Anagrams are words generated by combining the letters in a given word or phrase. They are a recreational activity, but they also make up part of many other games, puzzles, and game shows.

Anagram Maker, or Anagrammer, is a tool for generating anagrams for a given word or phrase. These tools help save time and are super efficient.

In this article, find the best free Anagram Maker to help you quickly generate anagrams.

Anagram Maker Tools

Here are some of the free online anagram maker tools:

Andy’s Anagram Solver – An Ideal Anagram Maker

Named by the developer Andrew Gay, this anagram generator website comes with a typical 90’s layout, that is, no graphics or images, but is quite efficient in finding anagrams of words and phrases. You must enter the word or phrase to solve and hit the “Go do it!” button. The best feature of this site is that- it provides a link for downloading one’s Anagram Generator.

andys anagram maker


  • This generator can find anagrams of French and Dutch words.
  • It can also generate anagrams of names as well.
  • One can also limit the number of words for each solution.
  • The user can also limit the time required.
  • One can also decide the sorting technique for generating anagrams.


  • This site contains advertisements.

Try Now: Andy’s Anagram Solver

Anagramsite – A must-have Anagram maker

Being developed by, as the name suggests, this anagram maker website can be used for finding anagrams of words or phrases. One has to type in the word or phrase in the searching tab, then hit the “Search” button, and the result will be generated. This website also displays funny and exciting anagrams of some words and phrases. For example- Goodbye= Obey god, comfort is= Microsoft.



  • This website comes with a basic layout, which makes it quite easy to work with, and is relatively fast in execution.
  • It is free of advertisements.


  • Apart from generating anagrams, it does not have any additional features.


Apart from generating anagrams of individual words, by typing random words, this anagram maker can also find out what word it is an anagram of. It uses the database of everything, Wikipedia, to solve anagrams and puzzles. One has to type in the word or phrase in the “Anagram to Solve” tab, hit the “Submit” button, and the result will generate.

anagram solver


  • It can generate words for any jumbled-up letters of which it is an anagram.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has a free app that is installed on iOS. 
  • Since the database is vast, it covers celebrities, actors, movies, places, philosophy, science, painters, musicians, etc.


  • This website contains advertisements.

Try Now: Anagram-Solver


This anagram maker website can be used for finding words starting with or ending a particular letter. Besides this, the site can also be used for quick word checks, finding synonyms and antonyms of any term, and a dictionary to analyze Scrabble words. One has to type in the word or phrase in the “Enter Your Tiles” tab, hit the “Search” button, and the result will be generated.



  • This website is a multipurpose anagram generator.
  • One can find words starting with or ending with a particular letter.
  • Its site is also a word unscramble and word finder. 


  • This website contains advertisements.

Try Now: Anagrammer


Developed by Alan Eliasen, this anagram generator website has a similar layout as Andy’s Anagram Solver, but it comprises various types of texts like names, places, crossword dictionaries, etc. One can decide the number of maximum other words in the anagram and the shortest word length. One has to type in the word or phrase in the “Anagram” tab, and the result will generate.



  • Apart from English, it can find anagrams in other multiple languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese.
  • It is pretty user-friendly for its basic layout.
  • One can also provide words for inclusion in the anagrams.
  • It also does not contain any advertisements.


  • It does not have any additional features apart from generating anagrams.

Try Now: Futureboy


Wordplays is an anagram maker in which one has to enter a phrase or a word, and it will generate all the possible anagrams. It simply rearranges the letters in the word or the phrase. There are several other features like- crossword solvers, scrabble, word games, tools, boggle, and a dictionary available on the site, some of which can be played with friends by signing up. For generating anagrams, one has to type in the word or phrase in the “Enter a word or phrase” tab, hit the “Go” button, and the result will be generated.



  • It’s a quick and effortless way to find anagrams.
  • This anagram generator website has a basic layout, which makes it easier to work with. 
  • One can set the minimum length and the number of maximum answers for generating anagrams.
  • Several other crossword solvers, word games, etc. available on the site.


  • This site comes with advertisements.

Try Now: Word Plays

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How do you make a good anagram?

To create a good anagram, start with a word or phrase and rearrange its letters to form a new meaningful word or phrase. Maintaining coherence between the original and rearranged versions is essential. Experiment with different letter combinations, use online anagram generators for inspiration and have fun playing with language to craft clever and engaging anagrams.

How do you solve anagrams fast?

First, identify the letters involved and their frequency to solve anagrams quickly. Look for common prefixes, suffixes, or recognizable patterns. Utilize anagrams solvers or online tools to speed up the process. Practice regularly to improve your pattern recognition skills and become more adept at rearranging letters swiftly to uncover hidden words or phrases.

Is there a website to make anagrams?

Yes, several websites offer anagram-making services. These websites allow users to input a word or phrase and generate a list of possible anagrams. Some sites also provide advanced features, such as filtering results based on word length or dictionary references. Search 'anagram generator' online, and you'll find various options to help you craft intriguing anagrams.

What is anagram software?

Anagram software is a computer program or application designed to generate anagrams automatically. It takes a word or phrase as input and produces a list of possible rearrangements of its letters. These tools are helpful for word games, puzzles, and linguistic challenges, saving time and effort by swiftly creating multiple anagrams with just a few clicks.

What is anagram coding?

What is anagram coding? Anagram coding is a technique used in cryptography and computer science. It involves rearranging the letters of a word or phrase based on a specific algorithm or pattern to encrypt or encode the original message. Recipients with the corresponding decryption key can then reverse the process to reveal the hidden information. Anagram coding adds a layer of complexity to protect sensitive data and ensure secure communication.


Several other anagram-maker tools are available, but these are some of the best. Most of them complete the user’s requirements and have a simple and basic layout, making them user-friendly. Some of them come with additional features apart from generating anagrams, which makes them unique.

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