There’s a straightforward truth that while motorcycles can go anyplace, cars also can. Those blundering, four-wheeled brutes are left gagging on dust regarding the silliest, spectacular trick riding. The sheer mobility of motorcycles makes them ideal grub for computer games, offering an inebriating blend of crazy rates and exactness control.

Some cool motorcycle games are Moto X3M Bike Race Game, Bike Race, Motorcycle Racing, Motorcycle stunt riding, Bike Racing 3D, Traffic Rider, Moto Maniac – trial bike game, Motorcycle trials, and Real Bike Racing.

In any case, which games are fantastic and unsurpassed? These, in sequential request, are the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games. There are 6 best Wii Homebrew apps to use in 2024.

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List Of The Best Xbox 360 Motorcycle Games

Let’s look at the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games.

MX Vs. ATV: Supercross

MX vs. ATV revolves around the famous Supercross sport. Get in this super Xbox 360 biking game with more than 50 professional riders to achieve every aim and become the ultimate motorcycle rider. Race through mud and dirt on your way through 30+ tracks while drifting, jumping, and dodging on the tracks.

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Features Of MX Vs. ATV: Supercross

  • There are at least 30 different tracks.
  • Two offline people can play via a split-screen feature.
  • Free Ride mode gives you the experience of roaming freely with any boundaries.
  • It can play with up to 12 players at once.
  • Three career modes and over 75 motorbike companies keep the sport’s originality in vs atv supercross

Visit: MX vs. ATV: Supercross

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Ride To Hell Retribution

The entire story revolved around the 1960s when motorcycles were at their peak. The game’s protagonist is Jake Conway, whose gang is known as “RETRIBUTION.” He wants revenge on the notorious biker gang called “Devil’s Hand” because they killed his brother. Jake wants payback from the gang for his brother’s murder.

The game has the element of bikes as well as fighting. Jake needs to fight someone or the other when he is on the road, and after a specific time, you will see more formidable opponents or the boss of a certain level.

Features Of Ride To Hell Retribution

  • Fast-riding motorcycles to compete on tracks and fights.
  • Customizable motorcycles as per your needs.
  • 3rd person fighting combats, including environmental kills and tempering attacks.
  • Arcade-like experience with collectibles and locked items.

ride to hell retribution

This is one of the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games available right now.

Visit: Ride To Hell Retribution

MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09/10 takes the experience into a fascinating new dimension, giving players their racing skills on the track. It has the latest ‘Arcade’ mode, where bikers must complete various race tasks before it is over. Time bonuses are given to those who take risks on the track. When you go out of time, your hopes of living the MotoGP dream may be over. 

Racers must manage their career on and off the track by performing and supporting their team. This makes the game even more realistic.

Features Of MotoGP 09/10

  • Ultimate gameplay modes for an exciting racing experience on the tracks.
  • Compete against players through the online multiplayer mode from all over the world.
  • You can also challenge online for a race, as you can also play split-screen.
  • New features offer the experience of the original GP.
  • The selection of bikes is also pretty nice as you can choose between 125cc, 250cc, and 800cc.   


This is one of the finest motorcycle racing games on Xbox 360.

Visit: MotoGP 09/10


Pure is a sports off-road track game that takes the genre to a different level. It has set a new gold standard in off-roading race games. Showing vertigo-inducing huge aerial jumps and exciting tricks in photo-realistic world locations worldwide, This game delivers heartwarming experiences of unique essence to the genre.

Pure also explains the scenarios where bravery overtakes potential. It establishes the moment in off-road racing where players experience massive jumps and spectacular tricks and stunts.

Features Of Pure

  • By performing 75+ magical tricks on massive jumps, you will surely be thrilled to see the “VERTIGO RUSH.”
  • Each biker has a cool and unique skill or stunt that they showcase throughout the game.
  • Start from zero and reach to become the hero with your character.
  • You can experience the natural beauty of the game by riding through 7 different environments of the world.
  • Unlock 16 vehicles on the way to Glory.


These features make it one of the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games to play right now.

Visit: Pure

Trial Evolution

The game is now on every front, the next dimension of the smash-hit, award-winning Trials HD. Break down the warehouse into an outdoor world of night and day, curving riding lanes and beautiful scenery. Multiplayer makes the game a surreal experience in your living room or on Xbox 360.

You can now make your tracks with the inbuilt feature known as an editor or download them from people who have posted them in the new Track Central. The only option for survival in this game is that you need to be the fastest among all. This game is more realistic as it also keeps intelligence about the law of physics eight.

This bike game for Xbox 360 provides real multiplayer racing for you and your friends.

Features Of Trial Evolution

  • 50 Engrossing tracks for a single player.
  • Tricky achievements and tough unlocking the levels.
  • Track changing is there to customize your way.
  • Fast-moving motorbikes that will race and win you tournaments as well as perform some pretty cool stunts.
  • You can customize your outfits and the motorcycle with cool designs.trials evolution

Visit: Trial Evolution

MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

The game is now among the top Xbox 360 motorcycle games in off-roading circuits. Get in the top-notch competition to achieve the exclusive “XCross Tournament.” The tournament consists of 8 unique racing series that make it to the classic off-road championship. Achieve your way through the Open Cross mode of riding with all the best vehicles. 

People will now have their hands on the new ORV Sport and others, including monster trucks, as they win through the league to determine which player owns the dirt. 

Features Of MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

  • Off-road the mud with ATVs, Dirt bikes, and Monster trucks.
  • One final off-road tournament with eight unique racing styles.
  • We are changing the game with new stunts, for example, whips, scrubs, and power slides, based on real-world biking experience.
  • Online playing with eight players.
  • Modify the vehicle with maximum power and handling for better vs atv untamed

Visit: MX vs. ATV: Untamed


What is the Xbox 360's RAM capacity?

A 128-bit bus and 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM operating at 700 MHz give the console an effective transmission rate of 1.4 GHz. The GPU and CPU can share memory thanks to unified memory architecture.

Can the Xbox 360 run GTA 5?

GTA V will require at least 16 GB of hard disk space. GTA V will install on your Xbox 360 once you've chosen a download location. You can access GTA V from your My Games page after the download.

Which is superior, Xbox or PlayStation?

Backward compatibility favors Xbox Series X over PlayStation 5. With this function, you can play games on consoles from the past. The Xbox Series X can read game discs from the 2001-era Xbox, first made available.

Do Xbox 360 games still update?

When you launch the game or app, a prompt to install any available updates will appear. Xbox Live must be active for a game or app to be updated. Most updates are tiny and install them instantly in minutes.

Does Xbox 360 have Bluetooth?

Turn on the gadget you want to pair to your headset. Set the Bluetooth mode on the headset. The light is now blue when it is in Bluetooth mode. For two seconds, hold down the headset's Pair button.

Why is the Xbox's Internet connection so slow?

Your Xbox may become overcrowded and sluggish if numerous games are open simultaneously. Additionally, each game communicates with the game server using a specific amount of bandwidth. It can lessen the available bandwidth for your downloads.

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