If your Xbox One makes noise but won’t turn on? Then we have some solutions that would help to fix your issue. Xbox One is an electronic device that users use for playing video games. You can also connect from the same place with players who live there. Xbox One is built with unique features, so people opt for this gaming console.

If you are facing an issue where your Xbox One makes noise but won’t turn on, then here are your solutions for how to fix this issue, and we recommend you look at the power supply and also do reset it to solve this issue.


So, this article’s information will assist you in solving the issues that you are tackling with your Xbox One gaming device.

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Solutions To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Makes Noise 

So, if you are an Xbox One user facing this issue with your Xbox One gaming device, here are the main solutions for you to fix this issue.

  1. Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps and this is because of the supply of power. power supply to xboxThe first step is to check for the power supply to your Xbox One device. Always ensure the power is improperly connected to your gaming device; if not, please check and solve this issue.

2. Xbox One makes noise but won’t turn on is also caused because of the overheating issue. overheated xboxYour device might get heated up due to continuous usage, and to solve this, you might need to turn your gaming device on for at least 10 minutes. After some time, just turn it on and check your gaming device’s functionality.

3. If your Xbox makes noise but doesn’t turn on, then please check whether the power button is on and there might be a problem with Xbox One power button like it might be stuck or doesn’t turn on while clicking it.So, handle it with care while turning on the power button.xbox power button4. If your “Xbox is not turning on but making a sound, ” try resetting your gaming device, press the power button for 10 seconds, and turn on the power to check whether the device is functioning properly.

5. Xbox One makes noise but won’t turn on, then this step is important because if the HDMI cable is not properly connected to your TV device, a faulty might occur so that Xbox One won’t turn on. So, you must check whether the HDMI cable works properly and the connection to the TV device.xbox hdmi cable  6. If your ‘Xbox is not turning on but making the sound,’ then always clear the cache in your gaming device because it is one of the important causes for Xbox One not functioning properly and not turning on. Keep checking for the new system updates of the Xbox One gaming device. 

How To Stream on Xbox One?

Streaming video games, movies, and tv shows on Xbox One are possible. Here are a few points to remember while streaming media content on Xbox One.

  • If your ‘Xbox makes noise but doesn’t turn on,’ then always check whether your Xbox One has an active internet connection and sign in to your Xbox account.active internet
  • After this, check and download the platform you want to stream movies and tv shows from, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and much more.netflix stream on xbox
  • After installation, Open the app you want to stream the movies from and sign in to the account in that particular app.
  • Just like this, you can also stream games, and all you have to do is select the Twitch option that is present in the game’s menu.twitch on xbox
  • After this, just open the game, and you can continue playing the game and streaming movies on your Xbox One electronic device.

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Tips For Improving Your Gaming Experience On Xbox One

If your Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps, or if your Xbox One won’t turn on but makes a sound, then these are some of the important tips about Xbox One.

  • Xbox One won’t turn on but makes a sound. Always check for new Xbox One updates and keep your device upgraded to the current version. This would keep your device active and won’t cause any problems.updating xbox
  • Using an Ethernet cable for connection is best when compared to using Wi-fi for speed internet and active gaming experience.
  • Always have a backup hard drive for storing the data. Don’t store a lot of data in your Xbox One device because it might affect the performance of the device.xbox storage settings
  • Explore new games that are available in the game store of your device. A subscription is available, and you can experience new games in different genres.

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Why does my Xbox doesn’t turn on when it has power?

There might be various reasons for this issue, but the most common reasons are the fault in the power supply, Not clearing the cache in Xbox One device, and overheating the device. So these are some of the most common issues Xbox One users face.

Is it normal for Xbox One to make noise?

It is common for Xbox One devices to make noise during functioning, but if it makes weird noises when it is not active, there might be some serious issue associated with it, and it is important to check and rectify.

What does it mean if your Xbox is making a loud noise?

It is common to make noise during the device's functioning, but if it makes loud and strange noises, it is advisable to check or reboot your device. If it continues to make strange noises, it might be due to some defects in the device.

How to turn on an Xbox One?

It is very simple to turn on your Xbox One device, all you have to do is click the power symbolled button on your gaming console, and you can also turn it on from the Xbox app on your mobile device.

Why is Xbox acting slow?

So, if you are facing this issue, you don’t have to worry about it because it might be due to network problems, full storage, and some unofficial games not supported by the official Xbox version. It is also important for you to upgrade your device to the new version.

What to do if your Xbox takes too long to turn on?

If you think that your device takes a lot of time to power on, then it might be due to the cache that is present in your Xbox One device. It is best to get rid of it to increase your gaming device's performance and reset it for proper functioning.


The main reason for this could be the power fault, cache in the gaming console, and full storage. The users of Xbox One need to check once in a while for any new updates released officially. Xbox One also allows us to play video games and stream our favorite movies and tv shows on this device. However, if your Xbox One makes noise but won’t turn on, you don’t have to worry about it. We can easily fix it by following the given methods and solutions.

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