We are now in a golden era for gaming controllers, with more advanced, diverse, and adaptable gamepads than those from only a few consoles decades ago. That also covers the abundance of third-party choices. Now, you have a selection of controllers. Which ones are, however, the best Xbox 360 controllers?

A tonne of controllers available provides more options, different sizes, and different textures. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2, its Wireless Xbox controller, and Revolution X Nacon are some of our best options. To examine how well these controllers compare to the competition, we put them to the trial, measuring delay, usability, and functionality to produce a comprehensive final ranking.

Let’s glimpse the best Xbox 360 controllers on the market and discover which best suits your requirements.

The Best Xbox 360 Controllers | Top 7 Picks

There are several distinct controllers among which to pick. Others will provide alternatives in a wider range of sizes and textures. All of these elements, whether wireless or wired, expensive or inexpensive, or have extras that are included, matter. The top Xbox 360 controllers are listed below.

Xbox Elite Series 2 from Microsoft

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is the posh, pricey upgrade to the ordinary controller. It is the best Xbox 360 controller. It has a USB-C port and supports wifi, although it is missing the useful Share button that is included on the most recent Xbox Wireless Controller.xbox elite series 2 from microsoft

But the outstanding overall design, additional controls, user-swappable paddles, D-pad, and extensive customizability more than makeup for that.

The Elite controller, in contrast to the regular controller’s simple plastic design, mixes elevated-quality plastic with a rubberized grip and tiny particles of metal. The Elite is notably heavier than its less expensive siblings when you consider this and its built-in rechargeable battery.

Wireless Xbox Controller from Microsoft

Owing to Microsoft’s exclusive wireless protocol, this is the only available, affordable wireless alternative. It is versatile because it comes with AA batteries rather than a built-in chargeable battery. With only a USB-C cable, it performs as a corded attachment. Indeed, the consumer-replaceable battery packs guarantee that individuals won’t be stuck with a control system that loses its power after months of using it.wireless xbox controller from microsoft

However, the best wired Xbox one controller Xbox pad’s greatness extends beyond its connection. Sticks, buttons, triggers, and the D-pad in the form of a hollow dish all have impeccable tightness, and the latter has a nice clickiness. The hardware is first-rate for the $60 asking price of the controller.

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Revolution X Nacon | Best Xbox 360 Controllers

The Revolution X is extremely simple and subdued when you initially begin to use it. It is a gamepad of the type follows function sort; which is not a surprise. It is the best Xbox gaming controller.revolution x nacon

Nacon is pleasant to use because the four rear controls built into the handles are large and have a lovely curve. However, the real stars of this show are the customizable programming for the analog sticks and the vast array of custom choices for the controller’s other internal components.

The Revolution X includes four, in addition to a “traditional” mode with simple controls and an RGB light ring around the right stick to indicate your mode. Although the software app is not easy to use, the controls are detailed.

Enhanced Wired Controller by PowerA

The Enhanced Wired Controller from PowerA provides exceptional value without making too many compromises. The Advanced Wired Controller is available in many colors and patterns, including ones officially licensed by video game series like Fallout and Mass Effect. It is a cool Xbox 360 wireless controller.enhanced wired controller by powera

It features two assignable rear buttons integrated into the grips, which is amazing to have at such a low price. The build quality is decent.

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller’s remaining features are all standard fare, but they are all executed admirably and at an absurdly low cost. A two-year guarantee is included with the Enhanced Wired Controller, which is twice as long as that of more expensive models like the Microsoft Elite Series 2.

Pro Scuf Instinct | Best Xbox 360 Controllers

The only wireless product offered by a 3rd party Xbox 360 controller is the Scuf Instinct Pro. In certain very particular respects, the Instinct Pro is superior to Microsoft’s Elite. These include its ease and the incorporation of rear controls and hair cues.pro scuf instinct

The rear controls of the Instinct Pro are particularly distinctive. Rather than paddles, the controller has four rocker-like keys that you press with your middle finger to move forward or back from your hands.

The hair triggers on the Scuf are another notable characteristic. They respond the fastest of all the triggers. Hence it is among the best Xbox 360 controllers.

Xbox 360 Controller for Microsoft With a Transforming D-Pad

The Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft itself is almost flawless (provided you don’t have an issue with the positioning of the analogue sticks), but one of the greatest complaints about its original design was the directional pad: it was mushy, imprecise, and didn’t function well for fighters. xbox 360 controller for microsoft with a transforming d-pad

Microsoft fixed the issue by developing a controller that has a morphing d-pad, making it more comfortable to use in most circumstances. It was a marginal improvement over the controller that came with your system. It also included a thumbstick.

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Mad Catz’s Major League Gaming Fight Stick

Mad Catz’s Major League Gaming Tournament Edition fight stick is a good Xbox 360 controller for gamers who like fighting games. Thanks to the fightstick’s high-quality construction and 8-button layout with multi-speed turbo capabilities, you can fight round after round.mad catz's major league gaming fight stick 

Even for used models, this stick is still in high demand, with prices occasionally exceeding the MSRP. However, if you’re fortunate, you can purchase one for a fair price.


Are Xbox X controllers reliable?

The finest choice currently available is Microsoft's default controller for the Xbox Series X and S. You can play for long without any problems with this wireless controller because it includes all the essential functions you require and a comfortable heft and touch.

Which Xbox controller is the most recent?

All essential features are included in the latest Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Enjoy reduced hair trigger lockup, wrap-around rubber grips, and adjustable-tension analog sticks.

How does stick drift happen?

Drift is a consequence of the surroundings and bad design or challenging gameplay. As was previously mentioned, ambient submersible pumps can also mimic pet fur or salty, greasy treats.

Could you correct stick drift?

In the controller's settings panel, toggle Bluetooth connectivity on and off. Within the game's options, modify the input limit. This region, called the Deadzone, is where the thumbstick eliminates light drift by not registering motion.

Are higher joysticks preferable?

Short thumbsticks are made for more rapid movement. Tall thumbsticks are made to provide a greater playing field and more accurate targeting.


Selecting the controller that best meets your needs might be challenging, given the variety on the market. Consequently, we discussed the best Xbox 360 controllers available in the industry. We examined their features and the applications that each controller excels at. We also gained some understanding of several user inquiries concerning controllers.

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