What is Motion Graphic Design- A complete Beginner’s Guide

motion graphics

You’ve probably heard the terms motion graphics and motion graphic design, but you’ve probably had trouble figuring out what they imply if you’re anything like me.

MoGraphs (as they’re commonly referred to in the business) is the art of animating graphics to bring them to life. Flat pictures, such as photographs, can be manipulated to provide a sense of movement, while simple graphic forms can be animated.

Motion graphics make a rather significant part of your daily life than you might realize, be it TED-Ed videos, the new McDonandals Commerical, or the new Nike billboard in New York City.
So what exactly is this seemingly common notion of “motion graphics .”In laymen’s terms, motion graphic designs are, as the name suggests, graphic designs in motion. It is an amination instrument that focuses on giving life to various designs by adding elements of space and time, thus creating movement.

The goal of motion graphics is to deliver information through graphic or animated words to achieve a specific communication goal in the majority of circumstances. The most common example of thoroughly understanding the concept of motion graphic design is the music video for Shape of you.

 Why Use Motion Graphic Design?

Some concepts (particularly large, abstract ones) are hard to articulate with words and static imagery. Motion graphics come in this; think of them as a visual assist for your project; they may effectively illustrate complicated concepts and enhance the project. You’ve probably noticed how password fields vibrate or become red when the password is incorrect.

This is a method of informing the user that you need to re-enter your password. That is precisely how motion graphics function. This allows unsaid things to be heard or rather seen. 
Motion graphics’ visual approach appeals to a wide array of viewers. Cartoon animations may be viewed as too juvenile in a professional context, and motion graphics can apply a simple and engaging approach to a more sophisticated audience.

The motion graphics look may enhance your message and make it more engaging and interesting, irrespective of what industry you’re in. Implementing motion graphic designs provides an edge to your project without making it excessively flashy. 

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The Different Spectrums of Motion Graphic Design:

In an era where an average person spends 6 hours 57 minutes looking at a screen per day, the opportunities and uses of Motion graphic designs have increased drastically. The concept of designs and images moving and coming to life attracts a large crowd. 
Here is a list of areas where motion graphic designs come into play:

    1. Marketing & Advertising:

       Visuals that are attractive enough to persuade people to buy a product or service are essential for a company’s marketing and advertising strategy. This is why a corporation will rely on the graphic designer to develop attractive graphical information that will influence and enhance the consumer’s decision-making process. Motion graphics help present information in an engaging and fascinating manner to attract a buyer. 

    2. Education and Information Sharing:

       Motion graphics allows you to turn your idea into animation and add appropriate audio and other features to make the information more appealing and understandable to the audience. Motion graphics are excellent for creating an engaging and effective explanation video. Institutions use motion graphics to highlight their points and demonstrate how certain concepts work. It’s an excellent technique to illustrate an idea since it enables the audience to visualize it in a way that a presentation can’t. For example, to explain chemical bonds to students, a YouTuber uses motion graphics to describe the activity of electrons. 

  1. Cinematography: 

    Motion graphics have been a considerable part of the film industry. Be it the appealing title sequences or the credits in a movie or a show. The movement of the classic red Netflix logo at the start of a Netflix show or a movie is a prime example of how motion graphics is inculcated in cinematography. 

  2. Branding and Logos:

    Sometimes, when you’re watching a YouTube video, you see an exciting logo appear before the video begins? Such logos are also motion graphic animations. Often businesses and brands use motion graphics to add life and personality to their logo, hence making the logos more appealing. A few variants of the Google doodle are one of the most common motion graphic logos we see regularly.

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Difference Between Motion Graphic Design and Animation

It’s a part of a bigger whole. Graphic design, like motion graphics, is frequently commercial, whereas art and animation are mainly concerned with amusement. That isn’t to suggest that graphic design can’t be entertaining – take, for example, Robert M. Ball’s Beautiful Death series – but it isn’t the primary goal.

Motion Graphics Engineer Jared Flynn expressed it clearly, saying that an animator communicates ideas through character and narrative, whereas a motion designer communicates ideas through color, space, and typography.
The notion of motion graphics is often confused with animation. Although both the terms bear certain semblance, they are not entirely the same. 

So you want a title that spins? That’s motion graphics. But you want to bring a children’s fairy tale to life by animating characters? That isn’t motion graphics at all. It’s an entirely different style of animation.

Abstract objects, typography, and other graphic design components are typically related to Motion graphics. Using movement to bring a graph, infographic, or online design to life is referred to as “animation” in general. Still, more specifically, all of the above examples fall under the concept of motion graphics. 

 Moreover, the presence or absence of a “narrative” is crucial in establishing whether you’re dealing with motion graphics or animation. Shapes, objects, or text can generally animate in motion graphics design. 

Motion graphics add fluidity and movement to graphic design that would otherwise be static, typically without adopting a defined narrative.

History of Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic design has been around for decades. For opening titles, early cinema depended on motion graphics techniques. Artists like Oskar Fischinger, Saul and Elaine Bass, and Pablo Ferro started pushing motion graphics methods to their extremes in the 1940s and 1950s, sparking their creative development.

Bass designed the opening titles for Hitchcock’s Psycho and North By Northwest. Even today, this classic style serves as a point of reference for designers, demonstrating the various ways typography and form will express.
These methods were also prominently utilized in the abstract designs for almost every James Bond movie title ever.

Logo reveals have long been a staple of motion graphics, particularly in television networks and film studios.

Because of the pervasiveness of technology, animations may use to enhance nearly everything in our busy lives. This can employ to great advantage in animated digital billboards, and Websites can use them to emphasize or bring attention to specific places – but only in moderation.

Motion Graphic Designers

Motion graphics designers, often known as motion designers, are artists who produce artwork for the web, television, and movies. Movie clips, trailers, ads, and title sequences, for example, can include there. They employ visual effects, animation, and other cinematic approaches to breathe life into their ideas. As their name says, they create animated visuals.
Motion graphics artists make films, websites, advertising, and other media to a whole new level by animating visuals and producing stunning visual effects. With the growing popularity of online video content, a motion graphics artist could end up working on nearly everything on any digital platform.

Depending on the style of motion graphics you love pursuing, you could wind yourself working on a big-budget Hollywood film or freelancing the opening introduction for a new iPhone app.

Advantages of Motion Graphic Videos

following are the advantages of motion graphic videos-

Motion Graphic Videos are Used to Make a Point or to Elicit a Response.

They usually include animated text, at the very least. They can also include music to set the scene, voiceovers, and additional animated shapes, among other things.
These videos powerfully emphasize a message or urge a specific action by appealing to human emotions and wants.

Content is Easier to Understand Using Motion Graphics.

Motion graphic videos, which include graphs, bar charts, timelines, and even abstract, intangible concepts, make it simple for us to grasp a situation’s concept. Many explanation videos are actually motion graphic videos.

The Spectator has Only Required to Do a Few Things in order to Enjoy Motion Graphic Design Videos.

The majority of motion graphic design videos are only a couple of minutes long. As a result, viewers may just sit back, relax, and enjoy a motion graphic or animated video to learn or grasp something in a short period of time.

It’s Simple to Recycle Motion Graphic Videos.

A motion graphic design video, like any other video, can slice into smaller chunks. You may produce promotional clips for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more from a single video.

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Types of Motion Graphic Design Videos

    1. Explainer videos: Brands utilize motion graphic explainer videos to explain everything from their systems to operations and goods. Videos with motion graphics can also convey concepts and raise awareness.
    2. UI Animations: UI (user interface) animation prototypes can create using motion graphics. An app or a website’s user interface (UI) is made up of screens, pages, and graphic elements such as buttons and icons.
    1. Elements/ Icon Animation: On your website, in your film, and elsewhere, motion graphic artists can animate elements like icons. Designers can download these specific elements, such as icons and line movements, as templates. They can simply grab the content and utilize it in their very own videos and other media.
  1. Logos: Do you ever watch a YouTube video and notice an intriguing logo before the video starts? Motion graphic animations will come in handy in these logo sequences. Motion graphics give your design, and specifically your logo design, personality. Check out one rendition of the Google doodle with motion graphic animation, one of the most prominent motion graphic design logos we see every day.

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Motion graphic designs are excellent for making an effective explanation video. To illustrate their views and demonstrate the blockchain in action, ITFT uses motion graphics. It’s a good technique to support a notion since it allows the viewer to see it in a way that a presentation cannot.

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