You just purchased a smart TV. The best smart TV now available is the LG TV. However, they only come with a few app support, unlike FireOS and Android TVs. You receive the LG Content store, albeit only a few apps are available. You now need the best LG smart tv apps that will enable you to maximize your buy. 

The best LG smart tv apps are Spotify, Youtube, Disney Plus, Netflix, Accuweather, Newsy, CBS News, etc. You don’t need more devices to stream music, watch trending videos, or peruse news articles with the correct apps. These apps work with LG smart TVs and are among the best available.

To demonstrate how LG smart TVs can accomplish the best LG innovative tv intelligence. We’ve tried to include the key players on our list of best LG smart tv apps. 

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Best apps for LG smart tv

To help you enjoy the best in home entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of the top LG Smart TV applications. We have everything you need, from streaming services such As Netflix & Plex to sports & news apps, gaming, and productivity tools.

Spotify (and other music services)

We’ll start with the category that is the simplest: music. Why not install one on your TV? Many people use the best LG intelligent tv apps, like Spotify & Pandora, to play their favorite music.spotify Each app’s LG Smart TV version runs similarly to your mobile version but is scaled up to match the television. Spotify Premium is the most famous music service on LG’s Content Store. But Pandora is also a choice, offering a sizable song selection. If you want to listen to live radio, you can also access SiriusXM.sirius


Of course, if you want to avoid commercials, you’ll have to fork over a bit of cash. You’ll need a streaming best LG tv app to listen to music on your smart TV, but you don’t have a home theater system with a cd or DVD player.home theater projector

You can listen to many kinds of music on YouTube, but you can miss out on some artists’ complete albums or tracks. You can stream over 50 million tunes with the Spotify app. A service subscription will also give you access to many podcasts, customized playlists, and ad-free audio listening.

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Movie streaming

It’s only possible to keep track of some of the video services. And it worsens when you must move between applications to watch your favorite movies. Movies Anywhere contradict that assumption by consolidating your downloads into a helpful app. logo


The LG smart tv app requires you to link all accounts before easily accessing your favorite shows. The best part is that watching movies anywhere is free and can show you new offers on material from other sites.


Your modern LG Smart TV might be what you need to do away with your cable box completely. Sling TV & Hulu TV is also available, but YouTube TV is the most popular. With over 85 channels & a few premium bundle options. youtubeYouTube TV may be the free tv app for LG smart tv and the least expensive app in this list of LG Smart TV must-haves. Whatever live TV app you select should offer a fresh, affordable method of overcoming

One of the leading entertainment applications for intelligent smart TV owners is YouTube. On smart televisions, YouTube and its companion application, YouTube TV, function flawlessly. These applications will grant you full access to YouTube videos and TV to get youtube tv on firestick This package gives you immediate access to live Television, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR capabilities. And YouTube TV can also be a wise purchase if you miss out on a few channels.

Disney Plus

Video services are similar to other apps in that they should represent your needs. Choose from a wide selection of LG Smart TVs, identical to the music services. Disney Plus is currently one of the most well-liked and highly-rated applications.

disney plus on android

Mainly because of the content from Hamilton and The Mandalorian. Hulu, Netflix, & Apple TV are more options. But remember that adding Disney Plus requires a separate subscription price. 


Netflix, the current leader in entertainment apps, functions flawlessly on your smart TV and everywhere else. You may access a vast selection of series and movies if you have the Netflix app & a service wont open on xbox one


It won’t need additional devices to explore and navigate the app. You can use the TV without a remote control. The app is a must-have on your smart TV if you have a Netflix membership. This is among the best LG apps for tv.


You can get the most recent information on the weather in your region with AccuWeather. This free software includes alerts, forecasts, and hourly weather predictions—everything you’d expect from a weather app useful for Pilots.accuweather


You can plan outings using the app’s personalized lifestyle forecasts. This software can help you determine when the weather would be ideal for a day excursion if you like fishing, hiking, or being outside.


There is the Newsy app if you want to look at the news but want to avoid viewing any major news networks.newsy

The app offers video updates from reputable sources, like Reuters, AP News, and the BBC. Like other news applications, it provides customization options for your news feed. And receive updates on the subjects that matter to you the You can swiftly switch between stories with your remote while keeping up with the day’s most significant happenings at your speed.

LG Channels

LG Local Channels are like a breath of fresh air in a world where nearly every streaming service charges $8 or more monthly. With approximately 200 stations to pick from, it is a free TV setup right from LG. There is a channel for almost every genre, including news and anything from comedy to horror.lg tv

Additionally, you may get specialized favorites like the Just For Laughs stream and unique Funny or Die content. Channels Plus is available from LG in a free version that gives more options for programming.

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CBS News

Suppose you want to stay updated with the most recent big news stories. A few LG TV apps are available that provide 24/7 news coverage. The CBS News application, which provides 24/7 news coverage and has unique programming, is one of our


Other news apps for LG TVs include WeatherNation. Which offers precise weather forecasts, & Very Local provides news feeds from numerous regional US stations nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps are available for LG smart tv, and Why can't I find my preferred app in the LG Content Store?

Your preferred streaming app might not be accessible via direct download for various reasons, including licensing concerns, regional restrictions, and technological difficulties. Consider purchasing a Roku and Amazon Fire streaming stick and connecting it to the LG TV if your preferred app is out of the store.

Are updates made to LG TV apps?

Yes. Most apps automatically upgrade to newer versions.

Do LG TV applications ever get canceled?

An app may occasionally be removed from the LG Content Store. If that happens and you already have the application installed, don't remove it because you probably still have plenty of time to use it.

What does the Peloton app cost?

You can install & use the app for free if you have a Peloton device at home & pay the $44 monthly all-access membership fee. But it costs $12.99 monthly if you only want the app and not the bike.


LG intelligent TV apps improve your home entertainment pleasure. You can choose an app that suits your demands from among a constantly expanding range. Our list of best LG intelligent tv apps will help you.

LG has you covered whether you want to view the newest film release or are searching for a new mystery game. They make your LG Smart TV an even more practical and all-encompassing entertainment hub.

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