“Why Does My TikTok Keep Freezing” Top Ways To Fix 

why does my tiktok keep freezing

Due to videos on the App, TikTok has caused a lot of headaches. People cannot use the program because its primary function is to stream films from different content providers. Why is my TikTok Glitching? Why does my TikTok keep freezing? These are the frequent questions that individuals keep asking. 

Why does my TikTok keep freezing? Videos on TikTok are freezing, but there is no known cause for this odd issue. And even their crew is at a loss for words. The possibilities for this TikTok freezing can be following: 

  • Network connection
  • Not clearing Trash
  • Not refreshing the App
  • Delay in updation 
  • Server problems and more. 

We can blame these issues for why TikTok keeps pausing. 

It can immediately solve the issue, which is fantastic news. You should be able to quickly access your preferred TikTok videos once you’ve been given the proper guidance. Let’s get to know why TikTok keeps pausing. Why does my TikTok keep freezing?

Fixes: Why Does My TikTok Keep Freezing

One of the world’s most widely used social media networks today is TikTok. The app, which has millions of users, offers many hours of enjoyment through brief, imaginative videos.

However, the software’s freezing is one of the most annoying problems that TikTok users have. These are some of the best solutions to fix it if you’re encountering this problem and wondering why your TikTok keeps freezing.

Examine Your Network Connection

TikTok freezing is a serious issue. A sluggish or Inconsistent internet connection may also cause your device’s inability to access TikTok. Test your network with Fast.com to verify its current upload and download speed.

If the results indicate a sluggish connection, unplug your router for five to ten seconds, then reconnect it. Your router should restart and refresh the connection to your ISP’s servers. 

unplug your router

Rerun the test after you’re done to see if the problem has been fixed. If not, speak with your service provider and request that they fix the connection issue.

Wipe Out The TikTok Cache

Caches are temporary data created by your use of a particular program and are employed to improve the performance of that application. Caches, however, may assemble or deteriorate with time.

When this occurs, the platform will likely have problems. To resolve this, make sure there is no corrupted data on your system by clearing the cache.

To Remove the cache on your device for TikTok, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your Profile first. Your screen’s top-right corner contains an Options button. Click it. tiktok profile
  2. Now select Free Up Space under Caches & Cellular Data.free up space
  3. Finally, click the Clear option under the Cache tab to begin the procedure.clear cache in tiktok After clearing its cache, why does my TikTok keep freezing? It will not bother you. You can also clear clipboard on Android.

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Test TikTok On A Different Device

Why does TikTok freeze? Consider asking a friend if TikTok works for them. You can also visit TikTok.com in a Web browser and check if it loads. If it doesn’t, there isn’t a problem.tiktok on mobile


You can try another web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Brave, if you already use one and cannot access another device.

Refresh The App

If the first two approaches didn’t work, consider upgrading your TikTok application. To achi, and there, visit the My Apps area of Google Play (Android devices) or the App Store (iOS devices). There is a button marked “Update All” in that area.

The time it takes to update your software will depend on how quickly your Internet connection is. You should update your apps via an active Wi-Fi connection because the updating procedure uses more mobile data than planned.

update tiktok

Your Smartphone’s operating system is essential to remember, and you will need to update it frequently to fix faults. To do this, open Settings, choose Software Updates and press the Update button. This update may take longer than anticipated, so put your phone away for 30 minutes. For the best Driver Updater, click here.

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Removing And Installing TikTok

Does TikTok keep freezing? It’s time to reinstall the TikTok app if you need the Android System web View update on your phone or if installing it has no effect. Android users occasionally sideload apps from other websites or transfer them from different phones.tiktok open

We may only partially optimize them for our devices. In other words, if the TikTok software is damaged or not optimized for your phone, it can keep crashing messages. To fix that, you must uninstall TikTok from your phone.

And reinstall it from the Play Store. Locate the TikTok app icon on your launcher, long-press it, then select Uninstall to remove it. After that, reinstall TikTok by going to the Play Store. 


Check If The Servers For TikTok Are Down

If none of those mentioned solutions worked for you, it’s possible that you’re not the only person having this issue. Perhaps the TikTok app is momentarily unavailable.

Furthermore, if TikTok keeps shutting down after an update, there may have been a problem with the most recent version. Waiting for another app update, is the only course of action remaining.user reports

But first, you may see if your buddies also have the same problem. You can follow TikTok on Twitter to stay updated with the App’s developments and access Twitter Block Checker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my TikTok running so slowly?

Start the TikTok app, then select 'Me' from the menu. Click the dots in your profile to access TikTok options. Restarting the TikTok app will help you determine the sluggish issue.

How do I restart the TikTok app?

To minimise the TikTok app, swipe up from the bottom (depending on your type of phone). To force TikTok to close, swipe up on the list of recently used applications that appear.Go back to the menu on your phone and select TikTok.To restart the app, tap.

How come my TikTok reset to 2023?

TikTok may frequently reset since it automatically updates. Moreover, the app could have been reset as a result of TikTok's outage. TikTok may also be reset if your phone's storage is full, however TikTok can encounter troubles if your phone's other programmes do.

Do they know whether you like their TikTok video?

TikTok released an update earlier this month that alerts creators when their video is favored on the platform. Your favorites won't be as anonymous as they once were, which takes the fun out of the favorites feature.

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In conclusion, there are numerous fixes you may try out if TikTok keeps freezing. However, the issue may not be at your end, in which case you need to submit a Technical Support Report to receive assistance from the Support staff. The problem why does my TikTok keep freezing; it is not a pebble in your way. 

Before filing a complaint, we strongly advise trying each of the methods listed above because most problems can be resolved by following a few straightforward steps.

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