In this era of the digital revolution, social media is the new buzz. This is where everyone shares their feelings, showcases their talents and creativity, makes friends, or stays in touch with them. Although it offers individuals a place to interact with others, it also is where we waste our precious time. So, here are the top 7 free Facebook proxy sites for you 

To change your Facebook group name, follow these steps:

1. Tap the “Tap.” button located in the top right corner of your Facebook homepage.
2. Scroll down and find “Groups,” then tap on it.
3. Once in the “Groups” section, select the specific group you want to modify.
4. Below the group’s cover photo, tap “More” and choose “View Group Info.”
5. In the “View Group Info” page, select “Edit Group Settings.”
6. Locate the “Group Name” section and tap on it to edit the group name.
7. After making the desired changes, save your modifications by tapping the “Save” button at the bottom.

By following these easy steps, you can effortlessly update your Facebook group’s name to suit your preferences or current focus better.

However, if you still want to use Facebook, there is a way to unblock it and use it without any hassle. The best alternative to do so is proxy sites. If you go on the internet,​ you will find tons of these websites, but the main point is which is the best among them? Which will best serve your needs? Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore as below are as follows:

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Best 7 Free Facebook Proxy Sites to Make The Most of Facebook!

Go through this compiled list of free Facebook proxy sites to use Facebook without any inconvenience and create multiple accounts, unblock accounts, and unblock Facebook.

FilterBypass – Web Proxy

FilterBypass web proxy is the leading best free proxy site. This site is free to use, and SSL encodes it.

filter bypass – web proxy

There are no pop-up promotions, and the number of ads is kept minimum, which adds to the benefits of using this site. The web proxy also supports YouTube and has even offered HD video quality.

All you need to do is enter the website URL you need to unblock – Facebook, in this case – and tap on the surf catch. That is it. The web proxy is going to take care of the rest.

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Now, the following best free proxy site is Instant-unblock. It is a web proxy site that you can use to unblock Facebook from anywhere. Also, it clears Facebook and any other site on the internet.


To do so, go to the web proxy site, enter the URL you want to unblock in the address field, and click ‘unblock the website.’ The proxy site will do the rest of the work, and you will be free to browse any website you like without any problem.

Visit: Instant-Unblock

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KProxy is also a free and widely used proxy site as of now. This website comes with a minimum number of ads. Thus, you wouldn’t have to go through irritating pop-ups and ads every time you log into Facebook.


This high-speed site makes the user’s experience much better and smoother. Go on, enter the URL in the address field, and click on ‘surf.‘ It is as easy as that.

Visit: KProxy

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This is for you if you are looking for a proxy site that unblocks Facebook without much effort. This web proxy is well-known and a widely loved one among YouTube clients for its specialty in unblocking recordings. The web proxy provides you with SSL security to protect your browsing history.


Enter the URL of the website, and all you have to do is click on ‘GO!’. The site you want will open in seconds, and you can browse it freely. Also, you can click on the tabs below the address field to open Facebook directly.

Visit: Zalmos

Vtunnel (Discontinued)

Another proxy site worthy of your attention is Vtunnel. It is widely used and has not raised questions about its efficiency or trustworthiness. You only need to go to the web proxy site to use this particular site. Once you open it, enter the web address of Facebook in the input field section. 


That is all you have to do. Now sit back; the proxy site will do the rest of the work. Also, with the help of this web proxy site, you can browse a website free of cookies and scripts.

Facebook Proxysite

Next up on the list is the Proxy site. As the name suggests, it unblocks Facebook but can also unblock many popular websites like YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and many more. The user interface is simple; the site looks clean and is extremely easy to use. 

facebook proxysite

It also comes with significantly fewer ads, which adds to its plus point, as many websites are loaded with pop-ups. To use this site, open it in the browser and click on the tabs above the address field. That is it. You have successfully unblocked Facebook and can use and surf through it.

Visit: Facebook Proxysite

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The last but also one of the best sites to unblock Facebook is ProxFree. It is simple and completely free. The user interface has a magnificent structure compared to the other proxy sites. It is also helpful to people who want to surf the websites anonymously and privately


All you have to do is go on the site, enter the URL, which in this instance is, and click on ‘PROXFREE.’ The site will do the rest. In no time, you’ll be able to browse all the websites you want without worry, as all the data will be secured. 

Visit: ProxFree


How Safe Are Free Proxies?

Proxies, to be very honest, can be a host of malware or can violate privacy. It leads to various security risks for users. The risk might not be visible at first. Still, with the lack of encryption, free proxies are prone to multiple pitfalls.

How Do I Use A Facebook Proxy?

You must switch to the Automatically Detect Settings to use a Facebook proxy. There, click on Setup Script and enter the script address. Save it to avail.

What Does A Free Proxy Do?

A free proxy is also known as an open proxy. It helps a user to browse the internet without mentioning his details. Still, through an IP address.

Are Proxies Valid?

Proxies can be very useful in enhancing firewall security between the operating system and the server. It protects from hackers that attack the system through IP addresses and could steal essential information.

How to start a proxy server for Facebook?

Select the search engine by clicking it. Then pick choices, press advanced, then choose a network. The connection settings window will then open when you go to settings. Enter the proxy settings by going to manual proxy configuration. Save the settings to start the proxy server.

Does Facebook permit proxies?

Facebook does indeed enable proxy. You may automate your group and expand your community using a Facebook proxy server. To communicate with persons outside your country or city, you can also utilize the proxy server to appear in another area. Businesses seeking to increase their consumer base will find this very helpful.

Is using a VPN to access Facebook safely?

It is safe, yes. VPNs are used by millions of individuals worldwide to protect their internet connection when using Facebook. Enterprises and other private institutions use corporate VPNs to set up private networks for their employees to guarantee secure browsing.

Why do hackers use proxies?

Hackers use proxy servers to cloak illicit network activities. To install harmful software on users' computers when they utilize a proxy, hackers may also infect the proxy with malware.

Does Facebook track IP addresses?

Yes. Facebook still records your approximate location when you browse the internet via your IP address, even when location tracking is disabled. Facebook claims that maintaining verified users and safe accounts is essential. But if you use Facebook, you can't stop this from happening.

Concluding Free Facebook Proxy Sites

Now that you know all the proxy sites you can use, what are you waiting for? Unblock Facebook and use it as much as you like in the places it is blocked. Also, you can hide ads or remove them according to your preferences. You can also check out this video.

Also, if you are active on social media platforms other than Facebook, like Twitter, this article will help you generate fake tweets without much trouble. Check it out!

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