Tumblr is a micro-blogging network with an easy interface. It permits you to find all styles of content you’re trying to see directly from the blogs of several users. If you’re a Tumblr user, you’ll be able to produce a variety of blogs and share your ideas. As different social media networks, you can like, share, and discuss fascinating blogs on Tumblr further.

If you’re an everyday blogger on Tumblr, then it’s continuously vital to back up your Tumblr journal and shields it from loss. There is a unit many that to back up Tumblr blogs, and you’ll be able to use the manner which suits you.tumblr logo Tumblr is a small journaling and social networking website that enables users to form a web diary or blog. Users will follow their favorite interests, different Tumblrs, and real influencers to share content to and from. In this article, learn how to back up the Tumblr blog.

Access Tumblr Page

If you’re trying to find a selected journal on Tumblr, you’ll navigate to it directly by following Tumblr’s computer address info rules.

  • Navigate to Tumblr.com in your applications program and enter your account info to log in.

tumblr log in

  • Click the “Explore Tumblr” button on the proper facet of the page.

Is Tumblr safe?

Tumblr is safe to use. If you do not need your journal to be seen by anyone and everybody, you can build it non-public. They must take measures to manage blogs about suicide, consumption disorders, and other self-harm. Also, they do not de jure enable anyone below the age of thirteen to use Tumblr.tumblr layout

Click a blog’s name or avatar to open it up, then click the hand glass at the highest of the journal. Now type varieties such as you mean it. Get your results.

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For IOS, you may open your App Settings from your Home screen. Then select the Tumblr App. You may see a “Safe Mode” choice. Faucet it and set it to “Don’t hide something.” Conversely, if you are a victimization associate in a nursing robot device, you should move to the Tumblr app and click on Settings from your profile.

The Advantages of Tumblr Account

It is not simply a social network. Like Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr permits you to post standing updates and share photos. However, Tumblr conjointly offers up different selections of content to share with its nominal choices.

  • It’s customizable
  • Distinctive tagging system
  • It is a community

You can export all the content you’ve created for your journal, and we’ll package it into a convenient nada file for you to transfer.

tumblr tabs

To start the method, navigate to your account settings on the web:

  1. Click “Settings” below the account icon at the highest of the dashboard.settings
  2. Choose the journal you’d wish to export on the proper facet of the page. Scroll right down to the “Export” section and click on the “Export [blog name]” button.


You’ll see a message indicating that your backup is processed.

When your blog’s content is finished collection, the process message is replaced with a “Download backup” button. Click this button to transfer a zipped file of your blog’s exported contents. Beneath the “Download backup” button, you may conjointly see another “Export [blog name]” button for generating a brand new journal export.

You will conjointly receive an associate in a nursing email from Tumblr, notifying you that the backup has been completed. If you are commercialism a gaggle journal, please note that solely. Admins are notified of its completion. If you would like to export the contents of over one of your blogs, you will need to initiate this method individually for every journal.

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Journal Export

Your journal export could include the following:

  • A Posts folder, with Associate in Nursing hypertext mark-up language file for every post (this includes reblogs, drafts, non-public posts, flagged posts, and the other hidden posts).
  • A Media folder with the media from your posts and any media you’ve uploaded (like in messaging). These files are within the format you uploaded them in (JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, and so on).file formats
  • Illustration of your blog’s electronic communication conversations in hypertext mark-up language format.
  • Illustration of your blog’s posts, conjointly in hypertext mark-up language format.
  • Liked Posts

Note that your backup could take a while to method. Check your blog’s settings page sporadically to examine if it’s completed.

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Backup Your Tumblr Blogs

Following are some ways that can help you to take the backup of your Tumblr blogs

1. Official Tumblr Backup

Tumblr helps you make a copy of all the files uploaded and download and store them on your external hard drive for transfer or backup, or future reference. Tumblr itself provides an option to back up your blogs. It is a little time-consuming depending on the data size you want to back up.tumblr app Tumblr App allows users to have a local backup for all their posts. It creates an in-device HTML extension that gives you access to the backed-up files when opened in a web browser.

Here’s how to do it:

 Put in your login credentials to enter your Tumblr account. tumblr login

 Select a local folder to save your files. Select the “Start” button to start saving the data. Open “index.html” in your preferred web browser .

tumblr backup

You will be directed to the local copy of your blog page. 

3. Backing up on WordPress

Uploading on WordPress is one of the simplest ways to back up Tumblr blogs. But it has just one catch: for free blogs, you can only upload up to 3 GB of data. Their premium plans do allow storage expansion. You can find out their premium plan details on their website. backup tumblr on wordpress

 Nonetheless, having a simple user interface makes it a good choice for Tumblr blog backups, and here is how you can do the same:

  1. Create a WordPress account and log inwordpress
  2. Open “WordPress Admin.” Select “Other importers.” import and export
  3. Then Select “Import from Tumblr.” import tumblr
  4. Click on the Import blog. Connect to Tumblr to start the backup processSelect your blog of choice.

According to your selected plan at WordPress, it will create a backup and store it. 

4. Tumblr-utils

 This is a systematic way to back up Tumblr, but it can be cumbersome. For this, you need to know the Python programming language. You can get ready-made setups from other bloggers who’ve done the same if you run short on coding knowledge like me.


This works well on different platforms like Mac and Windows, and above all, it has no data limit. So you can upload anything and everything your blog entails. It is, however, complicated to use for people who do not know programming. It might come off as a nightmare to them. 

5. TumblThree

TumblThree is convenient to use once you download and install the app on your desktop, as it is only a desktop-based application. It never runs out of data limit, and the installation process is easy.TumblThree

The app will make a separate folder with all the pictures, audio, and other Media. If TumblThree backs up the blog, it will grab likes and the same configuration. After adding the blog, the page will refresh itself automatically and download the media. However, Mac and Linux can not use TumblThree to back up Tumblr.


This particular software works only on JAVA. It downloads the media in the quickest way possible. It will extract all media files from your blog on Tumblr.

The mentioned instructions should be followed to set up the software:

  1. Java should be installed. Ripme.jar is similar to .exe, and it is executable.ripme
  2. Double-click on ripme.jar, and if it refuses to open for some reason, then right-click on it and manually select the option Open With.

ripme.jar open with

7. Backup_tumblr

This method to back up Tumblr is Python/terminal based as well, and the installation process is straightforward. Only blog and side blogs will be downloaded as it requires an authentication key. There will be a problem with data limits, but one can mail Tumblr to request data expansion. The response to those requests, however, is improbable. It requires minimal knowledge of the technical side of computers. It works on both; Windows as well as Mac.


Can I retrieve the data from Tumblr?

You can request the downloading of the information related to your Tumblr account. On the dashboard, click 'Settings' next to the account symbol.

Are people still using Tumblr?

Users, especially younger ones, are responding well to this independence. Gen Z users make up 48% of the 135 million monthly users of the microblogging platform. That figure might now be significantly higher, given that Tumblr had a 96% rise in adoption.

Can you delete Tumblr blogs?

It is impossible to make accounts or blogs dormant or inactive. Deletes your secondary blog(s) if no other members are present. Also, it will terminate your account's participation in any group blogs. On Tumblr, everyone will be able to see the name of your site.

Does Tumblr possess your images?

You don't own your stuff on Tumblr. Your blog's content is owned by the business that runs Tumblr. Hence, it implies they have complete control over it and can suspend your account.

Can you restore an old Tumblr?

All blog entries are erased along with a Tumblr account when it is terminated. You can link your new Tumblr account to your email address by registering for the same blog URL again. The same blog address is reusable.


The methods mentioned above can be used to easily back up your Tumblr and keep them safe if you ever forget your login credentials. Try them out yourself; these methods will be useful for dealing with blogs.

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