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The planet is loaded with innovative gadgets. And Every single person nowadays has a smartphone. The Apps installed on a smartphone makes it more astute and productive and also makes it a way to connect with more people. So amongst so many Apps, one may have commonly heard about the application called “Pinterest.” And this is the complete guide on how to find someone on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a picture and media sharing application. It is the ultimate source of creativity and inspiration. The broad objective is to get the way of life’s motivation to travel thoughts, DIYs, and pretty much every other need of yours. This app is a fun yet enlightening device to find substance dependent on your requirements. Pinterest’s triumphant equation of getting clients to go through hours on the application is down to four key components: Pinterest’s search engine, feed, pins, and boards.

Pinterest logo
Pinterest logo

Some of the fascinating facts regarding Pinterest are; 80% of the users are women. Also, it is the 3rd most popular social media app in the world. The most significant interest regions on Pinterest go from style, food, auto, insides, and travel, so there is contact focus for an enormous range of clients. And a fascinating fact is that an American User spends 1 hour and 18 minutes on this app on average.

Why use Pinterest

Surprisingly in the social media strategy, Pinterest has become a massive platform for business promotion, network marketing, blog views, and publicity that is at par with Instagram. When contrasting Pinterest with Instagram, the capacity to handily add links is the thing that separates Pinterest from Instagram as a unique advertising methodology. This significantly un-tapped social asset could be the ideal spot for you to exhibit your image—focusing on your business to be connected with. This specialty commercial center is prepared to spend and hence it is important to find customers on Pinterest. 

Utilizing Pinterest for business is ideally suited for exhibiting items and services as Pinterest frequently goes about as a data asset for countless clients planning to make a purchase. Pinterest is an informal network where individuals can discover motivation and thoughts for their passion and side interests. Each thought is addressed by a Pin, a picture that Pinterest clients look at and save. Pins can similarly interface back to sites, which is why Pinterest is common for driving traffic and arrangements. Furthermore, in particular, for businesses, Pins assist individuals with discovering more data on items they’re hoping to purchase.

Now How to find someone on Pinterest? Well it is not a complicated undertaking. Like some other social applications, Pinterest upholds looking for somebody and following their boards. You can install this fun-filled application on Android, Windows, and iOS

Now coming to the point, let’s walk through the process on how to find someone on Pinterest:

  • Above all else, you need to open Pinterest. You will see the red symbol image with a white “P” encased in this tiny box. You might think that it is on your application cabinet and home screen. 
  • Presently login to your Pinterest account; If you have effectively signed in, then let it be. 
  • It would be best if you searched for an amplifying glass symbol/icon. You will see it on the top corner of your screen. On clicking, it will automatically direct you to the search bar along with the associated screen. 
  • Tapping the Pinterest search bar will show you your console and permit you to compose text in Search. 
  • Presently you need to type your companion’s name in the search box for the Pinterest profile search. You might discover your companions by their profile title or username.  
  • On looking down, you need to tap your companion’s profile. 
  • It would be best if you tap the Follow button now. Which will allow you to follow your companion’s board and pins. You will find your companion’s Pins on your Home feed. 
  • By tapping the Follow button, you can likewise follow a board on a companion’s profile. Along these lines, you can track your companion’s pin on a solitary panel.

How to find someone on Pinterest via Email

You might need to welcome or look by email. Tap the stuff symbol to raise the settings menu. In this menu, you’ll have several choices. One of them is to “Find Friends.” Within that menu, you’ll have one more option to “Welcome friends.” That’s the way you need to take if you’re searching for somebody, and you have an email. Essentially, you’ll go through the method involved with “welcoming” somebody, and if Pinterest as of now has the email on record, it’ll let you know that they have a history and will take you to their page. 

using email id to find pinterest users
using email id to find pinterest users

Likewise, note that if you’re working from one of the Pinterest portable applications, you can decide to give the application admittance to your contacts. Then, at that point, it will verify whether any of your communications are on Pinterest and will provide you with a choice to pick any or every one of them to follow.

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How to find someone on Pinterest using Facebook

Nowadays, all online media ways lead to Facebook. For these different destinations and administrations that are out there, it saves them a great deal of cerebral pain for building their check conventions simply by having the option to connect to your Facebook and trust that Facebook has gotten its work done on you. And this allows you to find your Facebook friends on Pinterest.

Find Pinterest users using Facebook
Find Pinterest users using Facebook


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All in all, to find someone on Pinterest is pretty straightforward. Invest your time on Pinterest and engage by making pins and boards out of different interests and saving pins according to your taste and mood.



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