6 Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Windows 2020

whiteboard animation software

To know about the best whiteboard animation software for windows, one must understand know what whiteboard animation is. Whiteboard animation is a process where a person draws and records an illustrated story in a whiteboard-like surface, the author uses hand-drawn illustrations, and the standard platform for this process is YouTube.

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6 Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Windows 2020

Various software is likely to introduce for this, but we will discuss only 6 of them, which are best for Windows.


Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows creating videos on whiteboard, blackboard, glass board to make the task easier for the author illustrating a story. The app is a prominent doodle video software to create a professional doodle within a few minutes, even if a person has no technical skills to create one. It is hassle-free and charges no extra fees to create hand-sketched doodle videos.


Doodly helps to generate unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, glass board doodle videos, it allows a person to click and drag the doodle image to the canvas, and it automatically draws that selected image. Also, it will enable a voice recording of the person, and once it records the voice, it automatically adds the same view to the video. This software is compatible with both PC and Mac. This software is a perfect choice for YouTube marketers, teaching and training, Facebook advertising, sales videos, etc.

Visit: Doodly

Video Scribe

Videoscribe is a whiteboard animation software that allows making quick, easy, and inexpensive whiteboard videos. The app gives instant access to a library of music and images to add in the video, which it does automatically. It was released seven years ago. VideoScribe is available as a desktop version, an Android app on Google Play, and an iPad app also on Google Play. The pricing starts at $25 per month per user.


There is no free version of this software for a better understanding of the software. It offers a free trial. That allows a person to create videos by selecting the elements that the person may want to put in the slide and set the time limit, and the whiteboard animation is ready for the user.

Visit: Videoscribe

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This whiteboard animation software can instantly create animated videos from a text which saves all the countless hours of a person to create a video. At first, it allows the user to upload the video script, and then it scans and analyses the writing to identify the main concepts for the storyboard. Then it starts building the video by finding media assets to match a given script and also generates voice narration.


Lastly, it allows the final adjustments, which is necessary, and it makes the video ready to be published.

Visit: Rawshorts

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Animatron is a whiteboard animation software that can make marketing related videos and create animated videos and presentations. Its price starts from $15 per month per person. It also offers a free trial. The app is an online video maker that allows the user to create amazing animation videos with much creativity. It will enable a person to personalize and customize their visual stories through unique ways of video creation. This software can be easily used by a person to create stunning animations and videos.


Animatron also allows free download, although it charges a monthly cost afterward, and free trials are also available. The app supports the operating system Web App. It has introduced steps for creating a video faster and makes it easier to follow. The voice recording option feature is added, which is produced by IBM’s Watson technology. The users can go back and edit the necessary things and add images as per their own choice. By introducing these features, a specified work can be done quickly by the users.

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Transcribe is a whiteboard animation software that helps to create videos by drawing words, ideas, and stories for a user. That makes hand-drawn and whiteboard animation videos with proper customization to grab attention and make the story of the user memorable for his or her audience. That can make videos within a few minutes, which makes the work easier for the user.


The app allows live graphic recording facilities, which can create an event worth remembering for the audience. It uses a science-backed tribology method.

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Explaindio is a whiteboard animation software that allows creating stunning videos for a user. It helps the user to design beautiful videos and animations with its unique features. It has animation rendering tools, which makes it a popular software for video editing and animation. This software works for both Windows and Mac OS. It is an excellent tool for all the designing needs that a user may want.


It can create 2D and 3D animated videos. This software is handy for doodle animation videos for office use, educational videos. And considered useful for making a class presentation.

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