’s Mask? This guide covers the best methods for obtaining it, ideal attributes to aim for, and building tips to make the most of its powerful bonuses. Let’s start your hunt by knowing how to get a Coyote Mask in Division 2.

Getting your hands on the coveted Coyote’s Mask takes luck and strategy. Spend time in endgame activities where high-end loot regularly drops. Challenge yourself with Heroic and Legendary missions or join an experienced extraction team in the Dark Zone. Your prize could appear after any hard fought battle. To know more, keep on reading.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a popular online shooter set in a post-pandemic Washington, D.C. Players work to rebuild the city while battling hostile factions. One of the most sought-after exotic items in the game is the Coyote Mask, which provides a bonus to critical hit chance – making it a game-changer for players focusing on high-powered rifles or marksman builds. Let us read further to learn how to get a Coyote Mask in Division 2.

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Overview of the Coyote’s Mask

The Coyote’s Mask is an exotic item that helps boost a player’s damage output. This rare mask provides a flat percentage increase to critical hit chance, which is incredibly useful for snipers and marksman builds.

Critical hits work in Division 2 because they do extra damage when you hit weak points or vulnerable areas on enemies. So, having a higher critical hit chance means your hard-hitting shots will do extra damage more often. The Coyote’s Mask provides a +5% critical hit chance as its main attribute. It may not sound like much, but that small bonus makes a big difference in practice.coyotes mask

Every bit of extra damage counts when you’re fighting tough enemies in endgame activities on Challenging difficulty or higher raids and Heroic missions. Being able to critically hit more frequently lets players take down enemies quickly. That’s a real advantage when ammo and resources are scarce, and you’re facing off against whole squads of heavily armored foes.

On top of the critical hit buff, The Coyote Mask Division 2 has two additional attributes that synergize well for a DPS build. It provides accuracy and optimal range bonuses. Both make it even easier to land critical headshots on distant targets. The mask effectively turns the wielder into a quick-firing, long-range damage-dealing machine.

No wonder The Coyote’s Mask is one of the most coveted exotic items in Division 2. It significantly boosts the performance of precision-based weaponry like marksman rifles, semi-auto rifles, crossbows, and more. This rare mask brings any player’s accurate shooting build to the next level. It’s worth the grind to try and add one to your collection. Let us now read about different methods to get a Coyote Mask in Division 2.

Methods to Obtain the Coyote’s Mask

Let us look at some techniques to obtain the Coyote’s Mask.

Targeted Loot

Each day, different map areas will have “targeted loot” for a specific gear brand or type. Look for masks when they are the targeted loot and farm control points, territories, or open-world bosses in that area. This increases your odds of the Coyote’s Mask dropping.

Weekly Exotic Caches

You’ll earn exotic cache keys by completing high-level world activities. Turn these in at the quartermaster to earn a random exotic item. The Division 2 Coyote Mask has a small chance to be the reward. Do this on all your characters each week for more rolls at the prize.

The Summit, Countdown, & Legendaries

These endgame missions guarantee a high-end named item at completion. The Coyote’s could drop when you hit floor 100 in The Summit or finish a Legendary mission. Countdown also rewards an exotic extraction.

Jefferson Trade Center SHD Mission

Many swear by this mission as the prime mask farm. It has multiple opportunities for drops during the hunt for Sonntag. On certain days when masks are the targeted loot, this mission yields masks frequently, making it a top option.

With patience and focus on these activities when they align, your luck will turn into obtaining this powerful and fun-to-use exotic. Happy hunting all with these methods on how to get Coyote Mask Division 2.

Strategies for Efficient Farming

Here are some tips for efficiently farming for the Coyote’s mask:

  • Check Division 2’s official Twitter each weekday for targeted loot areas. Heroic difficulty is best for exotic drops, but challenging difficulty is a good balance of difficulty and reward. Focus activities in those locations when masks are targeted.
  • For Jefferson Trade Center, reset control points leading up to the mission for more chances for the Coyotes Mask division 2 to drop. Then, speedrun the mission on Heroic in under 20 minutes for maximum runs per hour. Clearing the area methodically also increases your odds.
  • In Countdown, vote for difficulty and play well as a team. Extract on turn 8 for the guaranteed exotic shot. Extract early if your crew isn’t cooperating to get more runs in.efficient farming startegy
  • In The Summit, try to matchmake a full team to blast through levels together. Extract every 20 floors for the cache. You can reset your run anytime for another chance if things aren’t going well.
  • For Legendaries, use matchmaking and be a good team player. Building synergy and communication makes these faster, so you can run multiple.
  • Also, always break down or deconstruct the loot you don’t need for crafting materials. You never know when you’ll need to recalibrate that perfect Coyote’s Mask when RNG smiles. Stay focused and optimistic – with enough runs, your time will come, agents!

Player Experiences and Tips

Players have been hunting for the legendary Phantom Mask since the release of Sands of Amelia three years ago. This rare drop has only been obtained by a few lucky adventurers. We had the chance to chat with some who finally tracked the Division 2 Coyote Mask down. They said:

  • Jen was one of the first to find the elusive mask. “It took me over a year of grinding, but it was so worth it when it finally dropped. Seeing that red text on my screen was one of the best feelings ever!” The mask boosts stealth by 25%, making it perfect for her assassin build.player experiences on coyote mask
  • Joe searched Amelia’s endless deserts for even longer. “I almost gave up hope, but my friends kept encouraging me to stay positive. Logging in one night after a rough day, I got a random world event and couldn’t believe it when the Phantom spawned. All those hours paid off.”

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Community Tips

For new players looking to hunt the Phantom mask, here are some tips shared by the community:

  • Farm at night when rare spawns are more likely to appear
  • Play in a group for faster mob clearing and more chances at lootdivision 2
  • Join a hunt clan to share map coordinates and group up
  • Bring buff pots and self heals as the Phantom hits like a truck
  • Most importantly, don’t burn out! Take breaks and enjoy the journey.
  •  With patience and luck, your precious mask may soon appear. So that’s all about how to get a Coyote Mask in Division 2.

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What stats should I prioritize on my Coyote’s Mask?

Look for critical hit chance as the main attribute, then focus on damage to elite or all weapon damage for the 1st attribute. Mod slots depend on your build, but extra critical hit damage is ideal.

How does it compare to other DPS masks?

The Coyote’s Mask is one of the best in the slot for DPS builds due to its powerful critical hit chance boost. The spear tip and high-end masks are good options for weapon-specific damage bonuses.

What kind of build works best with Coyote’s Mask?

Red (offense) builds as rifle crit damage works well. It also synergizes with skill builds that utilize sharpshooter specialization for bonus damage/critical hit chance.

Can I reconfigure the attributes/stats on my Coyote’s Mask?

Yes, you can recalibrate the attributes and stats at the recalibration station. This allows you to optimize your mask for your preferred playstyle.


Obtaining the elusive Coyote’s Mask takes dedication, luck, and community support. But for those few who have it, the reward is a powerful boost for their scout. This article on how to get a Coyote Mask in Division 2 gave you some tips to aid your hunt. Also, you should try to unlock Ravenous in Division 2 to excel in your gaming power, as The Ravenous LMG is one of the best exotic weapons in the game. Its unique talent, “Devour,” allows it to apply damage over time while restoring 5% of the player’s armor with each tick.

Please share your Coyote’s Mask story in the comments – your experience may inspire others still searching for their prize.

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