YouTube Not Working On Samsung Tv | 7 Best Ways To Fix It

youtube not working on samsung tv

We can use a smart TV, such as a Samsung model, to access the internet and watch YouTube and other videos. You could experience youtube not working on Samsung tv when watching YouTube videos on the device. Here are some typical issues with Samsung TV and their fixes for YouTube issues.

You can always use YouTube on a phone, tablet, or computer again. However, nothing compares to using it on a big 4K Samsung display. Use the tips below to prevent youtube from not working on Samsung tv before you accept a bad viewing experience. Also, sometimes youtube doesn’t play on firestick.

To prevent such problems, we will discuss how to solve YouTube’s lack of working on Samsung TV in this article.

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7 Best Fixes For “Youtube Not Working On Samsung Tv”

Let’s talk about the seven best solutions in this article.

Verify The YouTube Servers

When troubleshooting YouTube on a Smart TV, you should start by checking this. You won’t be able to use YouTube on any device, let alone the Samsung TV if the servers go down.

  1. Enter YouTube into the Downdetector and search there.  enter youtube into the downdetector
  2. You may see the YouTube listing has significant outage spikes if others are experiencing the same issue. 
  3. You will therefore have to wait for Google to address the issues.

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Verify Network Connection

If your WiFi connection is poor, the YouTube app and other streaming apps on your Samsung TV may not function properly. It’s time to examine your TV’s WiFi connection.

  1. Open the Samsung TV home.
  2. Scroll left to access the Settings menu. setting in samsung tv
  3. Go to the Network menu by scrolling right from the Quick Settings menu.
  4. Select Network Status by using the up arrow.
  5. Verify that Connected is present. Check the network status that states “Your TV is connected to the Internet” in step 6 of the process.

Additionally, you can disconnect from the WiFi network and join a faster 5GHz WiFi frequency at your house or business. All connected devices will have issues if the router is having issues. You must reset or update the firmware to get the router working again. Additionally, you can disconnect from the WiFi network and join a faster 5GHz WiFi frequency at your house or business. Also, in this digital age, it is easier than ever to watch TV without cable or an antenna. With the help of a streaming device and a VPN, you can access all your favorite channels from anywhere.

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Retrieve YouTube

Reinstalling the program will remove any remaining bugs if you still have trouble using Samsung tv youtube videos not loading. How? Read on.

  1. Scroll left on the Samsung TV home screen to reach the Apps menu.
  2. From the list, choose YouTube. apps in samsung tv
  3. Down scroll and choose Reinstall.

Then, try using YouTube once more after waiting a short while. 

Disable YouTube

Tizen OS, the operating system that runs Samsung TVs, has a lock feature that prevents children from using specific TV apps.

The system will still need a PIN to unlock the app, even if you try reinstalling YouTube using the abovementioned approach. Use the methods below to open it once you’ve mastered the 4-digit PIN. 

  1. On your Samsung TV, access the Apps menu (check the steps above for reference).
  2. At the top, click the Settings icon. 
  3. If YouTube is PIN-protected, you will see a small lock icon in the app.  pin protected youtube in samsung tv
  4. Launch the application, input the PIN, and restart using YouTube.

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Make YouTube Auto Update Work

Google updates YouTube for Samsung TV regularly. YouTube can automatically update, allowing the system to handle app changes in the background. Installing pending updates is always advised to fix bugs.

  1. First, open the Apps menu and choose the top-right Settings gear. auto-update checkbox
  2. Select YouTube from the list, then check that the auto-update checkbox for youtube on Samsung tv is not working at the top.

Use Device Carriage

Since Tizen OS doesn’t permit users to sideload software from the web, your Samsung TV is typically unaffected by malicious downloads. However, if you routinely insert an external hard drive into your TV, you may have corrupted it with some unwanted files. However, you may be in a situation where you cannot turn on your TV because your remote is lost or broken. But you can turn on the Samsung tv without a remote and watch youtube.

Samsung has a built-in Device Care to allow the TV to self-diagnose such problems. Here is how to apply it.

  1. To resolve problems with your Samsung TV, choose Start Device Care. Scroll left to the Settings menu on Samsung home. choose start device care
  2. Open Device Care after locating it in fast settings.

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Tizen OS Update

Due to an obsolete OS, youtube is not working on Samsung tv. How? On your TV, you must install the upcoming Tizen OS release. Read on.

  1. On your Samsung TV, choose Quick Settings and go to All Settings.
  2. Go to Support, then choose Software Update. update in samsung tv
  3. After choosing Update Now, you are ready to go.

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On my Samsung TV, how can I turn off YouTube TV?

Locate your YouTube TV app on the Samsung TV Home screen. Go to Apps from there, and tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner. Choose 'Delete' while selecting the YouTube TV app. Choose to Delete twice.

How to resolve Samsung Smart TV app loading issues?

The Samsung TV has a flaw that causes it to fail to youtube not working on the smart tv occasionally correctly. We will thus force the TV to try to reload the app while it is on the grey screen in this phase. For that, press and hold the 'back' arrow button until the 'Grey Screen' disappears, at which point the Samsung Smart HUB will appear.

How can I clean my Samsung Smart TV's YouTube cache?

Therefore, follow these instructions if you don't know how to remove the cache data on your Samsung Smart TV: Press the Home button on your Samsung smart TV's remote. Find the Settings menu by navigating—Click System apps under Apps. To remove the cache, choose the YouTube app next. Next, select Clear cache. Then click OK.

Why is my Samsung Smart TV unable to run YouTube TV?

The YouTube TV app may not function due to a malfunctioning Samsung Smart TV. It would help if you restarted your Samsung Smart TV to resolve youtube not working on Samsung tv because doing so will update the YouTube TV app and resolve the majority of issues brought on by a software bug, which is one of the most frequent causes of the problem.

How can I download the YouTube app to my Samsung TV?

The YouTube app on your Samsung TV should work without any problems after the installation process is finished. A YouTube app should appear as the first result. Just click it. After that, select the Install button. You might need to wait a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection.

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On a large screen, such 4K videos are delightful to watch. You can become annoyed if YouTube doesn’t function on your Samsung TV. Try updating your device’s firmware and see if that resolves the issue for you if it still isn’t resolved. Additionally, try clearing your Youtube account’s history and search results to see if it resolves the issue. Finally, disconnect from your ethernet cable and attempt to join a WiFi network. Without YouTube not functioning on Samsung TV, our lives would not be the same.

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