Top 6 Apps-WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android

wifi antenna boosters for android

No need to struggle with WiFi signals anymore as we bring you your perfect guide to Top 6 Apps as Best WiFi Antenna Booster for Android. These apps will help you enhance and strengthen your signal range and work as WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android systems. 

wifi antenna boosters for android
WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android

WiFi signals often get hampered by various factors such as other co-existing wireless networks, electromagnetic gadgets, the separation between your device and the WiFi, and other technical issues. We will help you save time and money with our list of “Best WiFi Signal Booster Apps,”- So why plan on spending on a new router when you can install these apps with a single tap instead? 

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WiFi Analyzer.

With minimal cluttering issues, WiFi Analyzer is among the top user favorites. This is an amazing WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android and its compatibility level is up to the mark. Even after having relatively more straightforward and minimum features, WiFi Analyzer has managed to make it to the top of this list. It is because of how it has successfully contrasted convenience and performance for its users. It is straightforward to use and free of cost.

Download: WiFi Analyzer PlayStore Download


 On the other hand, this app comes with complex features built to solve complex problems. This WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android is used for troubleshooting and analyzing and is compatible with all devices and systems. It supports various communication protocols along with WiFi. Moreover, make sure your WiFi card supports all the Wireshark analysis modes to have the best results.

wireshark wifi antenna boosters
WireShark WiFi Antenna Boosters

This app comes with various features and is popular among IT professionals and network administrators. You can install it for free. Although, if you are a regular operator, you might face difficulties while using this app, and hence, we suggest you go through some tutorials before using this app.


 Along with a smooth speed and connectivity, SuperWiFi offers a scan feature that can help users find out other devices connected to the same WiFi, their details, and the router’s make. This WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android can help users know if the network they are trying to use is too clustered, so one can reduce the number of devices or find another network accordingly. It also comes with a speed test, enabling you to figure out your broadband speed. This app is compatible with Android.

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Connection Stabilizer Booster.

This WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android helps you improve your wobbly WiFi and helps in enhancing your cellular network as it supports 2G GPRS, HSA 3G, EDGE, and 4G LTE. Its force connect feature always keeps you on the line, no matter which network you are using. It can effectively boost your WiFisignals, broadband but you need to know that its primary focus is on cellular networks. Connection Stabilizer Booster is free of cost but comes with many advertisements. However, this can be reversed by a one-time purchase in the app. Developers allow Android 4.0 and so forth to download the app.

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WiFi Doctor Free. 

In its attempt to come across as a “doctor,” this app focuses on the health of your WiFi and is strongly recommended. It enables the user to administrate the router, allowing you to authenticate, change password settings. Thus having a detailed look at the systems connected to the network alongside PCs, iPad, smartphones, and many more.

wifi antenna boosters for android
WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android

It also offers a speed and feasibility testing feature, which is very hassle-free to use. A Super, Boost feature is also included. t stops the background apps from relaunching, which tends to eat your data. Most of this app is free to use. However, it has in-app purchases which offer extra features and removal of ads. WiFi Doctor Free is available on Android 4.1 and so on.

WiFi Speed Booster.

Perhaps one of the best apps in business, the popular belief suggests that WiFi Speed Booster offers way more than other standard apps. It is specially curated for WiFi. Hence, you don’t have to face the “cellular vs. WiFi ” dilemma. It also helps stop the backgrounds from consuming data. This thus plays a crucial role in decreasing the network speed. It comes with a speed test feature that gives you a fair idea of your network efficiency. One can also download/upload speed, latency, and many other details. This app will also show you the number of devices connected to the network. WiFi Speed Booster comes with no in-app purchases and is free. It is available for Android 4.0.3 and up users.

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All these WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android are compatible with Android and are utterly reliable. With an excellent performance record as reported by the users. These six apps will help you improve your WiFi connection. In addition to serving you with a strong network & fast speed. These apps also come with various valuable features.

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We hope this list of apps resolves your connectivity issues and helps you gain strong WiFi signals. 


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