How To Find The Wifi Password On Mac [Complete Guide]

Most people have the tendency not to remember the things after they have done them. And there are many chances that you forget your wifi password after you set it up. So, here are some quick ways on how to find wifi password on mac, that you can easily use to find your password in case if you forget it. Just one thing you need for the process to proceed is your administrator password. To see the guide and tools on windows password recovery, click here.

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How To Find The Wifi Password On Mac

Here are four quick ways on how to find wifi password on mac:

Key Chain Access App

  1. Open your keychain access app, which is located in the Applications> Utilities folder.
  2. Select the system keychain that is available on the left menu bar, select your desired password from the category menu. This will act as a filter.
    keychain access
    Keychain access


  3. Now click two times ok the name of the network to which you want to view the password.
  4. The new window will open to the stored password. Click on the checkbox which shows ‘show password.’
    show password
    Show password



  5. A notification popped up asking you to give authentication with a username and password. Here you need administration privileges of your MAC.
  6. After getting successful authentication, the wifi password gets revealed on the previous window.
  7. Hence, you get the wifi password on your MAC.

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Terminal On Mac

  1. Find the terminal on Mac. By using spotlight search, you can easily launch the terminal.



  2. Type the command containing the required information, use apple username to generate the password.
  3. Once the authentication gets approved, your password gets displayed below the command that you entered previously.
    terminal recover
    Terminal recover



  4. After this, the requirement of the router ended.
  5. You will get the password of wifi on MAC.

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Third Party App

When questioning how to check wifi password on mac, one can also use a third-party app or software if you are wondering how to find wifi password on mac. These softwares are developed by some experts and are very helpful for you in case if you lost your wifi password on Mac, and of the easiest way also.


third party app
Third party app


All you need to do is to download or install the app and provide it some permissions and need to follow instructions if you want to find your wifi password on Mac. Some popular apps and software used to find wifi passwords on mac are given below.

  1. Disk Drill for Mac
  2. Dash lane for Mac
  3. 1password App
  4. RememBear Software
  5. LastPass App App

Thethe5 apps/software are useful to you in case if you had lost your wifi password on Mac and want to know how to show wifi password on mac. 

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Password Manager

If you are wondering how to see wifi password on mac, then besides doing all these quite complicated processes, always keep a simple and secure password manager like Secrets. It is an efficient and very friendly system that helps you to securely store your wifi password on Mac. And you can also store the other information like credit card details and bank details. This uses good predictive analytics that can give a boost to your productivity.

password manager
Password manager

The intelligent and quick feature based on keywords and tags can also be enabled so you can find the information easily and quickly.

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All the given information and methods given here on how to find wifi password on mac are correct and had been tested many times. Mac is a device that is quite complicated to use for some users. All you need is proper knowledge and guidance. These tricks and methods will definitely help you to fix your problem easily. Know how to read deleted reddit posts from this article.

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