Wifi Antenna Booster for Android | 12 Best Wifi Signal Boost Apps

wifi antenna booster for android

Is your wifi speed slow? Are you looking for sources to enhance your wifi speed? Do not worry! We have got you covered. In this article, there is a list of the best 12 wifi antenna boosters for android.

Wifi boosters can expand the range of your wireless network. But their effectiveness is restricted by several things, including the speed of the web connection coming into your home, the space from your wifi router, the areas in your range in need of wifi coverage, and therefore the wifi demands of your family. 

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wifi antenna booster for android
Wifi Antenna Booster for Android

With the Magnetic Mount Signal Antenna, you can boost your wireless coverage. You can work with any wireless router/ PCI adapter with a reverse SMA connector, to improve signal strength and signal quality. X Range Extender – Extends up to five times the first range of your wifi access in open space. The Signal Antenna adds more power and distance to your wireless network and helps to clear up dead spots in your network. Place the antenna near the window or on top of a vehicle where it can devour more signals. Check out how to perform WiFi Recovery without Root here.

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Wifi Antenna Booster For Android: Best 12 Apps

The easiest thanks to solve the matter of weak wifi signal are to place the acceptable app. It is a fact that the phones are programmed to display a network with a high-level signal. Even if the machine can connect and add a network with a lower level of acceptance, if you put in a special application, then you’ll allow your smartphone to display all the networks in coverage that it can detect by its transmitter. Have a look at these 12 wifi boosters for android tablets and smartphones.

Network Signal Booster

Network Signal Booster, free wifi booster for android, allows you to solve all these problems. You would like to try to first launch the app and obtain the connection to the wifi signal via Network Signal Booster. The quality of the web should increase significantly; overall, a simple but really powerful app.


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Wifi Analyzer

The app is free and features a good rating. Like other utilities on Android, wifi Analyzer is often downloaded from the Google Play store. The application allows you to gauge the standard of the wifi signal and every one of the alterations that have occurred in recent times. It shows information within the sort of graphics, which is straightforward to read on a mobile gadget. The application also makes the rating of obtainable connections, taking under consideration the standard of their work.


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Open Signal 3G, 4G wifi Map

This wifi antenna booster for android allows you to test the speed of the internet on Android. Many users have already installed Open Signal 3G 4G wifi maps to reinforce the wireless internet signal and praise its work. The advantage is that the ability to put the app on your smartphone for free of charge.


Wifi Overview 360

This may be a program that scans the wifi network and provides detailed information about each point found within the reception area of the phone adapter. In the tables and graphs mode, all the information is shown. The program provides the user with the foremost appropriate channel for the connection.


Wifi Booster & Analyzer

The feature that makes this app stand out from the other ones is that it is easy to usage. All you’ve got to try to do is to tap on the few instantly visible buttons. It brings some detailed statistics, but even an individual with no IT or engineering background will be ready to know it. Hence it makes its way to the top 10 wifi antenna booster for android.


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Swift wifi

The wifi signal boost app allows optimizing the facility of consumption by disabling wifi under certain conditions – on a schedule or standby. Users can’t only view information on hotspots but add the access point manually. With 600 thousand evaluations and 50 million units with Google Play, Swift wifi is one of the leaders in its segment. The app features a huge database of hotspots that are available worldwide.


Wifi Radar

It’s an application that, for a few seconds, will find free wifi hotspots and helps you hook up with it. Wifi Radar is a superb and completely free application for people that don’t see themselves without an honest wireless Internet.

The most simple and unobtrusive interface will be easily understood by the professional and the inexperienced user. It looks sort of a radar window, and the access points are displayed in several colors.


Wifi Doctor Free

In its attempt to come across as a “doctor,” this app focuses on the health of your WiFi and is strongly recommended. It enables the user to administrate the router, allowing you to authenticate, change password settings. Thus having a detailed look at the systems connected to the network alongside PCs, iPad, smartphones, and many more.

wifi antenna boosters for android
WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android

It also offers a speed and feasibility testing feature, which is very hassle-free to use. A Super, Boost feature is also included. t stops the background apps from relaunching, which tends to eat your data. Most of these apps are free to use. However, it has in-app purchases which offer extra features and removal of ads. WiFi Doctor Free is available on Android 4.1 and so on.


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Network Signal Speed Booster

This wifi signal booster for android helps to enhance the signal reception by your mobile. Unlike other similar applications, this program is straightforward in use. You almost don’t get to do anything, just run the appliance and watch how the amplitude increases. This application senses that it connects your smartphone to the closest cellular tower with the strongest signal. This application is one of the simplest and easiest software to enhance signal reception. And it’s also free, so it’s worth trying.


Wifi Router Booster

Another wifi booster for android that works is Wifi Router Booster. This will provide reports to you about why the signal is often weak and can suggest other wifi spots. And, of course, it will offer you tools to enhance the present signal to the maximum amount possible.



 On the other hand, this app comes with complex features built to solve complex problems. This WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android is used for troubleshooting and analyzing and is compatible with all devices and systems. It supports various communication protocols along with WiFi. Moreover, make sure your WiFi card supports all the Wireshark analysis modes to have the best results.

wireshark wifi antenna boosters
WireShark WiFi Antenna Boosters

This app comes with various features and is popular among IT professionals and network administrators. You can install it for free. Although, if you are a regular operator, you might face difficulties while using this app, and hence, we suggest you go through some tutorials before using this app.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

This WiFi Antenna Boosters for Android helps you improve your wobbly WiFi and helps in enhancing your cellular network as it supports 2G GPRS, HSA 3G, EDGE, and 4G LTE. Its force connect feature always keeps you on the line, no matter which network you are using. It can effectively boost your WiFi signals, and broadband but you need to know that its primary focus is on cellular networks.

Connection Stabilizer Booster is free of cost but comes with many advertisements. However, this can be reversed by a one-time purchase in the app. Developers allow Android 4.0 and so forth to download the app.

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This was our list of top 10 Wifi Antenna booster for Android. We hope these might help you to boost your wifi speed. If you have more such apps to suggest, please let us know in the comments below. If you want to know 7 Best Dog Schedule Apps. Click Here!

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