Are you tired of those Wii ROMS and are looking for something new? Furthermore, you also have a Wii lurking around but have no idea how to connect it to your LG smart TV. Come to your aid, comrade! Below is an easy ” how to connect Wii to Smart TV” guide so you can play new Wii games. Get reading!

As the Wii console is not compatible with HDMI, you add component video cables if you want to watch the Wii console with a higher-quality image.

The Nintendo Wii has had a breakthrough in video games, even if it was a subpar Switch, regarding its visuals, mobility, and versatility. The physical sense was brought to TV video game systems for the first time with the Wii. The Nintendo Wii is still well-known and liked among players today. But since it’s an outdated console, connecting to your Smart TV might not be as simple. Fortunately, this post will demonstrate how to link Wii to a Smart TV. 

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How to Connect Wii to Smart TV

Some Wiis have a patent AV socket that uses a cable that ends with a color-coded RCA cable. And doesn’t have an HDMI connection. Irrespective of the adapters your innovative TV supports, you’ll know precisely how to connect a Wii to a Smart TV when you get to the end of this article.

The AV multi-connector comes with the Wii. Furthermore, you can connect it to the console and the TV from the other end to link your Wii to your smart TV. Get an adapter for your Smart TV if it doesn’t allow Composite video.

Confirming Inputs Your TV Accepts

To understand how to connect Wii to Smart TV, you first need to understand what kind of inputs your TV accept. A Nintendo Wii can only be connected to your TV via an AV Multi Output. The connector included with your Wii system is only interoperable with TVs with Composite video input.

check inputs

Depending on the model, you may also have an HDMI connector on your Wii. The connector with the Wii can link it to your smart TV if you have those ports. Look for the RCA color-coded wires that Composite Video uses on the back and sides of your TV.

However, if not, you might have to use an adapter to alter the input so that it is compatible with your TV to link the console to the Smart TV.

Using The Wii’s Standard Fittings

How to connect Wii to Smart TV in the simplest and most obvious way? Its standard connectors are the key to that question. A proprietary adapter exclusive to Wiis is used on one of the three colored RCA wires that are the Wii’s standard connectors. Pairing your Wii to your Smart TV is easy if it has these three connectors on the back and accepts composite audio.

Connect the Wii’s AV Multi-out cable and the colored cords to the appropriate connections on the Smart TV. The Wii input won’t be HD 720p or 1080p because Composite video allows 480p video resolutions.

wii resolution

Change the TV input to TV or AV after plugging in the wires on both ends of the console. You can now start playing video games on the console once the device switches and the visual appears on your TV!

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Using HDMI for Wii to Smart TV Connections

You must purchase a Wii A/V to HDMI converter to connect your Wii to a smart TV with an HDMI port.

The Hyperkin HD Cable is appropriate for Wii since it is a high-quality product that is well-made and accomplishes its purpose. This adapter can link the TV to the Wii without using an HDMI or AV Multi-Out cable. With over 7 ft of cable length, it is an excellent substitute for the HDMI and AV wire.

hdmi smart tv

Connect the AV Multi side of the cable to the Wii’s socket, and connect the other HDMI port to the TV’s HDMI port. Afterward, switch the TV input to the HDMI port to which the adapter is plugged after turning on the console and the TV.

You should be able to see the console’s homepage if all the wires are good. However, can only receive a 480p or 578i stream, which is regular quality if your Wii system doesn’t allow HD 720p or above.

Using Component Cables

Contrary to Composite video typically needs a single channel for SD video. Component connections use multiple channels for greater-quality audio. Moreover, these connectors support 720p and 1080p resolutions, but the output device must support them too.

component video cables

You must purchase the Nintendo Component video adapter if your TV supports that format. Nintendo has created this certified accessory to support the Wii on more TVs.

Switch on the console and TV and change the TV input to Component In after connecting the cables to the respective devices. The Wii console should be connected to the adapter’s AV multi-connector, and the TV should receive the other RCA-colored wires following the color code. That was how to connect Wii to Smart TV with a component cable, but sit back! There’s more. 

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Connecting Wii to Smart TV Using VGA

VGA connections are usually found on computers, enabling a maximum resolution 480p. They are also available on certain smart TVs.

You will require an adapter to change the RCA composite output to the TV’s supported VGA output to use a VGA port. The OUOU RCA to VGA adapter is suitable because it involves no setup and directly relates to the TV without requiring a VGA wire.

wii vga

Plug the RCA side of the AV multi-wire into the RCA connections on the adapter and the other side into the Wii. Then, turn on the Television and console by using the adapter’s other side to attach it to the TV. Change the input to PC or VGA to use the console over the VGA input. The Wii will not enable 720p or higher resolutions, so even if VGA doesn’t allow full HD, it won’t be a problem.

Wii to Smart TV with a SCART Adapter

An excellent approach to connecting Wii to Smart TV is using SCART, which is quite simple to extend. However, if your Television does not have a SCART connection, you can buy a SCART to HDMI adapter.

With a SCART port:

  1. Attach the Wii’s AV cord to the SCART socket if your TV has one
  2. Link your Smart TV and the SCART
  3. On TV, change the input to SCART


TV lacking a SCART port:

  1. Attach the AV cord from the Wii to the SCART connection
  2. Attach the HDMI cord to the SCART
  3. Join the HDMI cable’s opposite end to the TV
  4. On TV, choose the SCART input

You can swap between 480p and 576i resolutions to get the maximum possible performance out of the input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Cable Connection to Connect a Wii to a TV?

No. Most of these cable boxes' external inputs are incompatible with the Wii; connecting the Wii to a TV is more prudent. You can also connect the Wii to a cable box. You can then use to choose the proper input signal.

Can You Use a USB to Tether a Wii to a TV?

You may be thinking about what the USB port on the Wii is for. In actuality, you can use your Wii to charge your USB gadgets or plug your keyboard for use but not attach it to your TV through USB.

How do I Modify the Wii's Sound Presets?

First access the Wii's Wii Settings Then choose Sound. You will have the option of stereo, surround sound, or mono. Pick your preference. Finally, press Confirm.


Howdy reader, now you know how to connect Wii to Smart TV, eh? So go grab your Wii homebrew app list! Play around with other screen resolution settings if you experience problems with the colors on display or the margins extending to the sides. Using an adapter won’t affect the system’s functionality. Moreover, if there is input latency, it’s likely due to your TV or Wii instead of the converter.

For a good reason, previous Wiis do not accept HDMI, as their technology cannot run games at high resolutions at a playable framerate.

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