DQA app tracks the Wi-Fi data transmissions. You can use it to troubleshoot the error message that appears on the screen. Knowing that Samsung released an OTA update, not all users may experience the issue.

Device quality agents, or DQAs, are present in all Samsung tablets and smartphones. DQA is set up and functions as a bridge between the networks. You can use this program to check the Wi-Fi network’s quality. It guarantees a stable internet connection and a strong network.

Device Quality Agent App verifies the Wi-Fi’s -performance and ensures that you won’t have any issues connecting to an unidentified internet connection. Please read below to learn more about the DQA app, its uses, and various troubleshooting methods.

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Defining DQA: Device Quality Agent

What is dqa app? The Device Quality Agent Application’s job is to monitor the Wi-Fi data connections. The Device Quality Agent is known as the DQA. 

  • It serves as a go-between for your device and the network. It ensures that when you browse internet connections, both known and unknown, you won’t experience any problems.
  • Additionally, it is software with a few issues you must fix. The Samsung Company has yet to make any long-lasting remedies available. A few users at the company only receive the error notification once a day.what is dqa 
  • Samsung creates the app specifically for the company’s smartphones. However, many individuals experience the issue frequently throughout the day. Thus, it becomes more difficult for them to utilize their devices for an extended period. 
  • The application’s main objective is to act as a bridge between the networks.

Usage: Device Quality Agent (DQA App)

  • This Samsung app’s primary function is to receive the Wi-Fi signal you are now utilizing. 
  • It would be best if you were sure that using an unidentified internet connection won’t cause any issues. Users claim they encounter the error message when connecting their phones to Wi-Fi.keeps stopping
  • What is dqa on android? You can see that the messages stop coming when you turn off your Wi-Fi. A few individuals go to the apps that are now operating and then forcefully stop the program from succeeding. 
  • Samsung messages provide an OTA update to help you solve the issue. The update is useful for those still receiving the notice that the DQA app has ceased.

Simple Solutions for DQA App Errors

These are the alternatives you can use to address the issue.

Restart Your Smartphone

The first thing you should do is restart your smartphone. You must clear cache memory via recovery. 

  1. The device must be turned off, after which you must hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons.press power and volume 
  2. It would be best if you continued to hold down the Power button on your phone once you see the “No Command” option. Your next duty is to activate the recovery procedure by pressing the Volume Up button.restart
  3. To highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” option, move down using the volume keys on the side of your phone.select restart
  4. You must then hit the power button to confirm your action. The smartphone will reset after you’re done.

Turn off the Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi connection may cause error messages to appear in the dqa app. A few customers claim that when there is no Wi-Fi connection, the notification doesn’t appear. As a result, you can avoid utilizing Wi-Fi by using the mobile data on your phone.

You can refresh the network configuration. After that, you can determine if it benefits you. 

  1. Go to the settings menu option.wifi step1 
  2. Select “Reset network settings” from the Reset menu.wifi step2
  3. You should then choose “RESET SETTINGS” as the following action.

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Turn off the high-performance mode

You can attempt the subsequent procedure. It would help if you compelled the Device Quality Agent  Application (DQA App) software to halt in this situation. 

  1. To do this, you must first access the “Settings” menu. Switching to the Applications option would be the best line of action.turn off high performance mode
  2. Your next task is to select the menu item. Then, check for the “Show System Apps” option there. customized power plan
  3. Finding the app is the next step.turn off mode
  4. Enter the app and select the option to demand a stop.

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Get a DQA Disabling App

The final option is to acquire a program that aids in disabling it. You might utilize one of the many apps that are accessible in the market in this situation.get a dqa Then you can find the Device Quality Agent Application (DQA App) on the Systems Tab. You must download it first, then grant it various rights. You can be certain that the application can exceed your phone’s requirements.


'Samsung DQA keeps stopping'—what does that mean?

People who use Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S1 and S8 Plus, have complained that a notification reading 'Samsung DQA Keeps Stopping' displays on their phones. They experience this when attempting to connect their gadgets to Wi-Fi.

What is Android DQA?

The Wi-Fi data connections are tracked by it. You can use it to fix the error message that appears on the screen. Given that Samsung released an OTA update, not all users may experience the issue.

Can You Uninstall the DQA App?

As the app is already installed on your phone, you can remove it using system app remover or ABD. You must flash the device if you wish to remove it.

Is the app virus-infected or safe to use?

The app has historically caused a lot of problems. The main problem is that there needs to be a solution to validate the problem's existence. While some people succeed using a few specific techniques, others still need to. The Wi-Fi connection, your phone or tablet's version, and your carrier may all be to blame for the issue. However, because Samsung provides this, you can use it safely.

What use does a device quality agent serve?

The Device Quality Agent Application's job is to monitor the Wi-Fi data connections. It serves as a go-between for the network and your device. It ensures that when you access internet connections, both known and unknown, you won't experience any problems. Additionally, it is a piece of software with a few issues you must fix.


In this article, we have given all the details regarding the app. Only individuals who recently purchased their mobile phones have the DQA app issue. When you ask the cell phone carriers about the notification, you typically obtain answers from them. While having trouble, there are a few things you can attempt. You get to know how to use and troubleshoot the issues in various ways in this article. 

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