A crucial element of gaming is reaction time. Whether you’re playing your favourite first-person shooting game or a simple puzzle game with an inbuilt timer, you’ll probably lose if you don’t react quickly enough. You may find a list of the top 10 best games to improve reaction time.

We list 10 apps here, including Reaction Training, Reaction Time, Brain Spark, Piano Tiles, Brain Games, Dumb Ways to Die, and Reaction Trainer, to improve your reaction time. Some of these gaming and response time measurement apps will also offer suggestions on how you can attempt to make improvements. These games significantly increase your ability to improve reaction time.

improve reaction time

Our brain thinks and works more quickly thanks to games that assist it in enhancing its reactions and reflexes. The processes that control brain function and decision-making are accelerated by it. So without further thought, here are the top Android and iOS games that increase reaction time.

Top 10 Reaction Time Games

Here are the top 10 reaction time games, which are mentioned below.

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss provides not only the classic Solitaire but also a variety of its intriguing variations like klondike and pyramid, catering to players with diverse preferences. solitaire blissPlaying a timed Solitaire game on the platform not only adds an element of excitement but also aids in honing and improving reaction times. This feature challenges players to think quickly and strategize on-the-fly, promoting cognitive agility.

Get on Android | iOS | or solitairebliss.com

Reaction Training

Reaction Training is one of the best games to improve reaction time. This software contains everything you need in one location, whether you want to test your reaction speed or play some games to make it faster. More than 30 activities, including color change, identifying the number, catching the ball, and others, let you test your reflexes. You can alter the game’s theme, the number of rounds, and the seconds till an exercise. The video game’s visuals are dated.

reaction training

Stages are secured. Each stage has a time limit that must be met to be unlocked. Because of this, a user can only finish all the levels by dominating one at a time. You also have the choice to watch advertisements or open all workouts for a one-time cost of $1 if you are curious to check out further stages.

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Magic Tiles

There is no need to introduce Piano Tiles. It combines simple on-screen piano with classical piano pieces. The user must tap on specific tiles or notes moving vertically on the screen for those unaware. You’ll lose the game if you push the incorrect tile. Piano Tiles is an excellent game for enhancing hand-eye coordination, so I advise playing it to quicken your reflexes.

magic tiles

The game offers a variety of game styles, song-choosing options, and even online multiplayer battles to Play IOS Games On PC. With juncture, the game will become more challenging. 

Get Magic Tiles for Android IOS

Reaction Time

A smartphone app makes it simple to gauge your reaction speed. As you play, it monitors your advancement. You can use the Reaction Time app without intrusive pop-ups or full-screen adverts.

reaction time

The app is straightforward to operate. Press and hold your finger on the display to record your reaction time. Remove your finger as soon as the display evolves green. Even though it seems simple, the app displays various colors to throw your mind off, so try to keep your attention on the green screen alone. The program gives you five attempts before calculating and showing your average reaction time.

Get Reaction Time for Android IOS 

Reaction Trainer

Another battle royale game that uses muscle memory to speed up your reaction time is Reaction Trainer. It’s an easy game, but one of the best games to improve reaction time. Please tap on the glowing circles to blast them as fast as possible. The problem is that the speed increases when you hit more right circles.

reaction trainer

 We strongly advise playing these games simultaneously with both thumbs. It will make you speedy and help you have better reaction terms in shooting games like COD. In addition, the game offers a timed play option and several adjustable difficulty settings.

Get Reaction Trainer for Android

Brain Spark: Fast Reaction

One of the best games for enhancing response time is this one. An arcade game called Brain Spark trains players’ attention and reflexes. Similar to earlier games, you must touch on the appropriate hue in this one. Playing the color game in reverse, where you must choose the wrong color, might provide a unique twist.

brain spark: fast reaction

If you tap quickly enough, the match will award you with some reward points. Last, the background music will keep you interested until the game becomes too challenging. 

Get Brain Spark: Fast Reaction for Android | IOS

Reaction Time (2.0)

This software is one of the best reaction testing games that go above and beyond the previous one, which lets you calculate your reaction period. You can also monitor reaction time and track prior test dates and measurements. The app’s most significant departure from the prior version is the presence of built-in mini-games that test your accuracy and reaction time.

reaction time (2.0)

The game also features touch-and-click response time test modes. The touch mode is comparable to the first in that you must let go of your finger when the screen becomes green. However, the click mode requires you to touch the screen again after the color changes. It lets you assess and enhance your first-person shooter game response speed in a dynamic setting.

Get Reaction Time for Android

Dumb Ways To Die

One of the best games to improve reaction time is Dumb Ways to Die. Numerous small to enhance reaction time games and animated characters will attract you. The game is enjoyable; many players have said it has helped them relax and deal with their anxieties. You will only get bored for a short time because there are 82 time-based mini-games.

dumb ways to die

Once you’ve finished playing Dumb Ways to Die, don’t forget to download and play some of the game’s previous iterations from the same creator. They have a theme and a brand-new assortment of obstacles. 

Get Dumb Ways to Die for Android | IOS

Squex: The Reflex Trainer

This game is about making a straightforward message while checking accuracy and speed. A red dot sits in the middle of a group of blue cubes. To prevent any other object from touching you, click on the circle in the center and attempt to hold out for as long as possible. Because you can’t touch the black frame, intricacy is added.

The blue rectangles move in a completely random manner. They drive on the same path for the first few moments. Thus, holding out for five seconds will be relatively easy, but it will be very challenging. 

squex: the reflex trainer

You break a record every time, allowing you to contest against your mates. The procedure becomes compulsive and evolves into genuine competition. Here, only the response is decisive. You can hone your reaction abilities with Squex: the reflex trainer app. This ability will speed up your thinking and decision-making process.

Many athletes are limited to just 18 seconds of playtime. You can have faith in your skills once you get over this stage. 

Get Squex: The Reflex Trainer for Android | IOS

Brain Games

Brain Games users must complete several challenges to hone their reflexes. This fantastic program will help you learn a new skill and enhance your reaction time. Additionally, the app is convenient and straightforward to use.

brain games

The software will offer a reflex test to gauge your mental capacity when launching it. As a result, it will control how difficult the assignment is to complete. To save your advancement in the application, you can record.

Get Brain games for Android


The fantastic reaction time game selects clever tasks that raise your reflex and problem-solving abilities. By finishing each round, you can get extra points. Duet should be your choice if you wish to use your free span persuasively. duet reation game

You can buy things in-app with bonus points, ensuring you aren’t using actual money. You can listen to calming music to focus while working on puzzles. There is a suitable choice in the list. Click here for the top 12 delicious games in order.

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What are some non-video game activities that can improve reaction time?

Some non-video game activities that can improve reaction time include playing sports like tennis or basketball, practicing martial arts, and playing musical instruments.

How often should I play these games to see improvement in reaction time?

Playing these games at least 30 minutes daily, three to five times weekly, is recommend to improve reaction time.

Can playing games improve other cognitive abilities besides reaction time?

Yes, playing games has shown to improve other cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and decision-making.

Are there any risks to playing games to improve reaction time?

There are no significant risks to playing games to improve reaction time, but excessive gaming can lead to eye strain, headaches, and other physical symptoms.

Can playing games to improve reaction time benefit me in real-life situations?

Yes, improving reaction time can benefit you in real-life situations such as driving, sports, and emergency responses.

Is it necessary to use special equipment to improve reaction time while gaming?

No, using special equipment to improve reaction time while gaming is unnecessary. A standard gaming setup with a monitor and controller is sufficient.


Reflexes include analytical, logical, and anticipatory abilities, hand-eye coordination, and hand motions. It is fruitful for everyone to have a more instantaneous response time. It will be helpful for phone games, sports, and other real-world activities. Here are some casual games for Android and iOS that you can play if you want to take a break from fast-reaction games.

These are the best games to improve reaction time. Even if the number of games on this list is limitless, each has a specific difficulty level that will help you develop your reflexes. We are sure you will have a great time playing these games, which will help you improve your cognitive abilities. 

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