Is Youtube TV Not Working On Firestick [Quick fixes To It]

is youtube tv not working on firestick

The Firestick is a streaming media player developed by Amazon and marketed as a way for people to enjoy content from the internet, including YouTube TV and also watch all those local channels. Youtube TV is a great platform that allows users to watch their favorite channels on the go. However, some users have reported that Youtube TV is not working on their Firestick.

If you are a Firestick user, you might have faced this problem. It is a result of the two devices’ compatibility issues. It occurs due to the different operating systems Firestick and the Youtube TV app.

We will explore some of the main reasons why YouTube TV has stopped working on Firestick and what you can do if you experience this issue.

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Reasons Why YouTube TV Not Working On Firestick

This article will tell you the steps you need to take to make YouTube TV work on your Firestick.

Check The Compatibility Of Amazon Fire TV And YouTube TV

In 2019, Amazon added all the services of youtube. It means that since 2019, compatibility was there between Amazon and youtube. The FireTV supporting YouTube Tv includes:


  • Fire TV 2nd Gen fire tv 2nd gen
  • Cube 1st Gen
  • Stick 2nd Gen 
  • Fire TV 3rd Gen

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Check The Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection can create trouble while playing youtube on firestick. So, there should be a stable and good internet connection to run the apps without hiccups on the firestick. 

check the internet connection

It is essential to check the internet connection on the firestick device and all other devices to go through the real connectivity problem. If your Fire stick is not connecting to Wi-Fi, you may want to read this article.

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Remove App’s History And Cache

Youtube TV may stop responding when the application cache is corrupted or faulty. However, to eliminate the debased cache on the FireTV, we need to follow certain steps:

remove app's history and cache firetv

  1. Look out for the settings option in FireTV
  2. Choose application
  3. Scroll down to manage installed applications to look out for the Youtube TV app. 
  4. Clear data by opting for a clear cache option.
  5. Once all the cache is cleared, attempt to browse youtube once to check if all underlying issues are sorted or not.
  6. Further, to keep the account active, one must try logging in to check if it’s working fine. 

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Force Stop YouTube

One of the reasons for the youtube firestick not working is the video buffering while playing it. 

By following a few steps, we can ensure the proper working of Youtube:

force stop youtube

  1. Operating the application.
  2. Click on the option manage installed application.
  3. Click the option “force stop”. This way, the app is forced to stop and again restarts.

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Start Fire TV Device Again

The next step to restart the Fire TV device should be to refresh the Youtube TV. Doing this can fix several issues in case the device is streaming like Chromecast. There are certain steps to follow, which are highlighted below:

restart the fire tv device

  1. Unplugging of power cord for a few seconds.
  2. Put the plug back 
  3. Try opening Youtube.

It is possible to restart the device by clicking on settings and selecting the My FireTV option. Click on the restart option. In addition, we can cross-check it by opening Youtube TV. After resolving this problem, you can add Disley Plus to your Vizio smart tv.

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Reinstall The App After Uninstalling 

Firstly, by uninstalling the Youtube app from the Firestick TV, there is a scope for removing all the cache and data files. In other words It refreshes the Youtube TV app and makes it ready for smooth, hassle-free usage. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps for uninstalling and reinstalling:

  1. Select settings options on the FireTV device. settings options on the firetv device
  2. Go to applications and click on Manage installed applications.
  3. Opt for Youtube TV. opt for youtube tv
  4. Click on Uninstall.


It is important to use an updated version of the firestick software to avoid any glitches and hassles while using the Youtube TV app. By updating the firestick, we can avoid the sudden crashes of apps along with the stability of it while using it. Click here to download video on chrome. 

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Certain steps to be followed are:

  1. For uninstallation, for the instructions on the screen further. 
  2. So, to complete the process, we reinstall it again by the below-mentioned instructions:
    • Check the FireTV menu for YoutubeTV.
    • Opt for the Get option.
    • Follow it up by downloading the app.
  3. After the installation is finished, we can log into the account to see whether the Youtube TV is working or not. 

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Updating Firestick

Following steps will help you solve the issue if your Youtube TV is not working on Firestick by updating the firestick:

  1. Open settings options and click on My TV. updating firestick
  2. Install the current version of firestick. Select the About option. Therefore, there will be an option to go through the updates. Check out these PS3 controller on Switch.

Reconfigure Firestick 

Firstly, by resetting the firestick, all the data and personalization will return to zero. After that, all the in-app purchases, saved content, etc., will be lost on resetting the firestick. 

reconfigure firestick

How do we reset the firestick?

  1. Scroll to the settings option on FireTV.
  2. Click on find my FireTV.
  3. Look out for a reset to factory defaults.
  4. Click reset. 

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Also, resetting the firestick by pressing the right side of the navigating circle and back button for about 10 seconds can solve the issue. 

These are a few resolves for Youtube TV not working on firestick.

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Why is youtube not working on firestick?

Certain reasonings are listed below: Poor internet connectivity. I am not using the updated app. Older version of the app. The device has got an old version of the software. A few issues occur a few times a day. These can be reasons leading to firestick youtube not working.

How to figure out the server problem on youtube?

One can do nothing to resolve a major server issue. Down detector is one such website that is used to guide server issues.

How to understand any issues with the firestick?

After trying all possible resolves, if youtube isn't working with the firestick, there may be issues. To resolve the firestick issue, contact customer support for Firestick TV.

How many devices can Youtube TV have at once?

One can browse Youtube on three devices at one time.

Is firestick a travel-friendly option?

Firestick is a device that can take anywhere with an active wifi connection and an HDMI connection.

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To sum up, youtube TV is one of the most used and browsed apps these days. As a result, millions of such videos are uploaded daily, from self-help to education, cooking, and movies. Since the firestick came into existence, the working of youtube tv applications has become quite simple these days. Also, now use YouTube without touching the remote on your Samsung tv.

In other words, firetv gives you the freedom to watch your favorite streaming channels like Hulu, fubo TV, and sling TV. You can also install xfinity on your Amazon Fire TV as well. But despite the simplicity, there are certain glitches that every device or application might face in some time of its course. The abovementioned article covers all the quick resolves regarding YouTube not working on firestick 2022. 

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