Download Embedded Video On Chrome With Easy Steps

download embedded video on chrome

Embedded videos are known to increase traffic on your page, and if you are looking for the same, this is probably worthwhile. However, you must be aware of the benefits of using embedded videos in your content. That’s why this article has piqued your interest. When you download them, you cannot only use them, but you can also watch them uninterrupted. So if you are looking for some common ways to download embedded video on Chrome easily, you are on the right page! Here we will depict some common and easy ways to download these embedded videos and use them.

download embedded video on Chrome
Download embedded video on Chrome

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But first things first! What is an embedded video? We need to know first that these videos are different from the videos posted on various video-streaming websites, and sometimes it may become very arduous to download them and use them. This video category is self-hosted and built into the web page, including Flash video, HTML5 video, etc. The embedding features allow the user to host these videos at another location, such as blogs or articles. Now let’s dive straight to the ways of downloading these videos. Wanted to know the answer of “How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date? ” Click here!

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Download Embedded Videos On Chrome : Easy Steps

These are the steps that you can follow to download embedded video on Chrome.

Directly from the sites

If you want an easy way to download these videos, this is the alternative for you. There are many embedded videos online that you can directly download from the websites. All you suppose to do is click the right button, and you will get the option “Save video as.” Easy Peasy! You can choose the place where you want to download the video and then hit save. No harder than saving an image, right?

download video from website
Download video from website

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Using Free Video Downloader

There are so many free video downloaders that you can not work out for you if the first option is not working out. You can easily find the best of them online, and using them is a cakewalk. You cannot only use them to download the videos from the video hosting websites, but you can also easily download the embedded videos using them. All you have to do is copy the video URL you want to download and paste it into the free video downloader and then enjoy your video. They are free and very easy to use. Once you start using them, there is no coming back; trust us!!

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Using Chrome/ Firefox browser

Using your browser, is another easy way to download embedded video on Chrome or Firefox. Steps you need to follow are given as below:

  1.  Open the browser and play the video of your choice from the website you wish to download.
  2. By clicking the right button on the blank canvas on the screen or pressing the F12 key, you can go to ‘Inspect Element’ or ‘Inspect’ as per your browser choice. 
  3.  After this, Navigate to Network> Media Tab. You can see the download link on the page on the left side when you press F5 and play the video again. You will have to right-click on the link and choose ‘Open in new Tab.’
  4.  Now, your video is ready to be downloaded. First, you need to click on the ‘Download’ button, and if you cannot locate it, click the right button and go for ‘Save Video As’ and here you go.

From browser extensions

If you are  looking for the best way to download embedded video, then you must head to browser extensions that not only allow you to download the video, but can change the format or blacklist third-party domains as well. First, you need to add the Video Download Helper extension to your browser and restart the browser. Then play the video of your choice.

video download helper
Video Download Helper

You can click on the Video Download Helper icon and from the drop-down, click on the ‘Quick Download’ option. Easy, right?

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Using online video download services

There are so many online video download services, and here we will provide you with our tops three picks. 

These are the best of the services out there to download embedded video. You need to copy-paste the URL of the video you wish to download in the URL box of one of these sites and then choose the video resolution, and your video will be ready in no time. This is indeed one of the easy ways to download embedded video for you.


This was our list on how to download embedded video. From the list given above, you can adopt any of the options that fit your condition. These common five ways to download and remove any hiccups with embedded videos will be very useful to you, so mark this page and stay tuned for more informative articles to save your day!!

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