Google Search is one of the most visited websites in the world, so it is not surprising that people are using it to find out who is googling them. You must type “Who is googling me?” into Google and click on the first result. The website will show your recent Google searches and list people who have searched for you. ‘Who is searching for me‘ is a thought that concerns many people; that’s what we can assure you.

There are many ways to find out who is googling you, but the best way to do it would be by following our method to avoid a bad experience.

Go to “” In the given alert box, enter your name. Click on Create an Alert, and to expand the view, click on show options.

So, In this article, we’re going to look at some tried and tested methods so you can find out who is googling you – and whether they have something up their sleeve.

Why Would Someone Google My Name

People can Google your name for various reasons, like “Who is googling me.” Perhaps they want to learn more about you or see if your work profile looks good. Maybe they’re trying to find a way to reach you out as a professional. On the other hand, people who don’t like you might try to use Google to find ways to harm you. Regardless, it’s essential to know that people can use the internet to look up just about anything about you.

googling your name

Knowing who has searched for you might help you avoid bad experiences and prepare for good news (let’s all pray for the latter!) But how to find out who Googles your name?

Also, when you use Chrome, sometimes you don’t have enough memory to open some pages. Fix those errors so that you can proceed forward.

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How To Find Out  “Who Is Googling Me” 

As we’ve seen, it’s already apparent that knowing who checks your name isn’t without reason. So, let’s easily see who searches for you on Google or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Say “Hello” To Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the optimal ways to discover “who is googling me.” Google Alerts is a powerful tool that Google has made to allow you to keep track of the web pages, blogs, news articles, and profiles that mention your name or organization.

google alerts

With this information, you can see what’s being said about your company and where it’s being said — which is essential for PR-related follow-up. While we would love to see when everyone mentions your name with or without a particular reason, it’s currently impossible to see who mentions it on Google search. We’d love that, even though it looks nearly impossible to see. 

Facebook Tracking

Facebook allowed tracking who followed you some time ago, but it no longer provides that option. However, you can make a decent check for who is interested in you by adding stories, as you can see who has viewed them from your friend list.


Lately, sources claim you can find out who has checked your profile. You had to open your profile, click Ctrl+U to open the source code, click Ctrl+F to open the search, type in “Initialchatfriendslist,” and then use the logs.

 From our research, though, this is not available, but it’s worth trying. Who knows: it might work for you.

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LinkedIn Profile Views

A LinkedIn profile is incredibly helpful for scouting a new job. Signing in to the service will tell you how many people have viewed your profile in the past 30 days. This shows that people are interested in what you have to say.

linkedin profile views

If you’re a professional, then LinkedIn makes excellent sense! It will allow you to see who is tracking you and connect with them. Paid members can see more details of their visitors, while those with premium accounts can also check out their city, gender, job occupation, and viewing time.

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Twitter Profile Views

Twitter lets you see what people say about your brand and provides much data about your customer base. This can aid in your understanding of their interests and social media behavior.

twitter profile views

When you go to Twitter, use “More,” then click “Analytics,” and a whole data pool will be available. 

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Is it possible to discover whether someone has Googled you?

While it is impossible to identify them, you can at least make use of their tools. You can thus set up notifications whenever your name shows on a website, in a forum, or on social networks, even though you cannot see who has Googled you.

How do you know when someone is looking you up on Google?

Click on Google Alerts. Enter the topic you wish to follow in the box at the top. Choose Show options to modify your preferences. You can modify: How frequently you receive notifications. Types of websites you'll encounter. Your vocabulary. Create an Alert by clicking. Every time we discover matching search results, we'll send you an email.

Who can see the searches you make online?

No, just on the outside. The time that your internet provider gathers and keeps this data is determined by data retention laws but is typically 6 months to 1 year. Preventing them from viewing your search history is the greatest method to safeguard your data. Use methods for data encryption such as Tor, VPNs, or HTTPS proxies.


Googling has become a synonym for a search. Finding who googles your name has become crucial, as you can identify who is looking to recruit you and who has bad intentions about you.

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