The developer of the game platform Steam is Valve. Thanks to it, you can access tens of thousands of fun on the platform. You can also buy, create, and even talk about PC games. The portal also allows you to download a wide range of content that it provides. But can friends see hidden games on Steam?

Launch the Steam app and head to your library to hide any game. Select the game you wish to hide, then go into Settings and click Manage > Hide this game. To access your concealed game, navigate to View > Hidden Games.

Here are the other six techniques for concealing your gaming activity on Steam Community. You can also check Discord to learn how to hide the game activity. Let’s see each of these options in detail : 

Six solutions to the question – “Can friends see hidden games on Steam?”

You can use these six ways to hide your games from your friends and reverse them to find hidden games on Steam.

Turn off privacy controls to conceal your Steam activity.

By adjusting the privacy settings, you can hide gaming activity on Steam.

Learning how to use privacy controls to hide your Steam activity would be best. It is the simplest solution to the question – “Can you hide games on Steam from friends.”

  1. Download the Steam client on your computer and select your Steam name by clicking upon that top ribbon bar. Pick a profile from the dropdown to go to the Profile page for your account and modify it.view my profile
  2. Look for the My Privacy Settings option on the right side. By clicking on them, you may modify your privacy settings. Select “My Profile” from the menu next to the Game Details after locating the “My Profile” option in the Setting privacy settings
  3. Then, to turn the Game Activity private, choose Private from the available options. Private should supplant privacy.keep steam private
  4. Inspect the privacy settings to see if it conceals your Steam activities. On Steam, right-click a vacant space. From the pop-up menu, choose Copy Page URL.block all communication
  5. Note the URL and copy it. Check if the game activity is hidden by pasting it into your browser.

Games Can Be Hidden Or Eliminated In Your Steam Library

You can delete the video game from your PC’s Steam library. Cover it up in your Steam library, or remove it too. But can friends see hidden games on Steam? Any achievements you have obtained will still be visible to everyone with login credentials to your profile’s game data. Additionally, how long you’ve been playing that game? The game will not be seen inside your Steam library for anyone who has gained access to your computer.nsfw games on steam

The Steam platform now offers NSFW games and other content. The ability to keep your gaming activities secret is becoming increasingly important. It will be helpful even if you have been playing other games.

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Make your profile private

Making your profile private is another way to keep your gameplay hidden on Steam. You will be locked off from your buddies as a result. Another thing to consider is other players you may run into while playing.

Affected features include Inventory, Friend, Game Details, and Delete comments. For information on how to turn your profile private, see below:

  1. From the menu, choose your Steam name. To access the profile page for your account, choose a profile from the menu.profile
  2. Tap Edit My Profile in the window’s upper right corner. Then scan the right corner of the window for the “My Privacy Settings” button.edit-privacy
  3. In the window, click the menu next to My Profile. Modify the status from Open to Private using the options.private
  4. You can implement the modification immediately away. Then, check your profile to verify if Steam conceals gaming activities.

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Block Steam Chat from seeing game activity

You can become invisible or go offline in the Steam chat. You want to tell only some of your friends that you’ve started the game. Block them so they don’t know you are using their friend list to play the game.

  1. Navigate to the Friends and Chat menu on Steam.privacy
  2. Click on your username to change your status to “Offline or Invisible.”offline or invisible
  3. You will see the gaming data on your profile page. Your friends will not receive the current game’s activity.settings-manage-hide
  4. Can your friends see hidden games on stream? – Nope. The game information is changed to Private.

Steam Block is a particular game activity

You can prevent your friends from seeing games you play without setting your account private.

  1. Start the game you want to play in stealth mode.profile
  2. Launch another Steam game. Go back to your available state.keep steam private
  3. You will always appear amidst the last game you started on Steam. Leave something running at the same time in your library.

You cannot hide the game from Steam users. So, Manage and remove the game from your collection.

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Does Steam's game concealing feature keep a game from friends?

Beyond Steam's Invisible Mode By using Steam's profile to conceal your gaming activity, our approach goes above and beyond. While in this mode, you can still speak with pals if you'd like to, even if you seem offline to everyone else. You can still be seen online by doing this, but nobody can see what it is you're playing.

Can you access secret games on Steam?

Here's how to view all of your hidden Steam games. Open the ‘Steam app’ and, if necessary, log into your account. Select ‘View -> Hidden Games’ from the Steam homepage from the dropdown menu. The ‘Secret’ area on the left shows a list of your hidden games, and the ‘Expanded’ section is on the right.

Can friends access secret games on Reddit for Steam?

If hidden, your friends won't be able to see the game on your user profile (games list, recent activity, inventory, screenshots, badges, videos, and reviews). You won't see the game on your friends' activity feeds.

How can your Steam purchases be hidden from friends?

Select ‘My Privacy Settings’ from the Edit menu. When you tap that Game Details state, numerous options will appear. Set the game's privacy to Private inside the Game Details menu. The games you have in your Steam profile or elsewhere won't be visible to your friends anymore


Sharing your gaming achievements with friends is a breeze on Steam. You don’t want the games and activities you’ve been playing to be shown on your Steam profile.

In this article, we’ve gone through every method for safeguarding your privacy on Steam and answered your question – “Can friends see hidden games on Steam?”

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